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Posted in: Teacher arrested after smashing police station door, then trying to flee nude See in context

Tahoochi - They are sheeple. Except for when they're drunk, naked and kicking down doors... :-)

PS: More women should do that...

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Posted in: 70% of Japanese oppose restarting closed reactors: poll See in context

herefornow - Of course he was being sarcastic. It was exactly that kind of thinking that got us in the mess in the first place.

Nuclear reactors are a thing of the past and should be replaced be regenerative fuel. Thats the only kind that is actually useful in the long run...

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Posted in: Do you think the Fukushima nuclear disaster is worse than Chernobyl? See in context

Fukushima is definitely way worse. This is not the 80s its 2011 and the Japanese still blunder from one mistake in handling this matter to another. And the mess is not only not over by now it will not be over for a loooong time.

Chernobyl was bad, but in the long run it will be nothing compared to the madness going on here, if only because the japanese government doesn't have the balls to send people to their death in the reator trying to stabilize and fix it like the russians did back then...

Don't forget, nobody knows how far the corium has eaten its way into the earth by now and how much of the ground-water down there will be contaminated by this extremely dangerous material...

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Posted in: Galliano, on trial over racist insults, blames actions on his 'triple addiction' See in context

Of course, he might be secretly anti-semitic and pro-nazi and is just putting up an act, or whatever.

You don't have to be pro-nazi to be anti-semitic. After the atrocities that happened in Israel against the Palestine people again and again many people started to dislike them. After all, who likes the strong guy that keeps kicking the weak guy in the face just for the fun of it...

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Posted in: Thousands in Tokyo protest against nuclear power See in context

Thorium reactors are complete rubbish. They create radioactive waste with a half-life of more than 200,000 years. I think what makes irresponsible peope irresponsible people is that they only see the here and now and never consider the tomorrow...

Everything that creates radioactive waste with a half-life of more than maybe 1 year or so is just garbage...

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Posted in: Royal visit See in context

The mayor looks as if he is wearing his gundam battle suit...


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Posted in: Fukushima's No. 1 reactor building radiation level rises See in context

The TEPCO managers and politicans that profited from all the backroom deals and ongoing safety violations should be forced to seppuku by radiation clean-up in the fukushima tomb !

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