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Posted in: Do you tend to underestimate your future expenses? See in context

Don't know yet.

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Posted in: Pro-Russia hacker group stops cyberattacks on Japan due to money shortage See in context

If they have rudimentary carving skills,they could clone hankos and bring the whole country to a standstill.

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Posted in: Digital minister aims to drag Japan out of analog doldrums See in context

Hold your horses.

Shouldn't he be referred to as Kono Taro?

That was one of his go-getting projects, wasn't it?

Meanwhile,JP debit card systems crash over middle names confusion,and UQ mobile systems operate during daylight hours only.

No fax given

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘Communication issues’ See in context

Perhaps he prefers fax?

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Posted in: Pop singer Shakira to face trial over tax fraud in Spain See in context

Wage slips don't lie.

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Posted in: Q&A: James Cameron on the return of 'Avatar' See in context

Smurfs in Space 2?No,ta.

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Posted in: Political worries, low yen attracting more Chinese buyers to Japan's real estate market See in context

This reminds me of when a Japanese consortium bought a disused church in my area,and shipped it stone by stone back to Japan.

Imagine the touristic charm of a Saitama apartment block!

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Posted in: Charles III faces challenges at home, abroad – and even in defining what it means to be king See in context

Can you imagine any other country managing to maintain a Commonwealth post-empire?

That's a worthy achievement of goodwill,understanding ,and letting go.

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Posted in: Germany seizes Russian energy firm's subsidiaries See in context


Your country has plonked themselves into a right palaver.

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Posted in: Dream job: The Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing See in context

This is pretty much what we all did as adult eikaiwa teachers back in the Golden Age.

A sounding board for disgruntled wives.

It was a beautiful time

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Posted in: Khachanov defeats Kyrgios in five sets to reach U.S. Open semifinals See in context

Never thought I'd thank a Russian,and a Karen at that.

Well done,sir.

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Posted in: Rock princess Avril Lavigne takes us back to 2002 with performance on Japanese YouTube channel See in context

Well,the song is appropriate for the audience.

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Posted in: Republican congressman: Sitcom with Danny DeVito as voice of Satan is 'evil' See in context

Better the devil you know.

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Posted in: Greasy spoon eateries to avoid like the plague See in context

This article makes me chuckle.

If you're truly worried about cleanliness,you wouldn't touch any food here.

Even the most fastidious restaurants would be closed down by EU standards inspectors.

Still tasty, though!

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe was highly regarded both within Japan and internationally, and there have been many messages of condolence since his death. We believe it is necessary for Japan as a country to respond to that as international etiquette, and so we decided that it is best to conduct this funeral as an official event hosted by the government and have international visitors attend. See in context

I performed an informal survey amongst relatives and friends living around the world,many of whom are in government or high finance.

None could name him by sight,and only one recalled his name as the 'tiny mask chap' lampooned on TV.

A sad indictment.

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Posted in: What are some fondly remembered TV shows from your youth? See in context


If course,all the American classics,such as Dukes of Hazzard,The A-Team,etc.

Then Sunday evening telly,All Creatures Great and Small,Tales of the Unexpected.

Was allowed to stay up and watch Not the Nine O'clock News, Spitting Image etc,which may helped shape my facetious outlook on life.

Not many programmes nowadays that can entertain both children and adults on different levels.

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Posted in: Two surprising reasons behind the obesity epidemic: Too much salt, not enough water See in context

I'd personally take this with a pinch of...

Have noticed in recent years how salty food in Japan is becoming, perhaps due to customers' tastes altering from consuming more fast food.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart opens new plant-based, fast-food restaurant in LA See in context

Hart Healthy might have been a more catchy name.

Surprised Lil Baby,s on solids already.

How they grow up so quickly.

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

Two words.

Charity shops.

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Posted in: Peach Aviation launches 'tabikuji' (lucky trip fortunes) that decide your destination with one shake See in context

Why not offer this at every Peach destination airport?

I live on Amami,and would like to travel.


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Posted in: Back to the past See in context

Tempting to put on a U.S Marine uniform and pop down for some re-enactment.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening to assassinate Prime Minister Kishida See in context

What is it with this area?

Has there been any research into the high level of crime in Saitama?

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Posted in: 'South Park' enjoys a silver anniversary of satire See in context

@Tokyoliving You do know that the creators are Canadian,right?So no reason for you to hate it.

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Posted in: Cubs feel the magic in 'Field of Dreams' win over Reds See in context

I don't understand baseball at all,yet 'Field of Dreams' is really about familial relationships and it related to even a cold-hearted cynic such as myself.

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Posted in: Bollywood seeks boost with 'Forrest Gump' remake See in context

Forrest Gumpta?

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