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Posted in: Hotcake-man steamed pancake buns return to Japanese convenience stores See in context

Safe to say that the bickering oyajis will not be considered as a 'Hot-man'.

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Posted in: Marriage-centered dating apps in Japan: Finding your partner for life See in context

Good grief.

Everything in this article, including the creepy photos,will put off potential suitors.

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Posted in: Man arrested for causing friend of 30 years to drown See in context

This is the definition of 'friend' here?

Says it all.

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Posted in: Kishida urges LDP factions to forgo fundraisers amid scandal See in context

Surely the word of 2023 should be 'urge'?

Oh,well.Never mind.

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Posted in: What is the secret to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional? See in context

Pop a perm wig on top,and a polo neck jumper with a leather jacket.

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Posted in: Port in Tottori striving to save commercial coastal fishing See in context

Bringing in highly experienced,motivated and young fishing crews from Asia on attractive contracts,and treating them on par with Japanese people?

Taihen,desu ne....

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Posted in: Japanese firms pick kanji for 'change' (変) to describe turbulent 2023 See in context

Heads up,Japan.

The only constant is change.

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Posted in: Crown prince says review of official royal duties required See in context

All fascinating points,but why are they still referred to as an Imperial family?

Where is the empire?

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Posted in: How to deal with your Japanese neighbors See in context

They haven't released the juicy data,on this site,obvs.

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Posted in: How to deal with your Japanese neighbors See in context

@Elvis is here

The 'shyness" excuse never gets old,does it?

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Posted in: Osaka expo careens toward a looming disaster, for an event that few even want See in context

Since COVID , there's no need for such exhibitions in an actual physical location.

Online is fine.

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Posted in: The amount of cargo we handle is expected to continue to grow, making it difficult to provide stable transportation. See in context

They are great,but having to return for deliveries when people are obviously out is inefficient.

Looking busy is not a good look nowadays.

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Posted in: KFC Japan develops new fried chicken designed to taste great with beer, other alcoholic drinks See in context

KFC,Mac,Mos,are pretty much done here now due to extortionate pricing.

Shop local,avoid the unnecessary packaging,too

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Posted in: Yamanaka Castle ruins See in context

Looks like Iwamura castle remains in Gifu.

If they did camping there,with a re-enactment style event,that'd be rad.

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Posted in: Texas Republicans take aim at climate change – in textbooks See in context

It's so weird, because Texans are generally the friendliest folks you're ever likely to meet.

God help them if they have Boards of Education!

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Posted in: How to deal with your Japanese neighbors See in context

Oh,be still my beating heart.

The title of the article tells us all we need to know.

I have lived here since '97.

Chiba,Gifu,Aichi,Mie, Kagoshima.

Did the textbook JET thing first off,boxes of washing powder for all neighbours.

No reciprocal gratitude,or basic etiquette.

Ever since,had to tidy up the stairs, rubbish area,general vicinity.

I adhere to common sense ideas of politeness,for example,no noise after 9p.m,no use of washing machines during night or early morning.

Did,or do any of the Japanese neighbours apply any sense of self-awareness to their goings on within the paper-thin confines of their apartments?


Best next door neighbours I ever had?

Bosozoku and chinpira dudes.

Always cleaning their cars,always a friendly chat.

There you go.

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Posted in: Fake AI-generated woman on tech conference agenda leads Microsoft and Amazon execs to drop out See in context

Most of the people I meet nowadays are fake.

Hence AI gaining a foothold.

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Posted in: High-fat flight is first jetliner to make fossil-fuel-free transatlantic crossing from London to NY See in context

@Desert Tortoise

Bet you saw some tasty waves from Pendleton.

We were running Ford Transits on chip fat back in the '90s.

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Posted in: Japan space agency hit with cyberattack; rocket and satellite info not accessed See in context

Why would they bother?

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey with 6 aboard crashes into ocean near Yakushima; one death confirmed See in context

Best wishes for all aboard.

Luckily,there isn't much swell running,and the sea temp is still relatively high.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to do utmost to tackle negative impact of price hikes See in context

Wish I had the paper,Mr Kishida.

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Posted in: Survey of middle-aged wimps provide case studies in male inadequacy See in context

Good grief, people seriously worry about this stuff?

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' feasts, 'Napoleon' conquers but 'Wish' doesn't come true at Thanksgiving box office See in context

No surprises,if they had actually listened to audience responses in pre -screenings.

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Harrison Ford, Paris Hilton, Peter Gabriel and Robin Hood battles robots See in context

Indiana Jones was embarrassingly bad at the start,with shoddy CGI in the train scene,then Fleabag turned up with her habitual patronising sneer.

Middle bit was okay,then it all went tears up in the finale.

Looking forward to Peter Gabriel's record, though.

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

Wasabi is awesome, especially grated with sharkskin directly onto rice.

Highly recommend the Hotaka wasabi farm north of Matsumoto,the icecream is lovely.

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Posted in: 82-year-old man found dead at home; wife says she killed him See in context

Poor lady had had enough,and tried to end her own life,too.

Have some basic sympathy, everyone.

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

When I worked for Aeon eikaiwa,we weren't paid for days off,but for sick leave.

Hence ringing in sick from the lift at Gala Yuzawa, pretending the chimes were the sound of dialysis machines in the hospital.

Happy days...

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Posted in: For readers in international marriages, what are some of the biggest challenges you have had to face? See in context

@Elvis is here

We all know kanji and kana,so post in English,meht.We know you're the King.

I agree with you in most matters.

Funnily,after being married to my Japanese boss for twenty years,I find that I defend her countries culture,and she defends mine.

A healthy,balanced international relationship!

Meanwhile,my daughter,who was born in Japan,is quintessentially British,yet my son, who was born in Cornwall,is super Ryukyu boy.

Who cares, ultimately?

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Posted in: Honda in U.S. recalls select Accords and HR-Vs over missing piece in seat belt pretensioners See in context

Whatever you think about this article,please restrain yourself.

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Posted in: UK sci-fi hit 'Doctor Who' celebrates 60th anniversary See in context

Noone represented the human,yet alien-thinking Doctor as much as Tom Baker.

After him,they became too relatable.

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