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Posted in: Japan welcomes new U.S. Indo-Pacific economic initiative See in context

A prime example of why those want to become politicians should be automatically excluded from doing so.

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Posted in: Do you use toilet slippers at your home? See in context


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Posted in: Does sleeping in separate beds make for a happy marriage or relationship? See in context

How about separate continents?

Ha.Separate mattresses or futons are good Everyone sleeps in a different manner,active or somnolent.

Separate rooms can be exciting,with a surreptitious swing across verandahs in the wee hours.

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

Use car less,cut down on meat products,bought portable solar panels to charge devices,focus on quality not quantity in all purchases.

Get outside more and have fun!

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

@alyrustom Maybe it's a running dog of capitalism?

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Posted in: French city rekindles burkini row with pool rule change See in context

This is very interesting,since,in most French piscines,men are required to wear trunks rather than shorts.

I managed to trick my father-in-law into sporting banana hammocks at a pool in the UK,whilst we bought said same grapeslingers,and joined him.

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Posted in: Man indicted on theft, drug charges escapes from hospital See in context

Man,we need a Saitama section.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy opens Cannes Film Festival, links war and cinema See in context

Well,this certainly has brought out the CCP and Politburo funded commentators.

Personally,I find the Cannes Festival more interesting and enlightening than other film award ceremonies.

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Posted in: French carmaker Renault to sell Russian operations to Moscow See in context

@Eastman Renault is dead brand anyway.

Sales in Japan are dead low now.

I've seen more and more even down here in the Ryukyu Islands, especially Kangoos.Very popular,and must be reasonably priced with good dealer support.

My son's new bike is even a Renault.

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Posted in: French carmaker Renault to sell Russian operations to Moscow See in context

My Grandfather had a Moskevitch.

You had to tap the speedometer like a barometer.I asked,"How fast are we going?";"Between 50 and 120!".

The windscreen wipers flew off at any opportunity.

He reversed right through our garage, didn't notice.T72 grade steel.

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Posted in: Get on your bike: Coldplay hopes to lead with a green tour See in context

They've been recycling their material since the album Parachutes.

More power to them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving umbrellas on train tracks in Wakayama See in context

Another open and shut case.

On the island where I live,the number of mentally challenged residents due to inbreeding and alcoholism is astounding.

Facilities for them are the biggest business.Worrying thing is,unless you report your relative as in need of help, they're out and about,driving and causing mayhem.

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Posted in: Gov't to help Ukrainian evacuees find jobs See in context

@Larr Flint I guess no matter what the job was it was always stated like 180 000 - 250 000 cmon who can survive on that in Japan.

Blimey!I can get by on half that,and travel,surf,snorkel,enjoy myself down here.

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Posted in: Divers prepare for search inside sunken Hokkaido tour boat See in context

Why not focus on rigorous inspection of boat tour operators instead?

Oh,sorry,forgot where I was.

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Posted in: What can reverse late-night TV's decline? See in context

How's this relevant to Japan? What's on TV here doesn't make any difference, it just turns on with the lights when people get home.

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Posted in: Japan to slowly phase out Russian oil imports but keep interests in projects See in context

Wise.When Russia implodes,Sakhalin and Kamchatka,Kuriles will be back up for grabs.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Quality,not quantity.

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Posted in: JR East offering ‘shinkansen for pets,’ including dog-friendly vacation packages See in context

If I could just become house-trained, could I go in the cage and travel for free?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping mother's corpse in toilet at home See in context

Oh dear,what can the matter be?

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

Back to being island people eating fish and soba and tofu.

Bit less of the soba,perhaps.Most buckwheat comes from Russia,sadly.

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Posted in: Bizarre stories notwithstanding, Edogawa Rampo now regarded as ahead of his times See in context

The awesome band Ningen Isu inspired by this writer.

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Posted in: Disney unveils first 'Avatar' sequel footage See in context

Smurfs In Space.

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Posted in: Boris Becker jailed in Britain over bankruptcy See in context

Serving time.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise unveils 'Top Gun' sequel with mid-air stunt See in context

Wore out my tape of the soundtrack back in'86.Made me join Air Cadets and Flight Selection.

If you're bored,what DO you like?Enlighten usall!

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Posted in: Ukraine omits Japan from list of countries thanked in Twitter video See in context

@mat I came across your comment,and have to agree.

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Posted in: Who left the tap on? Teacher in hot water for pool bill See in context

What a drip.

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Posted in: Shinto priest turns to running to give religion new meaning See in context

Sole to soul...

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