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Posted in: What are some of your favorite getaway spots in Japan when you feel the need for a short holiday? See in context

Just head up your local river,sit there,and enjoy the minus Eon,or whatever they term it this year.

If it was up to me,I would be up above 2000m from late July to October every year.

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Posted in: City swelter See in context

Wear less, work at cooler hours,adapt accommodation to hotter temperatures, double glazing, insulation ,less tarmac and concrete

But that would eradicate the traditional expressions of working hard,to garner sympathy and recognition.


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Posted in: 'Dude, don't disrespect me,' says Fritz to bitter Wimbledon rival See in context

You both have German heritage,obvs.

Just share a beer and a Weinershintzel.


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Posted in: Andy Murray's Wimbledon farewell tour begins with a loss in doubles with his brother See in context


Now coaching,and allowing the younger talent to progress.

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Posted in: Ex-kindergarten head, staffer found guilty over girl's death in van See in context

Let's think for a while about why a child needs to be left with strangers for a whole day,when there are two competent parents available.

Let's think about the current economy that forces both parents to have to work full-time in order to support a small family.

Come on.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for putting mentally disabled colleague in large washing machine See in context

This, unfortunately,is quite normal.

My colleagues have put a slower,but extremely conscientious man in a position where he cannot work quickly enough in order to deliver food orders.

It's so sad, predictable in Japanese society,and makes me so angry.

Why do the bullied invariably become the bullies?

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Posted in: Record 19,000 people with dementia reported missing in Japan in 2023 See in context

Extremely sad.

90,000 people?

Come on, everyone.

If you spot anyone who seems confused or in trouble,give them a hand.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending falls 1.8% in May on higher prices See in context

All those tourists who previously went abroad are holidaying domestically.

Amami is rammed.

Unfortunately,most are staying in Air Bnbs,so the profits are mostly disappearing back to the U.S.

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Posted in: Suggestive poses and pets in election campaigning tests Tokyo's patience See in context

I would argue the opposite,that the general public has woken up to the farcical nature of such elections,and is expressing their dissatisfaction through such actions.

The government should listen and work for the people.

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Posted in: Osaka via London See in context

She has made the most of her career.

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Posted in: Secret unstaffed hot spring in Japan will make you feel like you’ve been spirited away See in context

There's a rockpool one right by the sea,too.

Great island.

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Posted in: 'Seven Samurai' at 70: Kurosawa's epic still moves like nothing else See in context


I think it's more the commenter and their typical posts than the current comments people downvote.

Amazing how many Japanese people don't know Kurosawa.

They never show his films on TV,maybe that's why.

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Posted in: Do you think school teachers in Japan are overworked? See in context


Woah,dude, it's not a competition.

Thanks for your hard work.

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Posted in: What are some environmentally friendly ways to keep cool in summer? See in context

Ok,just to quote my Indian colleague,"Without AC, you're DC, without air conditioning, you're a dead chicken."

Nevertheless,have never used AC at home,even when living in Aichi.

Kid's paddling pool filled with refrigerated water,two sempukis,and iced margueritas seemed to do the trick.

In rural areas,jump in the river with your laundry,two birds,one stone.

Enjoy the summer!

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Posted in: Japan's skateboarding youth turn street culture into Olympic gold See in context

@Brian Trout

I concur,as my homeland of Cornwall beat Australia in the tug-of-war and rugby.

Also,egg and spoon,sack race,and obstacle fancy dress race should be reintroduced.

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Posted in: Murray out of Wimbledon singles as Djokovic makes bow See in context

'Takes a bow',or 'Makes a bow' insinuates an early exit,not a victory.

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Posted in: Ian McKellen withdraws from tour of his play to recover after fall from stage See in context

Get well soon,and the show must go on,sir!

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force resumes Osprey flights in Japan after Nov. fatal crash See in context

Couple came over our island today.

Local drivers are more dangerous!

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Posted in: Fujifilm once struggled to sell cameras. Now, it can't keep up with demand See in context

Was lucky enough to get a few genba kontaku (site supervisor) tough 35mm cameras back in the day.

Fujifilm K-28 and K-35 were pretty good.

Still keeping a couple of Instax cameras going for the kids.

China production,though?


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Posted in: Fujifilm once struggled to sell cameras. Now, it can't keep up with demand See in context


Try Don Quixote.

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Posted in: What are some environmentally friendly ways to keep cool in summer? See in context


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Posted in: Japan group led by ex-lawmaker Kono meets with senior China official See in context

That's going to work.


Another taxpayer's funded junket.

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Posted in: Black British music in spotlight at new exhibition See in context

Soul II Soul.

'Nuff said.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges travel aid program 6 months after Ishikawa quake See in context

Will this be branded as the 'No To' campaign?

For goodness sake,just provide the stricken area with the personnel and equipment required.

Basic humanity.

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Posted in: Japan average land price rises over 2% for 1st time See in context

Must be foreign buyers (through proxies of course!)driving up the prices through overestimating the worthlessness of the yen.

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Posted in: Japan supermarket director arrested in Myanmar for rice price gouging See in context

This reminds me of a certain country's attitude towards SE Asian countries in a certain period of time not so long ago.

Lock him up,and fine AEON.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry rolls out 1st policy to promote AI use See in context

Will AI be able to communicate with Defense Ministry?

Can it operate fax?

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Posted in: Japan's skateboarding youth turn street culture into Olympic gold See in context


Japan won last Olympics,yet skateboarders still experience unnecessary hassle from police,and community in general.

Just last week,was told by police officer to stay off the sidewalk,then round the corner,told to stay on the sidewalk.

Don't believe the hype.

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Posted in: Tokyo's governor election akin to a 'presidential race' See in context


Two geriatrics with no clear policies, controlled by powerful national companies.

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