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And the conclusion of this article is...

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Has anybody considered that this could be a Pearl Harbor for Japan?

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@EBM sad, but its true :(. Its just a proof of how the family values have been exchanged for material posessions.

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Ive visited USA, Latin America and Europe. None of these place have the lukewarm values that we have in Japan. We tend to be stirred by nationalism and any other historical/ political fiction story the media throws at us. But I am really ashamed of the way we avoid helping people. "Nothing is never of our business." I am really ashamed about this and I hope that all the internationals who read this post will keep being bold and not conform to the Japanese standards (in this regards) please. We have too much to learn from you. Thank you and my sincere apologies.

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Marry equally yoked

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Wow, so loving! the parents went on Jan 7 to report that they hadnt seen her daughter since Jan 5! So sad.

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sushi=raw fish+rice tempura=spain yakitori=everywhere The list should have some more unique japanese food besides okonomiyaki (and that is not that unique either). I've traveled the whole planet and none of the dishes being considered by UNESCO are unique from Japan. On the other hand the utensils deserve a huge round of applause.

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Whats the purpose for needling that area? At least whats the claim?

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I saw a documentary about it at school. Professors at the sustainability department showed it. The posiinig problem lasted several years (about 30) as far as I remembered from the class. The government knew about the problem but they couldt care much as the company was boosting the area's economy. Needles to say that "sumimasen" was the compensation that the victims recieved and even in the 90's the government never offered a compensation to these people (just like Fukushima). The worst thing is that many people, people who suffered the consecuences, people who lived the horror, were happy with about it as they, in their words, were thankful because there was plenty of jobs and money in the region.

Oh, and did I mention, nobody went to jail for poisoning a whole town? It's kind similar to those mullets in Fukushima being ae to walk around freely while they poison a third of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.

@Disillusioned is right, not only water but people. And they don't care. In general we just don't care because its "not happening here".

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To write this kind of article is a good idea Mr./Mrs Kageyama but it will be a lot more impacting if you had contacted several families of different social statuses, discussed their point of views and investing habits, and conclude something out of those testimonies. Since the economy is toughening, many of us want to know what is working for other people and learn from them. The Teruyiki family could be an example if the article shows how they carry their spending in more detail and compare it to others. Thank you very much.

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