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Posted in: Proxy wedding means Marine's Japanese widow, baby unwelcome in U.S. See in context

US immigration is third-world. And getting even worse.

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Posted in: Waiting for Nori-P See in context

This is the often way total losers choose to spend their days. Or maybe these people were paid by her supporters (or supporter,) to stand about looking like fools.

Why can't they just be her supporters, instead of people paid by her supporters? We need a smacking-head icon here, JT.

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Posted in: Man killed while changing tire on expressway in Yamanashi See in context

Poor fella. RIP...

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Posted in: Christmas wish See in context

Wow what a lovely photo of 2 people just sitting there! I am sure they have nothing to do with whatever it is they are promoting!!

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Posted in: Blue Man Group See in context

The guy on the left looks ready to sock it to Kojima with a right cross. Not the best pic of Aki, though.

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Posted in: Bear shot in central Karuizawa See in context

If you think a 70kg bear is "small", I'd like to see you fight one.

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Posted in: Kitajima gets his hands on Quarter Pounder See in context

Is this seriously news?

It took 35 years to get a quarter pounder here? Seriously, who cares about this sort of thing? There are way better things to eat in almost any dark corner of Asia.

Well, my country uses the metric system too and we know why it's a quarter pounder. Sarge seems to be amused by his own sentence, which makes me a little sad :*(

Have you seen the massive portions that young Japanese people eat? And yet...and yet they aren't as many fat people as in other places.

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Posted in: Mika Nakashima sings beneath Tokyo's biggest Christmas tree See in context

She's got quite a nice voice on her - love the end theme from Tentai Kansoku.

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Posted in: Beyonce, Kimutaku appear in Samantha Thavasa ads See in context

Is she only 27?? She looks 38 in that pic.

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Posted in: Hospitals in crisis See in context

What on earth is an exam for becoming a "DNA research scientist"? Does the author even know what he/she is talking about?

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Posted in: MLB scouts See in context

I thought they were giant laser pointers to distract the pitcher.

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Posted in: 2 NZ men convicted of murdering, abusing 3-year-old girl See in context

Life sentence = 10 years?? So these jokers will come out into society perhaps around their early 30s? These guys don't deserve the constant meals and dry place to sleep they will have in jail. God I hope they get it from the other inmates.

I hope they take away their passports so they don't come and pollute the rest of the world when they're RELEASED from jail.

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Posted in: Okamoto's A-bomb mural See in context

I don't get it.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy killed in car crash in Fukushima See in context

I really hope they play up the fact that he wasn't wearing a seatbelt in the news for this. And add all sorts of little experiments to show how it could save lives. God knows there should be more of these experiments on tv.

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Posted in: Palin sorts clothes to see what belongs to Republican Party See in context

Sarge - couldn't Palin simply have said "no thanks, let's go for something a little cheaper?". I suppose she tried hard to refuse them but McCain forced it over her head like we do with babies.

I guess she couldn't say NO to the GOP on such a small matter, which certainly doesn't bode well for her ability to stand up for the important things.

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Posted in: Caregivers slave away for low pay See in context

The true heroes in Japan.

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Posted in: Bushes and Obamas: All smiles at the White House See in context

Was it to check out the secret underground tunnel leading to the diamond!?!?!

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman held for breaking into woman’s apartment in Kanagawa See in context

As a purely neutral observer, I have to say that you lot are far too sensitive about this. Was a crime NOT committed? Should JT have NOT reported it? If they reported it, should it have been printed in much smaller font than the rest of the articles to de-emphasize?

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Posted in: Aso See in context

Are the students wearing some kind of name tags with that blue strap? That's kinda weird.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by bear in Karuizawa See in context

And if the bear were a crazed aggressive type whose next target is a child or someone else just trying to enjoy a walk through the forest (and not a hunter)? I suppose cleo NEVER ever goes into anywhere with grass and trees cos they all belong to the bears.

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Posted in: Republicans spend $150,000 on Palin's look See in context

Sarge - by your reckoning, why "should" Obama be up by 20 points? Did he do a better job in the debates?

The expensive clothes are ridiculous, not to mention she could have bought American.

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Posted in: Leah Dizon and Bun take showbiz insiders by surprise See in context

I dunno, some of the tarentos make me laugh.

And have you actually heard her speak in Japanese? She isn't half bad at all, much much much better than a lot of the usual gaijin that come over and can barely hold a conversation. Just because she needs a translator during a PR session/interview doesn't mean she can't converse.

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Posted in: Missing man, great-grandchild found on Gunma mountain See in context

Noripinhead - have you NEVER been out of Tokyo? It's hard to believe people who live here who have a pulse, are not bedridden and have at least access to tv realise that so much of this country is uninhabitable mountain forests.

Glad the 2 are fine - it must have been cold and scary at night. Good thing no bears showed up.

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Posted in: 58,000 police deployed to ATMS to stop bank transfer fraud on pension payment day See in context

There are actually signs and campaigns all over the place on ATMs, and if you haven't noticed them, what are the chances that the aged would? A personal/human touch is a great idea but as always, the issue lies in execution of the plan.

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Posted in: 'Too beautiful' Aomori politician losing supporters See in context

Samuraiiki - that's actually quite a typical and classic reaction for someone who is only able to think in terms of literal translations, and not from the standpoint of other cultures/language. A bit more interaction would help increase your understanding. Ganbatte!

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Posted in: China Airlines takes MOS burgers to the skies See in context

I love COCOICHIBAN, but I don't think I want to be in a plane full of people eating at the same time.

Sarge, it's too bad for you. Rice burgers are lovely.

Dornier, a hamburger from Mos Burger can be a treat compared to some of the nonsense we get up there.

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Posted in: Edo era firearms See in context

Um, because even if the enemy had the same guns, they are not semi-automatic and the enemy also has swords and arrows?

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Posted in: United voted 'Best North American Airline' in Asia See in context

When I took Northworst in the states, I was shocked at the size of the stewardesses. They were over a certain age, which does not hamper their ability for service, but were also fat and therefore blocked anyone from moving past them through the aisles. They were also freaking cranky and had no concept of service. Maybe I should have tipped them, I dunno. People keep trying to claim it works.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA admit overcharging for fuel tax See in context

if they actually have came out and said it, chances are high that they will refund the cash. I wonder why they admitted it anyway. Some internal threats of whistle-blowing?

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Posted in: Up and Downey See in context

Is he playing Einstein in his next film?

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