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Posted in: Pakistan troops ordered to open fire on U.S. raiders See in context

Skipthesong - if the cops plan to go in guns blazing and indiscriminantly killing your kids and rest of your family who have committed no crimes in their bid to capture/kill these criminals, then you can be sure by gods most civilized people would be supporting you.

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Posted in: Hockey See in context

And beating a Commonwealth country in field hockey is quite an achivement in itself. These lot might have a bit more game than their volleyball counterparts.

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Posted in: U.S. team creates stem cells of 10 incurable diseases See in context

Nice explanation SuperLib!

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Posted in: How airlines deal with 'customers of size' See in context

If you're a fat westerner in coach flying on a Chinese airline there's a pretty good chance they'll ask you to step on the luggage scale so they can determine a surcharge.

Has this ever happened to you or have you seen this happening? Or is this one of those usual "hate on XXX country with no proof"?

And it seems to me that Air France wrapping someone in packing tape in public would be a little worse than being asked to step on a scale.

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Posted in: 4 GSDF personnel arrested for beating colleague in Kyoto See in context

Why can't you read to the end of a 2 paragraph article? The police said that the 4 morons haven't admitted to the motive yet. What do you want the reporter to do, beat it out of the 4?

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Posted in: The pizza man See in context

Saw this guy on tv once and was unimpressed. He was berating this cook who was working the pizza station on the grand opening of one of his chains because the guy didn't know the basics. He made the guy stay in after the shop close to show him the basics, I guess it was suppose to make us all think he was a dedicated shokunin.

All it said to me was that he was cutting costs by posting a freaking newbie on his most important station on the grand opening of a shop and had only himself to blame for not preparing his staff better. Try spending a little more time and money on training, SC.

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Posted in: Jason Mraz sings for fans at Marunouchi Building See in context

I only know a couple of his songs but the boy definitely can sing.

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Posted in: Protect yourself with help of Israeli secret service See in context

I doubt the 120kg female student needed much lesson to put down the average dude. Or actually, even have to worry about people attacking her.

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