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Posted in: Tourists to be barred from Tsukiji tuna auctions for a month See in context

First of all, Tuna does not smell. In fact, if you go to Tsukiji and smell, you will smell very little. Everything is fresh and all you smell the the smell of the sea. Second, I understand the workers frustration. This is their job. You can watch and take photos from a distance. I visited Tsukiji and had a wonderful time. The personnel there were very warm and friendly. If you have a Japanese friend, take him or her with you. And finally, don't touch the tuna!!!

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

It has nothing to do with her and everything to do with Japanese mentality. These sick individuals need to be arrested and labeled "SEX OFFENDERS". Make them wear a sign that says; "I GROPE WOMEN." Then the police need to take them back behind the police station and beat the ever living hell out of them!! Nothing says you care nor gets your attention like a good old fashion ASS Whooping!!!!

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