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Mueller has recommended no new charges or indictments, so obviously no evidence of collusion found, pretty clear

it wasn’t enough to indict him, over.

Both of you are wrong on your conclusion. Mueller's report makes it amply clear that although no new indictments are recommended, it is because Mueller does not want to wade into indicting a sitting president, which goes against Justice Department custom, as it is a politically divisive action to take. Mueller also makes it clear that it is up to Congress to make the next move, whether through further investigations or impeachment based on existing evidence.

you can’t arrest someone for “trying” 

Then you obviously don't know much about the law.

now liberals know more than Barr? Good luck with that one.

First, I would say that there are plenty of liberals who know as much as or more than Barr does. But that is not the issue. It's a matter of ethical jurisprudence. Barr's "summary" of the report is designed to protect Trump, not to uphold the laws of the United States.

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Posted in: House panel chair accuses Trump of 'massive, unprecedented' obstruction See in context

for all intensive purposes he’s innocent

So say Barr and other Trump sycophants. Mueller's report says no such thing.

no evidence of collusion as Mueller found.

So say Barr and other Trump sycophants. Tell me the page number of Mueller's report where "no collusion" is mentioned.

no grounds to impeach

Mueller's report details at least 10 incidents in which Trump attempted to interfere with an ongoing investigation. Despite what Barr says, the law is very clear that obstruction of justice can (and often does) occur absent any underlying criminal offense. That is grounds in and of itself for impeachment.

And BTW, "high crimes and misdemeanors" refers to abuse of the office of the presidency. We see this virtually every day.

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Posted in: House panel chair accuses Trump of 'massive, unprecedented' obstruction See in context

look more foolish and waste more of everyone’s time and money....Yup, seems well thought out to me. Lol

If you think holding the president accountable to justice is a foolish waste of time and money, yeah, Lol.

the Republicans thought that as well awhile back.

The difference is that Clinton was a broadly popular president. Trump is nothing close to that. Also, Clinton's "high crimes and misdemeanors" were nothing compared to those of Trump.

No different than the Trump haters trolling those that support him.

Yes, there is a difference. Trump "haters" are driven by clear evidence showing the president to be utterly corrupt and unfit for office. People who defend Trump simply obfuscate, change the subject, or shrug off their man's wrongdoings as normal.

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Impeach him. This man is clearly corrupt and unfit for office.

Even though it will never pass the Senate, legislators will be forced to vote and tie their political futures to where they stand on justice and constitutional government. Plus, impeachment proceedings will make no difference in the 2020 election. Trump's diehard cult members will support him no matter what. Swing voters will peel away.

He will go down in history as the first president to be impeached and then lose reelection.

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Posted in: Abe, Macron discuss G20 summit, trade, Nissan-Renault alliance, N Korea, Notre Dame See in context

By the way, Abe, Notre Dame means more to the French than being a World Heritage Site and a tourism magnet.

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"It's heartbreaking to see the damage done to the World Heritage site which represents the history and culture in which France takes pride,"

= "World Heritage Listings are like Olympic medals. We Japanese want to collect more of them. In the future, please continue to support us. Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu."

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Trump had tweeted earlier Tuesday that Twitter didn't treat him well

This guy's statements get more Kafka-esque by the day. He dominates the news because of his inane tweets, and then tweets that he doesn't get enough attention. Which then ends up in the news . . .

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Trump is so clean and the Mueller report so exculpatory that Barr had to release a Cliff's Notes version of the report and hold a press conference just ahead of its release. In that conference Barr went to bat for the president, using Trump's own smokescreen term of "collusion", which is neither a legal term nor featured in Mueller's work. Framing how people are supposed to interpret a report before it is even released is another clear sign that Barr is not doing his job. He is Attorney General of the United States, not personal lawyer to Donald J. Trump. His responsibility is to uphold the law, not protect his boss.

The Trump team is standing on very shaky legal ground and is hoping that public opinion will save them. It won't.

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Posted in: N Korea issues mild criticism of Bolton over media interview See in context

I deeply admire the guy

So you disagree with Trump’s (apparent) opinion that the war in Iraq was a massive mistake? You think Trump is a softie?

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*The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American People by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime. The real purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies – the militia – would be maintained for the defense of the state. The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires.** *

– Warren Burger, Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice

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The government has already planned to spend 2 trillion yen ($17.9 billion) on measures to offset the blow to consumers from a 10 percent sales tax.

i.e., more money wasted on unnecessary construction projects.

It's so blatantly obvious what this tax raise is about.

“The sales tax hike to 10 percent is needed the most to secure stable financial resources to pay for social security for all generations, in order to cope with the ageing population,” Aso told reporters

The big lie.

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"it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the “Report” about me, some of which are total [expletive not allowed by JT] & only given to make the other person look good (or me to look bad)."

Mr. Potty Mouth is obviously crapping his pants. He knows he screwed up, he knows he lied, and he knows that everyone knows that. He thinks that tweeting to his base will save him. In the end it won't.

Someday Trumpsters are going to be mighty ashamed they ever fell for this clown.

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Posted in: 'A good day': Trump claims victory with Mueller report out See in context

Looking forward to three things:

Trump's electoral loss in 2020.

Trump's multiple indictments by the SDNY.

Trump's final years in prison. The man has screwed over so many people in his life as a fraudster and caused incalculable damage to American politics. Good riddance.

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you really think Kim would have walked across that cracked concrete block without the heavy pressure applied by Trump? HAR!

Photo ops are what tin-pot dictators live for. Not hard to do. They've got nothing to lose and lots to gain. Kim got recognized by his people as a real player.

When the President of the United States does the same thing he looks like a schmuck.

Trump got suckered.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Pompeo be removed from nuclear talks See in context

Little Rocket man hasn't got anything tangible from Trump yet.

Sure he did. With those two useless PR stunts in Singapore and Hanoi, Trump legitimized Kim as a world-class player. That’s what the North wanted and that’s what the North got, thanks to Trump’s eagerness for a photo op.

Trump got played. Kim is smarter.

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Posted in: President who cried wolf? Real border alarms now seem hollow See in context

we're dealing with an administration that doesn't want a solution,"

That's the bottom line. Trump is the Troll in Chief and will do anything to remain center stage. Most of that involves stoking his base's hatred of "liberals" and people who are not like themselves. You'll soon see evidence of that on this thread.

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Posted in: 'Mayor Pete' joins 2020 Democratic presidential as face of new generation See in context

He's a courageous, principled, intelligent, articulate man with clear objectives and a track history of improving people's lives. He's everything the current president is not. I hope he makes it to the top.

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Posted in: Trump considered daughter Ivanka for head of World Bank See in context

She could very well become the first female U.S. president, 


which would drive the left into

Do you have a vision for the future other than to gaslight liberals?

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Posted in: Trump weighs sending 'unlimited supply' of immigrants to sanctuary cities See in context

This is a brilliant move by our President.

OK. So I guess we don't need a wall anymore.

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Posted in: Trump considered daughter Ivanka for head of World Bank See in context

So liberals hate it which means, she’s overly qualified.

"What can you expect when you're on top? You know? It's like Napoleon. When he was the king, you know, people were just constantly trying to conquer him, you know, in the Roman Empire. So, it's history repeating itself all over again."

--Dirk Diggler

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If Adam Schiff had any actual evidence of wrongdoing, which he repeatedly claims to have seen, 

If you had bothered to even listen to Schiff's comments, you would have found that nothing he said is in dispute. It is all documented and unchallenged, even by Trump and his people. One example: Trump fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation. How do we know? Because he said so on national TV and to the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office. If that's not obstruction of justice, I don't know what is.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Trump's asylum policy but delays enforcement See in context

they want felons to vote,

Correction. Ex-felons. People who have served their time. Floridians on both sides of the political spectrum voted for this. Republicans want to reverse this with a poll tax on ex-felons because Republicans want to disenfranchise black people.

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Posted in: New Homeland Security chief has worked across party lines See in context

watched this guy for years,


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Posted in: In unprecedented move, U.S. names Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group See in context

the horrendous Iranian deal that Obama created . . . emboldened the Iranians and the mullahs 


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Posted in: Trump's Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen resigns See in context

Jeh Johnson uttered and reiterated the same concerns and fear 

Let's put this in perspective. Jeh Johnson:

*"It is very definitely humanitarian crisis because of the poverty and violence in Central America. And the way to deal with this problem, frankly, is make a long-term investment in helping to eradicate the poverty and violence in the three countries that are probably the most violent on Earth. That's not a quick, simple, easy fix which Washington likes."*

Jeh Johnson also thinks Trump's border wall is a silly idea.

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Posted in: Trump says he made Golan Heights decision after a quick history lesson See in context

he made the snap decision during a discussion with his top Middle East peace advisers, including the U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Tell me again what qualifications Jared Kushner has advising POTUS on Middle East diplomacy? The guy is a moron who couldn't get into Harvard on his own steam and has questionable business dealings with some pretty shady ME players in paying off his debts.

And btw, this is not Trump's idea. Trump is too dumb for policy. He and his idiot son-in-law are both being played by bigger fish. Credit casino mobster and Trump patron Sheldon Adelson (in attendance at the speech) for the cash and David Friedman for the ideology.

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Posted in: Trump's attorney says IRS cannot legally release tax returns See in context

I want to see Nancy Pelosi's tax returns.

When she runs for president. Or is one.

Again, what is Trump hiding?

There are only two reasons I hear for Trump not releasing his tax returns, and both of them are bogus. The first is the "under audit" claim. The other is the "because liberals" argument.

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Posted in: Trump's attorney says IRS cannot legally release tax returns See in context

a violation of both federal law and the Constitution.

No, it's not.

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Posted in: In latest shot at Mexico, Trump proposes U.S. penalty for drugs See in context

Actually, I think it’s the other way around. Lol

I know the meaning of "conflate". You obviously don't, or can't admit that you didn't. In case you don't know, "conflate" does not mean "inflate".

Here’s the thing though...amazingly, the government can walk and chew gum at the same time, so both issues can be dealt with.

I never said they can't. My point is that a wall doesn't solve either the drug problem or the asylum problem. Trump's proposed wall solves no problem other than to give his base a collective chubby.

Sorry, a wall is a wall 

Alright, then. Build walls everywhere. Put a big concrete barrier around the White House because Israel uses them along the West Bank.

and asking Nancy on this issue on her opinion is like asking Cher for opinion on Stock trading.

Read again, please.

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Posted in: In latest shot at Mexico, Trump proposes U.S. penalty for drugs See in context

—Trump conflates the opioid epidemic in the U.S. 

I think he needs to bring it up more actually.

Before you comment, you might want to check the meaning of “conflate” and read the rest of my sentence.

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