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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

Since this is a story about Texas, here are a couple of noteworthy Texans' opinions of Trump:

I’m gonna tell you what I really think of Donald Trump: This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth, and in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying.

--Ted Cruz


[Trump] offers a barking carnival act that can be best described as Trumpism: a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued.

--Rick Perry

Oops. I mistook the past for the present.

The Republican Party took that road to perdition, with both Cruz and Perry along for the ride, and here they are today.

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Posted in: Young Japanese celebrate Coming-of-Age Day under COVID's shadow See in context

Maturity is demonstrated through behavior, not ceremonies.

These government sponsored events have always been ridiculous. Even more so now.

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Posted in: Georgia runoff elections for Senate too close to call See in context

Obama has imposed the largest tax increase in history on the middle class. Individuals who don't buy insurance

Would you prefer a plan where insurance and health care cost nothing?

Trump and the GOP have had four years to replace the ACA. They've offered nothing. Give them the boot.

Praying for a Warnock and Ossoff win!

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Posted in: After pardon, Blackwater guard defiant: ‘I acted correctly’ See in context

A fifth guard, Jeremy Ridgeway, pleaded guilty and testified against the others,

Ridgeway is the one guy who didn't get a pardon from Trump.

Fits the pattern: reward the criminals, screw the truth tellers.

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Posted in: Cruz leads Republican drive to object to Biden's win See in context

for 4 years the Democrats did everything to foil and sabotage this President 

If you can't grasp the difference between evidence-based investigations, due process, and legislative resistance (on the one side), and utterly unsubstantiated, judicially unsupportable attempts to cancel the results of a presidential election because Donald Trump can't handle losing (on the other side), you're beyond hope of being enlightened. Which I've known for a long time anyway.

The Dems didn’t care about democracy (according to the GOP)

News flash. No serious Republicans in leadership or media (McConnell, Nunes, Hannity, Limbaugh, Carlson included) ever actually believed this, but they sure had fun making MAGA heads think it was true.

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Posted in: After pardon, Blackwater guard defiant: ‘I acted correctly’ See in context

Trump never met an American tough guy war criminal he didn't admire, especially ones who worked for Trump/Kushner/Putin associate and arms dealer to the UAE Erik Prince.

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Posted in: Cruz leads Republican drive to object to Biden's win See in context

Here's the sophistry from lyin' king Ted Cruz (debating wiz!) and his gang:

1) Trump claimed and continues to claim that the election was fraudulent.

2) Millions of Trump worshippers believe this unsubstantiated nonsense.

ergo 3) Because millions believe this unsubstantiated nonsense, we must throw out the results of this election, except in the states where Trump won, and in the races Republican congressional candidates won.

Cruz and Hawley are supposedly well educated and "smart". Shame on them. There's something in the Bible about misleading dumb people--people like Marsha Blackburn (B.S. Home Economics) and Tommy Tuberville (B.S. Physical Education) who somehow ended up as senators.

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

Kanda Myojin and other popular shrines could have simply shut down this New Year. But they love their money more than the lives of strangers. Totally irresponsible.

Other large events have been canceled, with the hosts taking a hit. You'd think a religious institution would have more sense of public service.

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Posted in: McConnell puts off vote on $2,000 aid checks; Trump calls Republican leaders 'weak' and 'tired' See in context

This is just utter garbage, when we talk about socialism we are talking about it in terms of completely replacing the capitalist model


I remember well that in the past you called Trump “socialism lite”. Before he got the nomination and you jumped on the bandwagon.

Do you still think that Trump is a bit of a socialist?

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Posted in: McConnell puts off vote on $2,000 aid checks; Trump calls Republican leaders 'weak' and 'tired' See in context

Trump is correct about his own party. It is weak and tired.

Time for Georgia MAGA heads to vote for Warnock and Ossoff. Perdue and Loeffler are deep state elitists who need to be purged from the farm.

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Posted in: As COVID-19 ravages U.S., shootings, killings are also up See in context

"This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

--Donald Trump, January 20, 2017

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Posted in: Trump signs pandemic aid and spending bill, averting government shutdown See in context

President Flip Flop

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Posted in: Unemployment benefits for millions expire as Trump rages See in context

You are filled with unfaltering adoration for the guy


Here's the heart of the problem. We've got millions of people in the U.S. who have some weird admiration for this con artist. And the more these MAGA ditto heads love him, the more Republican politicians feel they just HAVE to kiss this con artist's back side. No matter how insane the behavior.

Does anyone actually believe that Trump is objecting to this bill because of some principled stand he's taking? That he cares deeply for the American public? Nah, not even magadittoheads believe that. No, this is just another of many of Trump's litmus tests. Are MY people in congress, MY judges, and MY cabinet sufficiently loyal to ME?

Trump cultists love this stuff. Makes them feel reassured to be part of the tribe.

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Posted in: Barr undercuts Trump on election and Hunter Biden inquiries See in context

All of law enforcement snd all of the fossil fuel workers and UAW workers just suddenly switched their votes and decided to just vote for Biden...yeah,

Who said they suddenly switched their votes? You have evidence that this happened?

Occam's razor: the explanation that's right in front of your nose. Mail-in ballots were counted last, as decided by the state legislatures ahead of time. More Democrats voted by mail, which everyone already knew. Urban areas have more ballots to count. Urban areas tend to be more Democratic.

No mystery here.

Trump lost. Suck it up. It's reality.

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Posted in: Harris, Ivanka Trump stump in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff See in context

Loeffler, who is being challenged by Warnock, reiterated her campaign's assertion that the pastor is a radical and socialist.

Warnock is correct. Loeffler has nothing to run on but hackneyed one-liners: socialism this radical left that. MAGA yadayadayada.

I sure hope the Democrats can pull this off.

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Posted in: 'Do as I say': Anger as some politicians ignore virus rules See in context

I hate this kind of hypocrisy, and these Democratic leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

But you know what I hate even more? Leaders who encourage and host superspreader events. Leaders who tell people NOT to wear masks, social distance, or take the virus seriously.

So sure, Republicans are less hypocritical, but their macho political posturing has caused a lot more death.

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Posted in: Trump's move to his Florida estate challenged by neighbor See in context

 the majority of people that are happy that the Trump’s are living there, 

Palm Beach County election results:

Joe Biden: 56.08%

Donald Trump: 43.3%

Not even close. The majority of people are not happy with this sore loser con man living near them. Not to mention the snarled traffic and bad name this loser will bring to the neighborhood.

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Posted in: Biden introduces Buttigieg as transportation chief in 'historic' U.S. cabinet See in context

but If he runs his cabinet position the way he ran his state

Buttigieg was a mayor, not a governor. And you can’t “run a cabinet position”.

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Posted in: Biden introduces Buttigieg as transportation chief in 'historic' U.S. cabinet See in context

Him being allowed to fight for what he and millions think is an injustice whether he prevails or not is democracy in its purest form.

Democracy in its dumbest and most destructive form.

Trump is allowed to be dumb. His followers are allowed to be dumb. But the fact is they have not a shred of evidence to back up their assertions.

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Posted in: Biden, McConnell talk after top Senate Republican acknowledges his election win See in context

The majority are moving to Parler, more to follow.

Parler will become the Radio Shack of social media platforms. Impossible to sustain a large enterprise targeted at such a narrow demographic.

Liberals are the real funny joke of jokes. Sadly, their policies make you want to cry.

Fascinating analysis.

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Posted in: 'Tis the pandemic season: White House parties on amid virus See in context

As long as Trump is satisfied, screw everyone and everything else.

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths smash daily record, spurring pleas to trim back Christmas See in context

“Guess what, after November 3 coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen.”

—Eric Trump, May, 2020

“on November 4 you won’t hear anything about it (Covid) because we’re rounding that turn,”

—Donald Stabilus Genius Maximus

Not comedy, though. Tragedy.

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Posted in: Tensions rise over masks as virus grips smaller U.S. cities See in context

Further evidence of the education gulf between liberals and conservatives.

I wouldn’t call Trump cultists “conservative”. There’s nothing conservative about endangering other people’s lives.

That said, yes, Trump cultists are not the sharpest tacks in the box.

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Posted in: Texas gets support from 17 states in bid to help Trump overturn election loss See in context

clearly show their bias with the sneering tone 

Do you find the following to be sneering as well?

The Texas lawsuit is widely considered a longshot to succeed. Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, previously panned the Texas suit as fundamentally "wrong." 

"With all due respect, the Texas Attorney General is constitutionally, legally and factually wrong about Georgia," a Carr spokesperson told the Dallas Morning News. Carr is the recently named chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association. 

—Fox News

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Posted in: Texas gets support from 17 states in bid to help Trump overturn election loss See in context

America will never see a normal election again. Trump has sowed the seeds of distrust and discord well.

Neither party will benefit. But Trump will come out of it all stronger than ever.

Thanks, you twisted, egotistical schmuck.

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Posted in: Georgia again certifies election results showing Biden won See in context

I hope the President pushes this to the bitter end, if the Dems can make his Presidency difficult for 4 years, Trump can do the same for 4 weeks.

That's the patriotic spirit!

fyi, Democrats were working with loads of evidence against a con man who is cognitively, psychologically, and ethically unfit to be president. Trump is working with no evidence whatsoever. That's the way it is. I don't care what your "70+million" believe.

Why the Dems want to further damage the nation is extremely upsetting to watch

Say what? Is it the Democrats who are contesting the election now?

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Posted in: Michelin Guide unveils 2021 Tokyo star restaurants See in context

Three things that give Japanese the most massive collective chubby:

--World Heritage listings

--Nobel prizes

--Michelin stars

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Posted in: Trump assails vote integrity while urging turnout in Georgia See in context

What country is this again?

Pure lunacy.

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Posted in: Pompeo urged to cancel holiday parties See in context

But it’s ok for the Democrats leaders to go out and party

No, that’s not OK.

And two wrongs don’t make a right.

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Posted in: In face of 'grim' jobs report, Biden backs more COVID-19 aid See in context

all done by leftist democrats

Having fun yet?

Trump did everything he could

Play golf. Watch TV. Tweet. Call Hannity on the phone.

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