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Posted in: Man jumps on bullet train tracks during questioning over voyeuristic filming of woman See in context

Why do some people enjoy making their situation worse? 

Because people like him commit crimes and really believe they will get away with it!

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Posted in: Diet OKs simultaneous streaming by NHK See in context

its very easy , if they have no laws that fine you or threaten penalties for non payment then just dont pay its simple. Forcing the J governement to mandate laws to punish people for non payment wont happen, too many elderly that cant or wont pay and the J government dont want to pee of those voters. I will never pay this extortion fee until a court hearing or legal fine is presented to me for non compliance, or the fee is mandated as another tax enforced by J law. your move NHK

WTF Japan, I agree. I also wonder why the 'law' states you must pay NHK the fee but when you buy a brand new TV from the store, the seller never mentions anything about the 'compulsory' NHK charge incurred for having the TV. The legalities of it all is very unclear. How could anybody happily pay the fee when NHK employees are embezzling the revenue earned through these subscriptions and a certain percentage of people just plainly refuse to pay it?

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Posted in: Diet OKs simultaneous streaming by NHK See in context

The broadcaster has already decided to cut the subscription fee starting in October 2020, a year after a consumption tax hike scheduled for this October.

Doesn't this mean we won't be expected to pay for NHK from October of next year?? Why is everybody complaining?

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

Totally agree with afanofjapan! You need your personal space of at least 30cm, in front of you, not particularly BEHIND you. So why take up the extra space behind you on a crowded train with your backpack when you can conserve space by wearing your backpack in front of you AND guarantee that personal space at the front. It's a no-brainer and also shows a little bit of consideration for others! People who wear backpacks on their back during peak hours are saying that they don't need the space in front of their face??

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Posted in: Is a common Japanese phrase for 'goodbye' the reason for Japan’s crazy overtime hours? See in context

What about the "meiwaku wo kakeruto omoukedo" when a new father announces the birth of his child to his fellow staff members? This should be a time of happiness and not having to apologize by saying that your new child is a burden on everyone you work with!

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