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PnoyMafia7thFLT comments

Posted in: China accuses Japan of dangerous flying in air zone See in context

Tiananmen Anniversary Protest is coming up JUNE 4th. PRC Communist Party trying to divert attention, thousands of unarmed civilians during Tiananmen Protest run down by tanks ordered by the CCP.

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Posted in: China warns Japan to stay out of dispute in South China Sea See in context

China's territories are within the confines of Great Wall of China. ***Tianamen Square Uprising Democracy Movement a massacre against their own People of Repuplic of China" Anniversary coming up on JUNE 4th. Never Forget.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

The Philippines and the Filipino people have forgiven the Japanese. We do not harbor transgressions unlike the Chinese-PRC who are immature stuck up in their illogical Mao tse dung ideologies.

Look at them now PRC China acting like parasites across the Pacific. Every news outlet coming from China is Propaganda and Lies. Seriously something is wrong with these people, they even believe in their own lies.

You want to talk about World War 2 - heck the Koreans that were integrated in the Japanese Imperial Army were even much more worse who have committed atrocities across the Philippines.

Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like, the Philippines , unlike in China? - It's Because the Chinese have Too much Transgressions - brain flatulence, their Grandfathers did a poor job telling them how to Act like Human Beings. The Chinese treat their own as beast, as long as it makes Money and that's a sic* sad fact.

Chinese chicoms - Filipinos will fight alongside with the Japanese as soon as war erupts in the Pacific. It will not be contained in the Pacific area -it will go deep inside Hainan all the way to Beijing.

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Posted in: Japan sets up military post on western island See in context

Ganbare Japan ! Now lets connect them from Yonaguni Island, Japan to "Okinotori atoll, Japan -(Douglas Reef) all the way to the Philippine Island of (Batanes) via X-Band radar and Surveillance Sonar Sensors.

Batanes Island, the Philippines will have ASW p3-Orion on standby 24-7 that can work hand in hand with the JMSDF. Pending donation for allied country the Philippines of 2-3 Shiretoko class patrol vessel for coast guard will boost the eyes and ears for any encroaching Submarine Pirates coming from the Island of Hainan China.

Domo arigatou

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Posted in: Japan's investment in Southeast Asia surges See in context

Good news Japan ! Better for Japan's safety and food security quality. South east Asian countries are more conscious on quality and have no transgressions against the Japanese, compared to China sabotaging and lacing toxic Japanese food products.

Melamine Milk ? Lead Toys ? Substandard steel ? Contaminated sea food ? that's made in china for you.

Lately foreign investments have been pulling out of China - slowly and surely.

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Posted in: China's Xi says Japan's wartime atrocities 'fresh in our memory' See in context

Germany Rebukes China’s Anti-Japan PR Campaign - Berlin strongly rebuffed Beijing’s manipulative pr efforts to use Germany’s wartime past to shame Japan during Xi’s trip to Germany.

Chinese President Xi Jinping embarrassed don't now where to put his greedy Communist Face. Typical ! down with communist China.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets against Chinese military planes See in context

Communist China is flying high as a kite. They even think they own the islands in the Philippines and the Pradesh mountains in India.

What a clusterfudge when you have a dragon being run full of biscuits.

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Posted in: Suga rejects claims Japan lurching toward militarism See in context

Hypocrite China while they say they are for peace and stability, them Communist Central Party in Beijing is commiting genocide in Tibet. Stealing and claiming territories of other countries : India, Vietnam and the rest in Asia.

Japanese government and the Philippine government have signed a mutual defense pact, joint training with both navies. Interoperability in times of disaster and war.

At moments notice 2 countries will support each other thru military means and manpower.

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Posted in: Nanjing seeks UNESCO listing for massacre documents See in context

PRC should include their Dear Leader Mao for not doing anything, for crime against humanity. Hypocrites while they presently eliminate and commit genocide of the people of Tibet.

The World Supports the rearming of Japan. Mao Tse Tsung killed Millions of their own People compared to the imperial army of Japan. Great Leap of Destruction with his Little red book, even the Russians don't trust Prc.

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Posted in: China considering new Air Defense Identification Zone over South China Sea: report See in context

China's ADIZ are all Fake it reflects their bogus claim. China's dream of Communist hedgemony for all the ASEAN countries - I guess NOT!

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Posted in: Which side do you think is most responsible for the deterioration in Sino-Japanese ties? See in context

Obviously China. The ccp corrupt political elites in Beijing are the one bringing the rhetoric to cover up their greed and stashing Billions of Dollars in the Cayman Islands.

The amount of money in Cayman Island can feed the whole Chinese peasants on slave wages, while the elite party members are shitting on their own people. Listen they create so much propaganda and bull crap to divert their Own people on the real problems of China. The lower class Chinese are being treated like beast, while the top politicos and military generals are on a spending spree on ill gotten wealth of their nation with (hidden accounts and properties overseas).

They would rather cling on to their power and save their ideology to supplement their own greed. The big problem it's creating imbalance of prosperity across Asia and the whole Pacific.

Who the hell claims the whole pacific as their own lake on basis of fake historical maps >? Typical ! Japan alone is not the only one having problems with China, you have Vietnam, India and The Philippines. Throw in the plight of the Tibetans under China's annexation - nuff said.

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Posted in: China denounces 'slanderous' air zone remarks by Abe See in context

China has too much transgressions, main reasons they have few women and too many men. That's what you get in China when you have too many peasants living and working in Slave conditions getting treated like a Beast by their own Communist Corrupt Government.

While the CCP elite flaunt their ill gotten riches and hide their billions of account in overseas banks, waiting to jump ship when China implodes.

See the signs even North Korea is now shunning China, you bring Prc in the table they will bring Corrupt Culture Business in your Country dear Leader Kim is not tolerating China's Greedy Business inside his country -

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines discuss China's new air zone See in context

I have no words for China's cockiness and audacity Oy vey ! it will be it's downfall.

Chinese cultural genocide against the people of Tibet, enroachment of India's Kashmir mountains and now they are grabbing shoals and islands in the Pacific (from sea and air domain).

Bad China, bad.

One thing for sure a number of China's corrupt communist party elitist are preparing to jump ship out of China and heavily investing secretly in foreign properties (England, Canada and U.S). to stash their billions of dollars and their families,mistresses to Escape the 2nd Great Leap of Beijing which is the purging as soon as it heats the fan.

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Posted in: China sends fighters to ID flights by U.S. and Japan See in context

Slay this dragon now, before your children and grandchildren will suffer from this Communist B.S. Never trust these chicoms, we saw them in the Korean Peninsula War the evils of Communism and enslavement of it's people. Gen. Mac Arthur was right he should have finished it in China not in the Dmz line.

Look what happened to Tibet? they will not stop till they get all the islands in the Pacific. Next ? India's territories (Water resources), Japan and the Philippines.

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Posted in: Aid missions boost U.S. troops' image, readiness See in context

Despite our mounting debt, I'm happy to help out the Philippines. They're one of our best allies in the whole world, and the average Filipino has no beef with the average American and the Japanese compared to other countries. They need our help and I say we give it to them. I'd rather help out the Philippines than other countries that keep spewing hate against America. We are not perfect but in times of crisis we are always United as Americans, always ready to help.

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Posted in: Philippine typhoon death toll jumps; U.S. helicopters boost aid effort See in context

The Philippines would rather have Uncle Sam and the Japanese Self Defense Force rather than Mickey Mao Tse Tsung sending his warships and claiming the the whole Philippines next.

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Posted in: Japan to send SDF team to Philippine typhoon zone See in context

JSDF will send 16DDH Hyuga (Helicopter Carrier). Awesome Nippon ship that can deliver supplies in remote areas.

The current administration in Manila have closer ties with the Japanese Government.

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context

And you think Filipinos don't have guts to fight ? They were mowing down PLA chinese forces in the hills of the Korean Peninsula War "Battle of Yuldong".

Keep it up you commie symphatizers. You hate the West so much because you don't have Disney World and Mickey Mouse. What you Have is Mickey Mao ! . What's next after Tibet ? ya all brainwashed flatulence smoking the hash in Peking.

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

It's a way of telling China to grow up! And quit it's foolishness.

We all know that war will happen, it just a matter of time. Prc will strike first, enmasse. Capt. Carabao peftok batallion Korean peninsula-Langley Va

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

Climate change earthquakes and rapid depletion of worlds resources.<>

We are not living in a perfect world anymore. China's greed and desperation is unspeakable cannot be ignored or the whole planet earth will be destroyed. Go to china and drink their local water or melamine tainted milk. They have polluted their own country and now illegally claiming for more territories to pollute.

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

Fact is there will be war in the pacific. Old man popops was assigned during the korean war, it was the chinese army who was involved during that time. I will not be surpised at all nokors and prc will initiate the first shot of icbms. Cut off that dragons head.

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Posted in: Abe vows to defend disputed islands from China See in context

Abe is correct, you hit the bully by it's nose. China's arrogance and mentality on claiming the whole Pacific seas is already absurd and ridiculous. Lets face the fact - war will start in the Pacific. China's agenda is to destroy the West and it's allies.

Gen. MacArthur should have finished them off all the way to China from the Korean Peninsula.

Free Tibet Now !

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Posted in: Abe accuses China of letting Japanese firms be targeted during isle protests See in context

If every nation in this world claims all their near seas as their ' indisputable historical national blue soil' ( or their own lakes) like China then there won't be any global commons, international oceans, seas or waterways left for use for all nations in this earthly world ! Ironically, the ' so-called five-thousand-year-civilized China' is, indeed, just a rogue backward country! Oy Vey ! Blame Chairman Mao tse tsung for burning all the legal historical documents and maps of China - China's real borders are in fact stays within the confines insides China's Great Wall.

In the meanwhile in the summer of 1996, Indonesia showed the world how to deal with Chinese extra-territorial fake claims. Beijing claimed the Natuna Islands of Indonesia. Jakarta responded by holding war games involving 10,000 soldiers, 50 war ships and F16 fighter jets (present number now is 35 F-16's). Beijing has not bothered them since.

Putin blew a Chinese fishing vessel out of the water last year. FREE TIBET !

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets against Chinese military planes See in context

Shoot em Commie aircraft and maritime vessels down entering Japan illegally that will teach them how to behave properly. Enough with PRC's foolishness.

You know what happened when the Chinese fishing vessels entered Guam and Russian EEZ and tried to outrun the Navy and coastguard? got shot up and ended as an artificial coral to preserve marine life that they have been poaching and destroying.

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy newest weapons to Asia-Pacific See in context

China's dream of monopolizing the Pacific waters is like ching dynasty smok'n crack from the Brits.

Get a grip China before you get slammed from Guam and Diego Garcia or would you prefer the re arming of the Tibetans? or the western educated students that will spread democracy inside China.

You are scared of your own People and treat your own as a beast esp the low class peasants and migrants. Guess what it will bite you next year. You will face the wrath of Climate Change 20 13 and you will be desperate like high on OPIUM on your fake 9 dash line from Western Philippine Sea, Spratly's, Pacific, Senkaku's and the Indian territories (water).

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

Beijing at it again always looking for trouble.... Year 2013 is bad luck for China. Free the Tibetan People from communist Chinese oppression !

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