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All countries in the world has their own “fair” legal system. Just because the system isn’t one you particularly agree on or different from the one you are familiar with does not mean the country in question doesn’t “respect” the legal system. The west has lost its moral high ground since 1972—their chauvinistic ways allow them to make the rules and break them at will; all in the name of “fair” legal system. Guantanamo bay.

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It is unbelievable so many in the west supporting Ghosn while cheering for the arrest of the Huawei CFO. Democracies in name only?

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Open question: which of the three so called “Leaders of the free world” in the picture represents the country that lead the invasions of sovereign countries in the past 25 years? I hope the other two “leaders” are standing on the right side of history.

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Your way to divide the world and people remind me of the past imperialistic Japan. You may claim that Japanese is superior race than all other races on earth, including western races. That would be a truly fundamental difference. Believable or not is a different matter.


Thank you. Your comment is the most enlightened in this discussion. Even in the year 2017, the self proclaimed, "enlighten", and "civilized" populations of the world still hold western imperialistic beliefs. Divide and conquer is the ultimate agenda.

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From whom is China stealing from if no other entities can best the Chinese performance? I am not trying to be argumentative, I want to be enlightened.

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Money is the heart and soul of the Gramy's.

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It is Moody's that deserves a credit rating downgrade. It proves itself woefully incompetent and conceivably criminal for their role in the 2008 housing crash---which is bandaged with even more debt and QE. Moody's has lost all of its credibility and their assessments should be taken with a grain of salt.

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