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Posted in: Japan warns of N Korean IT workers posing as Japanese to earn money See in context

They are more than IT workers, if NK is sending them they should be the ones they trust or they know they will not defect, so i think is not just for the money, they are probably NK spies trying to get inside government networks, tech companies, etc

I'm a developer, there are plenty of work in the tech industry, why one of them was working on a government institution (the Hyogo prefecture )? It's more risky for them and more chances to get caught unless they were explicitly thinking in working in those places (government institutions), which smells something for me.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

Off course, he consulted his lawyer before the conference.

Is he lying? He and his lawyer should know the consequences if he lies and got caught, i don't think he's going to risk being jailed for escalating more the situation.

He's young, rich, achieved a lot in his career, i believe he is innocent, the problem is the person he trusted as a friend was the type of guy that sucks the blood and everything from everyone he got close to

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Posted in: Japan joins others in halting funds for U.N. Palestinian refugee agency See in context

Even a blind person can see what is going on: Hamas leaders = billionaires, UNRWA = one of the world's biggest recipient of donations = no surprise here right? One of the most corrupted organizations on earth! Corruption rampant on that organization, i don't believe that top officials never noticed anything, it smells bad really bad, such level of corruption implicates that not only hamas but ONU officials probably are involved in that scheme, they should check Lazzarini and cia bank accounts and even ask swiss banks for help...what about Gutierrez...all those were reluctant to condemn hamas...maybe now you know why.

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Posted in: Man fatally shot at Starbucks in Ehime Prefecture; suspect at large See in context

There's a good chance he'll turn himself in and claim it was a personal grudge, so as to close the case and keep his boss and gumi free of blame.

They have balls to kill someone in plain daylight, someone at the top rank of the japanese police is probably outraged, after years of making life a misery for the yakuza... looks like some arrogant boss didn't learn the lesson.

If they are able to capture him and link him to any organization, they don't need a confession, under new japanese laws the boss is responsible for any act commited by his troopers.

3 years ago they sentenced Kudo Kai's boss Nomura to death without proof or confession but based on the 'Employers responsability'. In the past the police didn't bother too much if they were killing each other only when civilians got caught in the middle but it changed some years ago because of the boldness of them

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Posted in: Japan to begin living support program for war zone evacuees in April See in context

Can't they find a job like everyone else! Lots of factory jobs and farm work available! Or is that too low for them!

Do you know their situation? Do you have fathers, sons killed or in combat? What about their kids? Explain to them they should learn to live without their fathers, brothers in a very different country, without understanding japanese, kanjis...so for you they should move to the country side or to a city full of factories but them do you think they'll be able to find the school for the kids, kindergarden for the little ones, and do you think the government agencies will travel all around japan to reach then when they need help or every week to meet them? If everything was so easy like you said, then i should have did what you said instead of commuting 3 hours/day during more than 10 years just to earn some money, yes i know i should have moved to the country side but no, i hate agrotoxics or searched for a town full of factories, maybe moved to china and applied for a job building iphones there...

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Posted in: Japan asks Iran to talk to Hamas and try to calm tensions with Israel See in context

Kids in Palestine and other arab nations are "educated" to hate israel since they are born, that's why you see them "celebrating" the barabaric killing of israeli civilians all around the world. They were "celebrating" like they had just win the world cup...hamas are just iran puppets being used for their own purposes, yet i think the ayatollah national rating has just increased after all the bad thing happening now in gaza, he is probably very, very happy now, israel was getting a foot on many arab nations and they put a stop on this

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Posted in: Japan’s super tight jobs market fails to deliver egalitarian promise See in context

Japan needs to at least double its minimum wage..

The first thing i learned (after trying to understand how the economy works) was that raising wages will cause inflation, prices will go up and it was something the government tried to do to solve years of stagnation and deflation on Japan's internal economy. This will not solve the problems many countries are facing due to adjustments at the global industrialization level

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Posted in: Gov't to shorten quarantine period for vaccinated travelers See in context

So what's the point of vaccination if you still need to quarantine?

It's because vaccines are not 100% effective, you are at risk of being infected and or transmiting to others even if you had taken the 2 doses

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Posted in: Tokyo protests S Korean court order to sell assets for WWII compensation See in context

Politics! They know that in order to save their asses the most efficient way is to foment the irrational nationalists (they'll do a good job for you) and go to war against another country. Bush, Thatcher and so many others did exactly that and they were very successfull politizing on nationalism to save their asses

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Posted in: Putin calls absence of Russia-Japan peace treaty 'nonsense' See in context


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Posted in: Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan may change China's strategy toward Japan See in context

Other than the Taiwan issue, Japan and China have not much issues.

Really? Glad to hear that Japan and China have sorted out the thousands of trademark / copyright lawsuits against chinese companies and the hundreds of chinese students with visas being revoked (was that some kind of spy conspiracy theory?)

The Taliban should storm Kabul airport and take the imperialists captive.

They could try but if they do it won't take less than 5 mins for the navy to launch laser guided missiles into the most probable building concentrating taliban senior leaders and fighter jets, helicopters to reach Kabul and empty their machine guns on taliban fighters, no american soldier will be willingly to be taken alive so they will fight until the end, there are more than 5000 there, much of Kabul probably will be destroyed

Think about the taliban, why they are fighting so long to take control of Afghanistan? the only reason i think is that they think like isis, they want to take control and apply their radical religion on ANY PLACE not just Afghanistan, Afghanistan will be the their sanctuary to plan, forge alliances with other radical groups and expand beyond that, think again why they continue fighting for so long? They could have stopped the fight, lived whatever they wanted and follow their radical religion, they won't stop until the entire region follows their sick, stupid, brainwashed and irrational radicalism and about the Uighurs, the taliban (and any other radical religion: ultra orthodox jewish, christians etc) for them every other religion that is not radical is not considered "pure" that's why they don't care about what the chinese is doing with them

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Posted in: Mother of late 'Terrace House' star sues man over hateful posts See in context

Reckless.... agreed, a jerk, a loser, many things but a criminal?

Bad taste and offending others shouldn't be a crime. Where do you set the bar?

Well, there are violent crimes and non violent crimes, on this case it caused pain to someone. Offending people in public causes a lot of pain and they find themselves unable to do something about, are you saying that the mother should cry alone and accept the humilliation? I know 2 kids who stop going to school because some jerks started bullying / humiliating them in public, what can they do? There should be laws to protect them from those jerks and offending people in public should be treated as a crime

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Posted in: 5G iPhone expected to star at Apple event See in context

Apple remains the most expensive company on Wall Street, where it ended the formal trading session Friday with a value of $2.03 billion, based on its share price.

Well, we should forgive the writer for getting the numbers wrong, 1 trillion and 998 billions wrong!! some years ago and nobody would ever think about a trillion dollar company much less 2 trillions!!

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Posted in: Takeda-led COVID-19 plasma treatment enters clinical trial with first patient See in context

Thanks, God for those foreign executives in Takeda getting rid of over-the-counter pharmas and other unwanted assets. Stereotypical for Japanese companies, and hilariously inefficient plus unprofitable

Yeah, i don't know which one is worse, many american companies (and their made in america) products are reaching rock bottom in terms of quality: boeing, harley, gibson, dodge, jeep...and talking about american health, american pharma...probably i'm not going to trust medical companies controlled by greedy-american-pharma-executives

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Posted in: China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations See in context

If Kim Jong-un released a video sharing app, will you install it on your devices and allow it to access "some" of your private information? Off course not, why trust bytedance? ("a company that has an internal committee of the Chinese Communist Party as well as strategic partnership with Chinese Communist Party supported ventures" quoted from wikipedia)

There are hundreds if not thousands of people spying for the CCP, the americans catch some of them, the japanese, oh well not doing a good job, but being a spy or operating a network of them is not easy, but what if they could spy on the entire world without all that hassle? The answer is Tik Tok and some others that weren't busted yet.

When they started advertising TikTok on the japanese media, the first thing i thought was that Google or some big company was behind it because they were spending like 100 million or more of USD / month to air commercials on most of the big tv channels in Japan, it was really massive, more than softbank, samsung, google and apple commercials combined, off course it is going to be a big app, imagine how much money they spend internationally at that massive marketing scale, not impressed if the CCP was behind it

And for the ones that don't know what a malware is, it steals data, voice, video without you even knowing, don't think the app will only get the data that you allowed it to access, if it find a loophole it will get everything it can grab

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

The implication is this: the virus has been here since OCt and we were living our lives the way we always do until the fear took out our common sense because of the so called experts GROUP THINK. There is nothing to fear but fear itself

I am 65 with ashtma, had a heart surgery two years ago, tell me i'll be ok if i got the virus. There are more than 600.000 deaths and i'll saw how some of them died, tell me i should have no fear of the virus and fear to die like them

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

In my opinion, this coronavirus has mutated into less virulent form but it spreads faster and easier. The lack of visible symptom is well alarming. But then it became just a common cold just like most corona virus has become

You are being a little simplistic, the scientists that analyzed the virus had discovered that it has mutated yes but there are dozens of them not just one (the one that only causes cold like symptoms). There are still people without conditions being hospitalized in extreme conditions, so i assume they got a very aggressive mutation or a less fatal mutation that didn't go well with something in his body

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

The press was told by the finance ministry the economy must go on and well that should mean Japan's economy must be a little fragile. Tokyo alone spend hundreds of millions just for the olympics they have no money so i think they are trying to work out how to keep the economy running and tactically fight the virus on their hotspot, but i think it's not working, they will continue until the hospitals became like horror movies and dozens of people start to die only by that they will close all but non essential services then when the situation normalizes they will open again, then close again...sincerely i don't think the government are that wrong but they are acting very slow, they should act faster, take decisions faster otherwise it will be more and more difficult to control the spread

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

Who goes to a host/hostess club during a pandemic? Use some common sense people!!

Like you said, people without common sense

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 5,000 spectators at sporting events See in context

Oh well, they will politely ask everyone to not scream, not talk too loud, keep a distance of 1 or 1.5 meters, i'm not sure if they will remember that after the second beer, the first homerun...

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Are they actually tracing all the cases?

Think about the pressure around Koike everyday and think about how angry she will be if his cabinet do a poor job or something that humiliates or lower his credibility...

The number of cases in Tokyo as a whole "has risen recently", so is it necessary to single out nightclubs?

Everytime they announce the numbers, they mention the percentage of known routes and unknown routes, most of the times the known routes are more than 40% and most of them traced from the nightclubs with the average age between 20 - 40 years old, the nightclubs are the most known source (clusters) but because the number of infected are lower than 100 per club i think they think they can contain it's spread without ordering them to close the doors...like drunk / happy people are able to refrain themselves...

About the unknown routes i presume they have a record of all the most probable possibilites, trains, restaurants, shops, buses etc..

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Posted in: Abe ends state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo; Tokyo's may be lifted Monday See in context

"whether new infections have fallen below 0.5 per 100,000"

Which numbers they are going to count? They know that the number of people they are testing is not enough if very small, who they think they are fooling?

They want to restart the economy, ok but don't put on people's mind the idea that the we can go back to our normal lifes, doing that at this time will make life for the elderly, the pregnant and the ones with health problems a real misery

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 23 new coronavirus cases; number below 100 for 5th day in row See in context

Most companies were closed until yesterday (Golden Week holiday in Japan), so fewer people riding trains, subways = fewer cases. Starting today the number of people riding the trains, subways have increased more than before the GW holiday, so the cases will go up again on the next two or three weeks

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Posted in: Turkey charges pilots, 3 others, over Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

"I can't think of any other reason why Turkey is so invested in this"

Well, think about what they did ( land a plane in Turkey with false documents ) and imagine you are the "powerful" Erdogan...all the press coverage on Turkey / Lebanon, all the people asking how Carlos Ghosn was able to do it under Erdogan's nose. Ghosn didn't just humiliated the japanese police they showed how easy was to do whatever they wanted under Turkey's security vigillance then you will understand why they are going really harsh with everybody involved

Just my 2 cents

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