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Posted in: Kishida's gamble to oust powerful LDP faction may plague gov't See in context

Club penguin

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Posted in: What’s in vogue now is ‘kape’ (the Korean word for cafe). Cafes are popping up one after another in locations where houses used to stand. See in context

Trends never really last long in japan. Remember the boba craze from 2018 ? Just one year layer most of the shops had closed down again.

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Posted in: New island off Japan may not last long, say experts See in context

It already has a mascot

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, 2nd in line to throne, turns 17 See in context

happy birthday

I feel sorry for him. Caught in a golden cage. Unable to live the life of a normal 17 year old teenager.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy wakes up to find his parents dead in the house See in context

Any precedent to suggest this is true, or are you just hating on Japan in a general non-specific manner?

I don’t hate on it

but it is no secret mental illness/ mental health care is still stigmatised in japan. He might not get the help he needs.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy wakes up to find his parents dead in the house See in context

That's a trauma for live.

The boy won't overcome it without professional help.

Unfortunately this is japan. He will be told to suck it up and go on with his life.

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Posted in: What are some scenic sites or nature spots in Japan that you had long heard about, but disappointed you when you saw them for the first time? See in context

Nagasaki peace park

Overcrowded with noisy, rowdy chinese tourists ( one kid peed into the fountain)

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Posted in: Y2K fashion has taken over ... and Gen Z is loving it See in context

As a person who lived through all the horrible 2000s fashion trends , I’m glad I don’t have to do it again ;)

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Posted in: Japanese people have a deep-rooted belief that we should atone for our own sins, so plea bargaining is unlikely to increase very much. See in context

Not atoning for sins/ only pretending to

Entry requirement to become a member of the LDP or any other political party

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Posted in: Soup Stock Tokyo now offering free food for babies; sparks debate online See in context

If I wanted to hear screaming kids I'd eat at home.

Don’t worry. In the coming years less and less babies will be born and you can slurp your soup in peaceful silence

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Posted in: Nootbaar's pepper grinder move unwelcome in Japan high school tourney See in context

 “We should be thinking more about how children can freely enjoy baseball.”

Japanese kids are not allowed to have fun. They are drilled from early age on to become loyal and dutifull company drones lol

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Posted in: BOJ chief nominee sticking to familiar playbook, at least for now See in context

This picture represents the Japanese government in a whole. Old and dusty.

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Posted in: The dwindling birthrate and aging of the population are gradually progressing in Okinawa. We will be closely watching the figures to determine if the natural decline is temporary. See in context

We will be closely watching the figures to determine if the natural decline is temporary.

“We will hold many useless meetings to determine the cause”

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Posted in: 'Happy Science' cult leader Okawa dies at 66 See in context

I once had a meeting with one of his female recruiters. I was asked if I wanted to see a beautiful temple. Finally after half an hour I was able to shake her off ( or so I thought ) but the lady kept on following me until I escaped into the catacombs of ikebukuro station.

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Posted in: Why is R&B music more explicit than ever? It’s complicated. See in context

R&B music has always been explicit. But back then it was more hidden between the lines and less obvious.

Soul music was not only entertaining,but it was a rhythm to black liberation,that gave Black courage to throw off their shackles of oppression,

I agree. For black people music has always played an important role. It was a way to pass hidden information ( field hollers, work songs ) and encourage each other to keep on fighting for freedom.

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

I’ve seen the video and it’s obvious the guy has some form of mental illness. Which of course does not excuse his behavior.

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Posted in: We will give full support to people who are willing to get retraining during child care leave and other circumstances. See in context

Has he ever spend time with a baby ? It’s hard to get anything done if you have to care for a newborn. You can count yourself lucky if you get more than a few hours of sleep.

And again it shows how out of touch Kishida is with reality.

Most people who go on child care leave do it to spend time with their kid and not to acquire an additional degree.

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Posted in: Families moving out of Tokyo to get up to ¥1 mil per child See in context

The government is so completely out of touch with people

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Posted in: Kishida weighs replacing some ministers as support stays flat See in context

Just replace everyone over 60. The cabinet needs young people instead of drowsy showa ojajis

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

A well deserved win ! As a german I am not surprised at all. Our team plays unmotivated, sluggish soccer. No wonder we call them „ Gurkentruppe“

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Posted in: String of ministerial changes may prod Kishida to reshuffle cabinet See in context

let the old jiji shuffle begin. It’s like the Yamanote line. Always going in a circle.

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Posted in: Mandarake used bookstore branches banned from selling adult entertainment items for 180 days See in context

In 2021 and 2022 Mandarake was found to have sold six books containing “obscene material,” the sale of which is prohibited by law,

Prohibited by law but still you can find and buy porn magazines in conbinis and bookstores.

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Posted in: Now that foreign tourists are back in Japan, what will they be buying? See in context

In my case , Doujinshi , BL manga and anime merchandise

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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

It seems the young generation is ready to change things. If only the same would apply to the government.

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Posted in: Do you know anyone who joined a cult and if so, what happened to them? See in context

For me , all religions are some sort of cult. I was baptised against my will when I was 8 years old.

My mother converted to Islam for her second husband. After a few weeks she realised what a mistake that was.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet to boost public support See in context

The new showa era cabinet looks promising.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief Kishi may be replaced in Cabinet due to Unification Church links See in context

Even if you drain the swamp and replace the dirty brew with fresh water it won’t take long until it becomes muddy again

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

This is a breeding ground for Legionellosis

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

politics in a nutshell

It seems the japanese politicians are especially prone to bribery.

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