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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

It seems the young generation is ready to change things. If only the same would apply to the government.

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Posted in: Do you know anyone who joined a cult and if so, what happened to them? See in context

For me , all religions are some sort of cult. I was baptised against my will when I was 8 years old.

My mother converted to Islam for her second husband. After a few weeks she realised what a mistake that was.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet to boost public support See in context

The new showa era cabinet looks promising.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief Kishi may be replaced in Cabinet due to Unification Church links See in context

Even if you drain the swamp and replace the dirty brew with fresh water it won’t take long until it becomes muddy again

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Posted in: Misty metro hop See in context

This is a breeding ground for Legionellosis

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

politics in a nutshell

It seems the japanese politicians are especially prone to bribery.

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Posted in: Japanese junior high school girl removed from class for three days for grooming her eyebrows See in context

Every attempt to develop your own personality will be nipped in the bud.

Office drones who blindly follow the rules are easier to control.

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

Make it as difficult as possible to come, that’s the big plan. Then nobody comes!

Exactly !

The whole thing is more illusion than reality. Like so many things in japan.

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

This might be a thing for first time visitors but not for someone who already has seen most of the tourist stuff.

They should make the tourists wear bells , ( like lepers) so locals will be able to flee in time .

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

There is no guarantee you will able to visit shops and restaurants. As soon as they find out you are a tourist you will be barred from entering.

“Sorry we are full“

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Posted in: Never mind New York City: For Mako and Kei, there's no place like home See in context

Having a big sister around could be expected provide Prince Hisahito, who is in second line to the throne after his father, with psychological support

She has her own life and surely doesn’t want to play babysitter for her little brother.

And as long as Mako is living peacefully in Japan under her family's watchful eyes, she can devote herself to various duties with peace of mind."

I guess thats why she left japan in the first place.

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Posted in: Investigators raid Hokkaido tour boat company's office after sinking See in context

I bet Katsurada has never operated a boat himself. If he was an experienced captain he knew how fast the weather can change.

We went on a tour to Gunkanjima and the weather changed within five minutes from sunny to heavy downpour and high waves.

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Posted in: Japan to lift COVID nonresident foreigner entry ban for 106 nations; tourists still barred See in context

A friend who lives in japan told me, the japanese people are quite happy about the tourist ban. They don’t want them to return. Especially in Kyoto.

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

Good luck !

The first day of becoming an overworked corporate slave

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Posted in: A person you know at work, whom you would never think of as a love interest, may become a lover because of the uncertainties in the COVID-19 pandemic. See in context

Lots of young women dream of marrying a salaryman in one of the trading houses, etc.

A husband who is chronically overworked and barely at home. Sounds like the marriage of dreams. But whatever floats your boat.

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Posted in: TVs that don’t show TV programs selling out fast in Japan See in context

Well, I’m not surprised. Japanese Tv is rubbish. Food shows , people watching other people eat , talentless talentos and lots of ehhhhhh and oishiiiiiii

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Ikebukuro is looking very different, and also pretty sad, these days See in context

More and more are landmarks disappearing. Lumine EST in shinjuku will also be gone soon. As an anime fan I hope they don’t plan to tear down otome road. I have many fond memories of this place.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will consider easing COVID border controls See in context

So nothing will change then.

„I will consider“ is the Japanese way to say I won’t do it

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Posted in: WHO staff accuse Japanese director of racist, abusive behavior See in context

a culture of systemic bullying and public ridiculing"

bullying is so deeply ingrained into the japanese culture , it’s almost impossible to get rid off

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to school girl admits to at least 50 similar offenses See in context

Is this a serious question?

It is. I asked because it would be interesting to know how a certainly fetish develops.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to school girl admits to at least 50 similar offenses See in context

What is it about Japanese men and school uniforms ? Can somebody explain this to me. Where does this fetish come from ?

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Posted in: Japan faces royal dilemma as ancient monarchy shrinks See in context

Officials are brainstorming possible solutions 

We all know how effective japanese brainstorming is

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Posted in: Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks See in context

Only in japan

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Posted in: Japan’s most annoying train habits: Passengers reveal the things that irk them most See in context

if you live in Osaka , you witness these train habits on a daily basis

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Posted in: It's official: Science says grannies are good for you See in context

Depends on the granny. Unfortunately not all grandmothers are loving and caring.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

Great they’ll be able to escape this pressure cooker country and it’s stiff and rigid morals

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