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Posted in: Gamba striker Patric says he was racially abused by Urawa fan See in context

Skin color is just Nature's way of painting a rainbow of DNA and melatonin/ melalin (the genes which directed skin color for protection from the hot sun in hot climates millions of years ago ). We were all once painted black. Racism is sickness of light skinned people in modern times. Japanese just ape the color conscious western world. You never hear black fans taunting white men. There is a tragic sickness that is in the air now over race and skin color. Blood is red. We are one race, the human race. Yes or no?

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Posted in: Pachinko is ‘recreation for morons,’ magazine claims See in context

Pachinko halls are still popular in Taiwan, usually run by gangsters here.

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Posted in: Japan misunderstood: 3 stereotypes that live on See in context

Wow, this author Chavez seems to be in the throes of the Stockholm syndrome.

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Posted in: Miss Canada lashes out at Beijing after contest snub See in context

In related news this week, a Taiwanese beauty queen for an Intl pageant in Europe who insisted that her sash on stage and wire photos read "ROC Taiwan" was kicked out of competing due to pressure from communist China who insisted her sash read "Chinese Taipei." The strong willed young woman, 22, refused to give in to China's demand and was booted out. China must pay someday for its thuggery!

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Posted in: Whaling film 'In the Heart of the Sea' becomes 'The Battle with the White Whale' for Japanese release See in context

Lost in translation, that's all. At least the movie wasn't banned or the dialog rewritten or edited. This movie will change Japanese attitudes to whales! Watch.

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Posted in: Boats with decomposed bodies recently found drifting off Japan See in context

@nessie -- AFP is a French news agency with reports worldwide in French, English and Spanish. It is not anti-Japan. It is merely in this case following its own editorial style guidelines. No bias intended.

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Posted in: Babies crawl and bawl to finish line in race See in context

Kurisupisu, a bit but not as bad as the sumo event where little ones are to cry in an outdoor ring ...made to cry. I hate that side of the culture.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

@strangerland , good point re lamen but if the first script is transliterated usually as a r and therefore ramen...wait a sec, Sensei. So the same character is used to write the hiragana katagana for "London" and "Lincoln" (usa prez) and "lover" and "Louisiana" and "Los Angeles" and Larry of the Three Stooges so that character is more often transliterated as an L. Ramen is the wrong transportation and the wrong way to say. There is a lament shop in NYC called Tokyo Lamen on the store sign. Google it. The Western world got hoodwinked by the ramen mis-transliteration. It happed after the war around 1950. I want to change it to lamen. Is it too late? Who's with me on this? Dish!

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

Japanese co-workers I worked with often came over to my desk and said "have you eaten yet" and I couldn't understand why they wanted to know if I had or not eaten yet when they weren't even talking about lunch break or dinner time. Gohan desu my eye! In taiwan people ask you "hey hi polar cities, where are you going" in English and I wonder what business is it of theirs where I Am going? What they really mean when said in Chinese is "hey how ya doing nice to see you,sir."

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Posted in: Green campaigner readies to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

Gabatte eco-swimmer francais! the French are good at this!

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Posted in: Former sumo stablemaster acknowledges beating assistant See in context

Is he possibly yakuza? Do yakuza exert any influence (or flatulence) on sumo these days? Sumo do, sumo don't.

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Posted in: Trio grab Y75 mil in jewelry in Harry Winston store heist See in context

Most likely citizens of an eastern European nation. We will know when they are caught, if ever they are nabbed.

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Posted in: Trio grab Y75 mil in jewelry in Harry Winston store heist See in context

Caucasians? That is a huge category of nationalities. We shall "see."

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Posted in: University student arrested for throwing eggs from condo balcony See in context

He was eggxactly and eggspecially destined for this eggspree.

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Posted in: Global warming: What if we do nothing? See in context

We ARE doomed I do believe but not for another 30 generations. 500 years. This will all play out slowly, glacially. But we can start planning now. I am not optimistic for the long run. But hopeful for current days and next 28 generations.

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Posted in: DPJ apologizes for calling Japanese Communist Party 'termite' See in context

It kinda makes one wonder about kind of people who go into politics as opposed ,say , with people who go into making movies or writing novels or doing science research or becoming college professors. What makes pols tick?

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Posted in: DPJ apologizes for calling Japanese Communist Party 'termite' See in context

So shiroari means white ants?

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Posted in: Australian court fines Japanese whaling company $1 mil for contempt See in context

Whaling, ianfu, EK, JK, it never ends. C.w.nicol was right in 2014....

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Posted in: Homeless guys happy to 'rent' themselves out See in context

Those are not true stories. Come on! Weekly Playboy?

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Posted in: Man found dead with head in plastic bag, face mutilated See in context

The son did it. Of course. Grisly.

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Posted in: Japanese band’s music video is like a psychedelic sushi nightmare See in context

Auto tuned. Terrible song. Childish animation. Sophomoric lyrics. Not oishi at all. Total fail.

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Posted in: Man arrested after hiding in drain to peep up skirts See in context

Fetishes are for fetishizing fethishists who lack a knack for slacking off in a more shivilized way. This guy has seen better days.

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Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex See in context

I "dated" several enjo kosai women in the 1990s in Tokyo, not for sex, we did not "do" anything in the love hotel I rented on a kukei basis, but I did this work for research for a book on Japan, and wow, these women 18 to 25 are really part of an amazing subculture. Sad. Yet they seem happy. I met them at hostess clubs in Kabukicho and they agreed to meet me later in the week for outside "dates." I paid. Research well spent. Very few reporters actually know what is going on and certainly not UN researchers.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

The difference with the German apology is that it was uttered by non-hitler postwar administration for war crimes of nazis. With japan, the ldp is just imperial japan under a new name but ideology as before. In Germany everything changed. Hitler was dead. In japan nothing has changed. There's the rub.

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Posted in: Review: George Takei's musical 'Allegiance' is heavy-handed missed chance See in context

The "review" by Mark Kennedy was unduly harsh. Wait until you read reviews by Asian American journalists and drama critics. Will be a different story.

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Posted in: 80-year-old woman conned out of Y15 million in telephone fraud See in context

80 years old is old. Very old. Judgment is one of the things that go . Easy prey for cheats. Logic also goes. Sad story. Hopefully using cctv cameras they will nab these people.

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Posted in: Trump says rival Carson needs to explain recollections See in context

kurobune, thanks for mentioning his name. Yes, Cain and Carson, two eccentric brilliant GOP POTUS wannabes.

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Posted in: Trump says rival Carson needs to explain recollections See in context

Ben Carson is sad to say a tragic example of a smart man who has been brainwashed by his belief structure. A good man. Let him be. Will go away. I loved his bio movie "gifted hands"

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy dies after inhaling lighter gas See in context

Such a sad news story.RIP young man.

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Posted in: What do you think about the way English is used in the branding and marketing of products in Japan? See in context

English in branding and logos and marketing in Japan is merely intended to be "decorative"and fun. To the Japanese consumer, it is just background noise and never taken literally or even read for that matter. Decorative English is all it is meant to be. It is not created for Westerners. Pocari Sweat?

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