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Posted in: Trump argues First Amendment protects him from 'insurrection' cases aimed at keeping him off ballot See in context

So, like political bribery money, insurrection is now protected under the first amendment! His current lawyers (who will never get paid) are as twisted as he is.

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Posted in: Japan has seen ballooning costs for elderly care with not enough young people to fill jobs and pay for various social and welfare programs. How would you recommend the government deal with this issue? See in context

Failing that, immigration is the only solution. Deep societal divisions between women and dinosaurs can’t be addressed in the next several generations.

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Posted in: Japan has seen ballooning costs for elderly care with not enough young people to fill jobs and pay for various social and welfare programs. How would you recommend the government deal with this issue? See in context

We need more slogans and committees set up to discuss how to best throw money at the problem. We need more elites in expensive suits who have no idea about normal society to make decisions about things they don’t know nor care about. And slogans.

If lots more money is thrown at campaigns to make babies, then everything should be ok, surely. Come on people, we can’t get these balls rolling until we get a catchy slogan, onat includes the word ‘woman’ in it.

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Posted in: White House to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention, sources say See in context

Can’t watch any movie from America that doesn’t have guns as the tool for solving problems. (Full disclosure: haven’t seen Barbie or Opp, but I’m sure there are guns present in both of them). Guns are in that country’s DNA. Violence too. Good luck with this, it’s a start, but an uphill battle.

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Posted in: India tells citizens in Canada to exercise caution as relations worsen See in context

Given the deteriorating security environment in Canada,

he’s a piece of work, playing the victim, grossly exaggerating or even inventing justifications for his authoritarianism is his MO.

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Posted in: Japanese politician Super Crazy Kun arrested on sexual assault charges See in context

But his reputaton is still damaged by the arrest and it never goes away.


are you serious? His reputation as a troll and serial pest might get damaged?! This oxygen thief deserves whatever he gets.

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Posted in: French schools send dozens of girls home for wearing Muslim robes See in context

Look at all you “I’m not racist, but …” supporters of intolerance.

God forbid if your Mike Brady haircut, temple garment, long sleeved dresses, are refused entry somewhere. Imagine the uproar!!

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Posted in: Kishida starts 7-day trip to Indonesia, India for ASEAN, G20 talks See in context

Gee, his passport must be getting full.

But I think it shows a willingness to look outside Japan and to accept opportunities that exist in closer relationships with other countries, rather than the elitist, exclusionist, jingoistic and myopic attitudes of past prime ministers.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel proposes introducing joint custody after divorce See in context

It certainly is a step towards the 21st century, but I can’t help thinking that it won’t stop women from choosing to erase the father from their child’s life, and may even lead to abductions and worse.

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Posted in: Japan eyes aid for fisheries hit by China's seafood import ban See in context

Talk about an own goal!

All those Johnny Pencil-Pushers, all those Poindexters, all those egghead desk jockeys preparing for this event with such a massive global media attention, and they didn’t take the neighbours’ potential reactions into account?!

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Posted in: Japan to require day nurseries, schools to block sex offenders from jobs See in context

Slowly dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

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Posted in: Portrayals of duality: 'Hafu' in the media and popular culture See in context

I hate this word ‘half’. It indicates that only the half that is Japanese counts, and the other ‘half’ isn’t important.

I regularly slip in “mix” whenever locals comment on my ‘half’ daughter.

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Posted in: Number of teachers quitting for mental health reasons hits record high in Japan See in context

@BertieWooster exactly. In an ideal Japan, that is exactly what is needed. But this is not ideal Japan, “here is Japan”.

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Posted in: Number of teachers quitting for mental health reasons hits record high in Japan See in context

Why does @sakurasuki consistently get voted down for making salient, cogent points and observations?! Is it because their English isn’t ‘perfect’?

Indeed, teachers here, especially elementary school teachers, are forced to take on so many extra responsibilities including disciplining the children of lazy parents, dealing with those same parents’ complaints that they have disciplined their undisciplined children, that of course they will burn out. And for what? A pay packet that can’t even support a single income family.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s 'Kingdom Hearts' video game figure See in context

Stop the presses!

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Posted in: What are some examples of “they don’t make films or TV shows like this anymore?” See in context

F-Troop, Get Smart, Aunty Jack, Alvin Purple, The Goodies.

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Posted in: Japan traffic accident deaths up in Jan-June for 1st rise in 10 years See in context

Total disregard of speed limits, seat belt laws, and red lights is coming home to roost.

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Posted in: Fujitsu deploys AI customer service solution for field trials at supermarket chain in Japan See in context

The appeal for this kind of future lies purely with the retailers, eager to be rid of human staff and all the baggage that they require. Customer service then disappears (hello DAISO), and the benefits go up to the board rooms and shareholders.

Meanwhile, their target demographics are the next generations who are kids now, who see this as normal.

Remember when petrol stations were staffed by skilled people who knew about car maintenance? Thing of the past. Just like customer service will one day be.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Aso to visit Taiwan next week as ruling LDP vice head See in context

Please, please don’t let him open his mouth while he’s there.

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Posted in: Trump charged over efforts to overturn 2020 election See in context

I’m amused as Trump will just fundraise another 50 million and take the lead over Biden in the next NY Times poll instead of being tied.

that’s it, bilk the rubes out of their money, throw it around, burn it, because it’s all about the millions.

@Blacklabel this 3rd indictment is the best thing to happen in your ridiculous clown politics since the Mango Mussolini was kicked to the kerb.

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Posted in: Police officer drunk driving cases in Japan up over 2-fold for Jan-June See in context

The police are supposed to lead by example in communities. They certainly do here: nobody gives a toss about red traffic lights, let alone the amber ones; seat belts?! Phh! Public drunkenness and ‘public nuisance’ crimes…

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Posted in: The United States would find it nearly impossible to respond promptly and effectively to Chinese aggression against Taiwan without being able to call on U.S. forces and its facilities in Japan. See in context

I don’t believe that the US could respond efficiently anyway, regardless of where they have troops based. For all their posturing, all their war worshipping movies, all their money spent on their military, they totally screwed up Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Can’t be trusted.

I think it was Churchill who said that you can always count on America to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.

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Posted in: Musk wants to turn tweets into 'Xs,' but changing language is not quite so simple See in context

This ridiculous nonsense just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. What a moran!

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store Lawson unveils new type of egg sandwich See in context

Stop the presses!

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Posted in: U.S. sets grim milestone with new record for deadliest six months of mass killings See in context

I just watched a compilation of movie trailers of soon to be released movies on YouTube. Most of them featured gun worship, gun violence, solving problems by gun/violence, massive amounts of gun related violence. All from a war-mongering country. Correlation? Believe it.

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Posted in: U.S. citizenship test changes are coming, raising concerns for those with low English skills See in context

Gotta have questions about war, one of America’s biggest exports.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite getaway spots in Japan to escape the heat? See in context

Frozen foods aisle at MaxValue

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules for a designer who doesn't want to make wedding websites for gay couples See in context

Great use of supreme power. Opus Dei, yay yay yay!! (Where’s the vomit emoji?)

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Posted in: Wagner chief vows to 'stop' Russia after alleged attack on forces See in context

How’s the irony dripping from that photo?! Brutal immoral thug leader flashing a pi55-weak peace sign.

Glad he’s going to bring about the downfall of pig putin though.

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Posted in: ¥500,000 box of cherries See in context

This fetishisation of fruit here makes me sick.

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