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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context


nice ‘democracy’ you got there! (°_°)

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

What’s the bet the vast majority of punters here arguing back n forth about whether mail in voting is valid/possible/impossible/etc are white.

Black and brown folk in US have experienced voter suppression for ages! In your so called ‘democracy’, every election is rigged, every vote (especially if you’re brown or black, bc they will mostly vote blue) is in danger of being thrown out.

Your ‘democratic’ voting system is one of the worst in the world!! Tuesday?!?!

And this tinpot dictator has bust the scam wide open, he doesn’t even feel the need to dog whistle any more, he just announces the next illegal/immoral/unconstitutional thing he wants to do, and ‘ya’ll’ just go into a lather about it!

Pffft... better off without ya’ll

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

Keep safe Agnes, we need more voices like yours.

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

Part of the reason he chose her was chemistry. And yes, she viciously attacked him during the debates last year on his segregation record, and it was that passion that prob got her over the line. Like all the other choices, indeed, all other politicians, there are skeletons in her closet. But now there’s a team. Go get ‘em!! Depose the tinpot dictator. Can’t wait to see him dragged screaming from the WH “rigged!!!”

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Posted in: Opposition party to split as merger talks hit impasse See in context

The only reason Abe is still in power is that there has been no opposition party to challenge him. Come on!!!! Get yr act together!!!

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Posted in: Abe no longer appears to be indispensable, the only one who can keep Japan safe. Instead, he has appeared indecisive, several steps behind events, and unable to communicate directly with the public. See in context

He’s a calcifying dinosaur, over privileged, with zero interest in how his EMPLOYERS, is tax payers, live, think, survive, die.

Koike will wrestle the job from him in time. She will bring compassion and sense with her.

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Posted in: Trump signs coronavirus relief orders after talks with Congress break down See in context

In a bizarre twist, I actually agree with @Blacklabel. People need this support. Congress is using them as a political football. For once in his life the malignant narcissist has done the right thing. For reasons of the coming election, probably, but the main point is, people need this support, and now.

Regardless, he’ll be shown the door come November.

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Posted in: New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA See in context

Good on her! Finally, a step towards some sanity in that country.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor calls for restraint in travel during Obon holidays See in context

But... but... Go To?!

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Posted in: Neil Young sues Trump campaign, deriding use of famous tunes See in context

So many anti-American yanks here. Hating on Neil Young who has done more for American culture than McDonald’s or coke could ever do (for they are the two most recognisable examples of American culture!!)

This is also just another of too many examples to list of the tone-deafness of political parties. They hear the chorus to ‘Born in the USA’ and it has USA in it, so they steal it and play it. Regardless of the actual content and lyrical point. They hear free world in Neil’s song and that’s all they hear.

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Posted in: 'Pathetic!' -- Trump lashes out at virus coordinator Dr Birx See in context

Pathetic. Sums up the last 4 years under this criminal administration.

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Posted in: Abe stops donning his 'Abenomask' See in context

His ‘3 arrows of economic recovery’ missed the target. His dealing with just one aspect of this crisis (masks, indeed Japan is THE mask country isn’t it??) has been an expensive joke. His Jurassic government’s response generally has been slow, too little too late, and ineffective. Where are the protests? Where is the clamouring for action? Where is the taking to task by the ... ahem, opposition??

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Posted in: Food trucks serving up free hot meals to front-line medical workers See in context

Hooray for humans!

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Posted in: Australia unveils law forcing tech giants to pay for news See in context

It’s a good idea. Someone needs to hold these giants accountable for their monopoly over so called news for the, shall we say, less discerning news consumers.

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Posted in: U.S. forces begin virus testing on all personnel arriving in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Kanye West posts series of rambling late night tweets See in context

Just when we thought that you couldn’t get worse than Trump, along comes this fruitcake.

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Posted in: Gov't rethinks easing crowd limits at events as infections rise See in context

The government will hold a subcommittee meeting in the near future to discuss the pros and cons of easing the crowd limits.

Ah, a subcommittee in the near future to discuss thinking about an actual committee being formed further in the future to further discuss thinking about taking an affirmative action about something that needs to be JUMPED ON NOW!!!

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Posted in: Japan's main opposition leader eager to merge with smaller party See in context

It’s a bit “Peoples Front of Judea” and “Judean Peoples’ Front”

Good luck; otherwise it’s Koike which could be a breath of much need fresh air, or more of the same.

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Posted in: In the open: White House advisers bicker over virus response See in context


in every one of your ‘retorts’ to logic and facts that obviously offend you, you are consistently voted way down in the negative 10s!! Can you see a pattern? Hello?!

Dump thinks he holds no responsibility for the unprecedented number of deaths in US. But he does, and he will pay. And the Republican Party, once the party of William F. Buckley, now the party of Jerry Springer, will also pay dearly for their mishandling of this disaster.

Come November.

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Posted in: Virus cases rise in Arizona, Texas and Florida; Oklahoma governor has coronavirus See in context

@Peter Neil

hang in there man!! Kick against the pricks, avoid all the wrong people, in fact everyone, and keep your head down.

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Posted in: Virus cases rise in Arizona, Texas and Florida; Oklahoma governor has coronavirus See in context


re: getting tired of the same news of increasing numbers.

yes, I agree PLUS I think it even reinforces the lunatic conspiracy nuts that think it’s all a hoax. They see the mainstream media nonstop bleating about the increase of deaths/infections (bad news sells, after all! Who the hell is interested in good news?!) and they feel more justified in their twisted beliefs and conspiracies.

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Posted in: Gov't considers asking nightlife businesses to close to stem virus surge See in context

Hmm, considering forming a think tank to decide on the name of the committee to discuss the possibility of deciding on a timeframe for outlining the wording of a statement suggesting that someone should probably do something.

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Posted in: 30-year-old Texas man dies from virus after attending 'COVID-19 party' See in context

Hey, dig this: @Blacklabel said “any Congressional Democrat or any Democrat city leader could speak out and stop these. They dont and actually encourage and make exceptions for these.”

Of course, all this time I thought it was the fault of idiots, but no, it’s the Democrats’ fault!

Man, you Republicans sure know lotsa stuff.

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Posted in: Florida reports largest, single-day increase in COVID-19 cases in U.S. See in context

Capitalism; where money trumps lives.

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Posted in: Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic See in context

Too little, too late, too right. His no-mask cult followers will be so confused now!!

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Posted in: Supreme Court orders release of Trump records but they may stay hidden for now See in context

@Blacklabel and @bass4funk

you really don’t get it. And in fact bass saying “Trump will fight this” indicates that you know he has something to hide.

Both of you clearly hate America so much you are both aiding and abetting criminal activity purely for partisan ends. You are not patriots, you are partisans. Bad choice.

He has so much dirty laundry to hide, this is a great first step in seeing this criminal get his just desserts.

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Posted in: Despite risks, Trump invests big in attacks on Biden's age See in context

@bass4funk come on man, it’s time dude. Time to stop logging on and trying to defend the indefensible. Trump is nothing but a con man, grifter, charlatan... et bloody cetera.

Him going after Biden like this is typical of his kind of empty bullys@&t.

At best he is a reality tv star, who acted at being a real estate mogul.

If he is your idea of a great president, then your standards have hit rock bottom and you obviously hate your country.

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Posted in: Rapper Kanye West announces 2020 U.S. presidential bid See in context

The West Wing! Nice one.

In any other aeroplane, letting the worst people sit in the pilot’s seat and control the flight would be unthinkable. In this plane the worst of the worst are lining to have a go. Unbecredible.

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Posted in: Have you ever been stopped by Japanese police, and if so, what for? See in context

Had an off duty policeman give me a lift to my car. When I got in the back and put on the seat belt, he turned and said I don’t need it!!! I made the clicking noise as loud as I could.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

So every time this happens - people bullied to the point of suicide - do the bullies, either school or cyber, actually rejoice in their ‘achievement’? Do feel any kind of reflection at the their actions?

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