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Posted in: Whaling season begins See in context

But.. but… it’s for scientific research… isn’t it?

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Posted in: Housekeepers struggle as U.S. hotels ditch daily room cleaning See in context

Yuck!! Their greed for profits means their hotel rooms will be disgusting. Screw you guests, we want more money!

Anyone with an ounce of dignity will not set foot in there.

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Posted in: Kanye West banned from posting on Instagram for 24 hours See in context

Oh no! The back of his wrist is gonna smart for a few seconds.

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Posted in: What do you think is Russian President Vladimir Putin's endgame following the Russian attack on Ukraine? See in context

His end game is a reciprocal deal with China to invade Japan. China from the south, Russia from the north. Lots of old scores to settle. Remember, he even referenced being snubbed by Bill Clinton. I so want to be proved wrong.

Xi is watching the world’s reaction to the Ukraine invasion, sizing up his chance to seize Taiwan. He won’t stop there.

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Posted in: Joe Rogan apologizes for racial slurs after video surfaces See in context

Give me one plausible motive that a private equity firm has in willingly reducing their income by pulling their music from Spotify.

you think the ridiculously tiny amount of money that Spotify gives artists means a damn to a massive private equity firm? They’re probably counting on sales of the artists’ content to pick up in other markets as a result, thereby actually increasing their income. Come on, use your brain man!

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Posted in: U.S. special forces launch raid in Syria; civilians also reported dead See in context

It was deemed a success because no Americans were killed. Women and children died, probably innocent civilians too. More terror from the greatest war mongers the world has seen.

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Posted in: When meeting someone new, try skirting the small talk and digging a little deeper See in context

So, who are you voting for on Sunday? And what side of the bed do you prefer?

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan demands apology for 2 years of abuse See in context

in the process of negotiating a settlement


hope he gets plenty of money

why is it just about money?! Shouldn’t it be about pressing charges against individuals for physical assault, charges against the company for providing an environment for that assault and most likely exploitation of trainees?!

why does throwing money at a problem or issue seem to be the first and often only reaction?!

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Posted in: Quiet reminder See in context

“I’m a foreigner living in Japan and I can’t behave like I do at home! Wah wah!”

simple safety measures to help protect your community, such as masks and distancing and this one, and seppoes lose their bowels!

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Posted in: Mask mandates imposed by governments and employers: Persecution or protection? See in context

Should be a no-brained. You think medical staff wear them for the look??

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Posted in: Tiger attacks 3 workers at Tochigi safari park; one loses hand See in context

Does not bode well for the year of the tiger. Not the negligent staff.

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Posted in: In nation at war with itself, one U.S. town tries cup of civility See in context

The ‘greatest country on earth’. Haha.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested for stabbing son’s friend during drinking party See in context

Societies that don’t worship guns seem to be very stabby. What the hell?! If you pick up a knife to attack another person, you are stepping over a line that separates rationality and murderous intent.

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Posted in: Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported among U.S. forces in Okinawa See in context

Guaranteed the locals are not the slightest mask-averse. As opposed to a possibly large percentage of the Americans who will not wear masks, the least that decent people can do.

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Posted in: Japan chooses to go to the moon See in context

Really?! There aren’t any other wasteful pointless ways to spend our money?!

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict Abe over dinner spending scandal See in context

Japan is just another Asian country when it comes to things like political corruption and driving. Rules are advisory.

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Posted in: Gov't to dispose of unused Abenomasks amid growing costs See in context

the intended purpose (of the cloth masks) has been achieved," 

that purpose being to appear to be addressing the serious issue of a pandemic buying doing the lamest thing possible. In the country of daily mask wearing, regardless of pandemics, the ‘leader’ offers up this travesty, this paragon of ineptitude. Then we pay for the storage of this white elephant. Now we’re paying for the disposal of it. All this does is confirm the fact that politicians are the lowest elements, the least capable, the worst representatives of our society.

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Posted in: Suspect in Osaka clinic fire may have copied animation studio arson See in context

I blame the media (again!) for their ultra detailed explanations of exactly how the suspect did it. With their usual scale models of the crime scene, breathless wall to wall coverage, excavations of every tiniest detail. Not because it’s in the public’s interest, but because bad news sells, and gets eyeballs on screens. Capitalism at its worst

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Posted in: Osaka arson suspect identified; all similar buildings to be inspected See in context

It’s too late to review and change the building lax building codes in the hundreds of thousands of office buildings in Osaka. Go after the developers, designers, etc.

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Posted in: Which is better for the environment: an artificial Christmas tree or a natural one? See in context

Well, it’s neck and neck in this most important of issues.

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Posted in: Japanese tycoon takes off for International Space Station See in context

Blissfully unaware of the real world from which he is escaping momentarily. Guffawing buffoon.

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Posted in: How crowded is Kyoto now without international tourists? See in context

I’ve visited all of these places many times, and observed that 99% of the tourists were locals. I think the reason there aren’t a lot of people in these photos is not just that foreign tourists are not there, but local tourists have refrained from going as well.

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Posted in: Beijing shuts roads, playgrounds amid heavy smog after coal spike See in context

Cop that COP126!!

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of fans celebrate Braves' World Series title See in context

‘World’ Series! What rubbish. Where are the teams from Australia? Brazil? Any European nations represented here?

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Posted in: In the middle of a crisis, Facebook Inc renames itself Meta See in context

First three comments = brilliant, nice work

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Posted in: LDP most popular; nearly 40% of voters undecided ahead of election See in context

You mean, there’s an opposition party?! Who? Where?

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Posted in: 19-year-old suspect in murder of sex worker at hotel to be sent to family court See in context

This waste of breath can vote since 18, therefore, he is no longer a minor. Wake up Japan.

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Posted in: Komeito chief casts doubt on LDP's plan to increase defense spending See in context

Well, I never thought I would ever agree with any Komeito ideas. Sounds like fair thing though

"As the birth rate declines and the population ages, we will need to put more resources toward social security and education," Natsuo Yamaguchi said in a group interview. "The public will not accept it if only defense spending suddenly doubles."

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Posted in: In Japan, parents still must single-handedly shoulder all responsibility for raising children. Our country’s philosophy and basic approach toward child rearing are wrong. See in context

What rubbish. Elementary school teachers do so much heavy lifting. And nursery school teachers for that matter. A lot of the elementary school teachers I know tell me that parents expect them to teach their children everything! And a lot of parents I know are lazy enough to leave the teaching about life aspects to teachers.

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Posted in: Australia wants Facebook held liable for anonymous defamatory comments See in context

And this loser knows all about cowards. He doesn’t want ICAC, because it will expose his inability to lead. Waste of space.

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