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Posted in: Japan's bullet trains host wrestling, dining events in new travel trend See in context

This is just weird.

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Posted in: Trump increasingly directing personal attacks against independent rival Robert F Kennedy Jr See in context

A worm tried to eat his brain!!

I heard it died of starvation.

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Posted in: Yakuza lieutenant arrested in Tokyo for stealing Pokemon cards See in context

Oh grow up!

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party loses all 3 seats in by-elections See in context

But there is no opposition. LDP will survive this because they are the only party in a position to govern, sadly.

meanwhile yes, Kishida is getting more stamps in his passport, but he does seem to be kicking some goals with US. I want to write him off but he has inherited a 5h!tshow seemingly through no fault of his own.

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Posted in: West Bank sees biggest settler rampage since war in Gaza began See in context


exactly. These settler animals only know violence and escalation.

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Posted in: Iran launches drone attack at Israel See in context

America will be on the wrong side of history if they back Israel even more. Rather than trying to mediate, naturally the greatest warmongers want to choose a side. This is Israel’s responsibility, they started it, let them try to finish it (with Iran that is).

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Wow, American discovers another culture. Big news.

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Posted in: LDP punishes 39 members over funds scandal, urging 2 to leave party See in context

Lots of urging, considering, eyeing in Japanese bureaucracy. Just to avoid actually taking a side or making a decision. That’s our taxes getting flushed down their toilet.

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Posted in: Japan tees up Abe's ex-interpreter to help chart course with Trump See in context

Trump only speaks in superlative con artist word salad, so good luck Takao san!

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

A good police force is one that catches more criminals than it employs.

graffiti from my hometown many years ago.

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Posted in: The way forward is to expand domestic investment. See in context

I have played Yamaha drums for my whole life because the hardware was all manufactured in the motorcycle plants. Very strong, well designed.

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Posted in: Is the all-you-can-eat KFC buffet in Tokyo really as good as they say it is? See in context

All you can eat of the worst possible food. How American.

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Posted in: Would a Trump return to the White House after the November election be good news for Japan? See in context

It will be bad news for the whole world.

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Posted in: 'Moshi-Tora' speculates on how Trump's election might impact Japan's economy See in context

Does the ‘esteemed’ professor mean Kamala Harris? As she is the next in line, and Michelle Obama is not even on the same page as any of them. Both women of colour, easy for a Japanese oyaji to get confused I guess.

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Posted in: Universal-TikTok feud ramps up as more songs come down See in context

Sadly, the creative types, those that create the music, the hits, the attached emotional connections etc, are not business minded generally. And so the sharks in suits step in, for they can smell a fortune to be made off the hard work and genius of someone less predatory than them. Hence, Universal. If I had 15 seconds of one of my songs going nuts on TikTok, I would be ecstatic. It only generates interest in the artist, which leads to possible increased sales.

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Posted in: Japan to revise official romanization rules for 1st time in 70 years See in context

How many elementary school students do I have in my eikaiwai who have written their names in Kunrei?! Nearly all! The dumbest idea ever invented, and of course still defended by the dinosaurs who run the bureaucracy here.

Change is coming! Come on oyajis, get the hell with it!

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Posted in: The number of marriages in Japan last year fell below half a million for the first time in 90 years, according to the health ministry. What do you think are some of the reasons for this? See in context

Because for so many ‘men’ here, no real woman will be as perfect as their Hatsune Miku type fantasy virtual anime manga 2D 3D non-real robot imaginary life partners.

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Posted in: Spy row erupts in Australia over 'traitor' politician See in context

Who thinks it’s Morrison? Or Barnaby Joyce?

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Posted in: Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan See in context

Because we’ve never had a leap year before

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Posted in: Kishida apologizes for LDP political funds scandal See in context

Very regrettable. He will do his best from now, I’m sure. (Sucking air through my teeth and tilting my head)

Oh, I hope he bowed deeply. They should fix the problem.

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Posted in: Baseball superstar Ohtani announces marriage to Japanese woman See in context

Gonna be a lot of tears over that news.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving woman’s body on road where she was fatally hit by taxi See in context

Great work flat-feet, a verbal warning for assault, after repeated consultations. They don’t employ the brightest people for the police here.

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Posted in: Russia puts Estonia PM on a wanted list over removal of Soviet-era monuments See in context

Desperate attempt at distraction from the war he is losing, because, like Dump, he is a loser.

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Posted in: New York subway shooting kills one, wounds 5 after brawl erupts on train See in context

Yikes, such a violent place. I will never visit America.

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Posted in: NATO leader says Trump puts allies at risk by saying Russia can 'do whatever the hell they want’ See in context

The irony is excruciating. The delinquent, doesn’t pay his legal expenses, rips off anyone he can. So dumb. America, if you re-elect this evil circus clown again, you deserve him.

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Posted in: Police officer sent to prosecutors for stealing items from two women he was dating See in context

because I was wasting my time eating and drinking with my partner and friends

again, this is the calibre of people who join the force here. Don’t have any idea about your future after you graduate? Join the police. Not qualified enough to become a salaryman? Join the police. Too lazy to put in the ridiculous amount of hours of study at high school/university? Join the police.

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Posted in: 88-year-old peeping Tom arrested for voyeurism at women’s bath at Miyagi inn See in context

Surely this was lifted straight out of Viz.

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Posted in: Maternity, baby emergency supplies lacking in many Japan municipalities See in context

reflecting the effects of an absence of women in official roles.


Some 61.1 percent were found not to have any women in disaster prevention and crisis management departments, according to the study.

because men.

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Posted in: Japan court approves transgender man's request for legal recognition without needing surgery See in context

When TV features endless gay, trans and crossdressing ‘talent’, and social and legislative acceptance is glacial, it screams of the contradictions pulling apart the social fabric in Japan.

Make a decision ffs!

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