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Posted in: Japan, S Korea run with Vietnam coal plant despite climate pledges See in context

As long as so many governments are literally owned by fossil fuel industries around the world, they will always make these kind of decisions, always choose the bad (for the planet and future generations) option, always look at the short term (the next election, donations, etc). Sadly, Japan is no different.

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Posted in: 58-year-old man arrested after beating sister to death at gas station See in context

Mr Kipling

why the hell do you need to know exactly what kind of tool he murdered his sister with??? What possible use would that information be to you?

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Posted in: McConnell puts off vote on $2,000 aid checks; Trump calls Republican leaders 'weak' and 'tired' See in context

Look out yanks, that’s socialism right there that they’re arguing about. Which socialism is better, the $600 socialism, or the $1200 socialism?

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Posted in: Japan to halt special entry for athletes over new virus variants See in context

Just cancel the damn olympics!

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Posted in: Pandemic, celebrity deaths likely trigger rise of suicides in Japan See in context

Being a nation that encourages, nay, expects conformity, will inevitably lead to copycat cases of suicide given the constant reporting of cases in the media. Stop this practice and cases will drop. It’s not brain science.

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Posted in: Virus outbreaks, scandals sap public support for Suga See in context

I’ve been asking for the last couple of months: ‘where’s Suga?!’ He’s literally been absent from his unfortunate role of leader thru this terrible situation. Any thoughts that his non-elite background would make him more in tune with the general population are dashed completely. Blaming the people indeed! What a hide this dinosaur has!

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Posted in: 'He was not on our radar': Authorities search for motive in Nashville blast See in context

I bet the ‘Q’ in his name might be a hint...?

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Posted in: Japan 'extremely behind' in promoting gender equality, gov't admits See in context

It’s a deeply patriarchal society, and it will take a lot more than govt setting goals to change that.

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

I’d rather be in a country where the leadership is visible, proactive and onto the situation. Rather than the tepid requests coming for the ‘leadership’ here. The cases in my town are increasing daily due to a number of factors including complacency among the general populace and lack of strong leadership.

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Posted in: Trump awards Legion of Merit to Abe, PMs of India, Australia See in context

Abe, Modi and Morrison. Two right wing hawks and one accidental flake PM. Good example of ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

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Posted in: Mitsui says human error caused Mauritius oil spill See in context

And Japan should compensate the country for the massive expense in containing and cleaning up the mess and loss of tourism revenue.

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Posted in: Mitsui says human error caused Mauritius oil spill See in context

It’s only a giant tanker with horrendous environmental disaster implications if something goes wrong. Lack of supervision and safety monitoring?! Pfft. Captain should be dragged off the ship in cuffs and dealt with in Mauritius.

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Posted in: California orders thousands of extra body bags as intensive care swamped by COVID See in context

A 9/11 body count daily is predicted for the next 90 days. Trump has hundreds of thousands of deaths on his hands.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

Two things: Firstly, there is no leadership at this time of crisis. Where was Abe, where is Suga with daily, or at least weekly reassurances, encouragements or just plain laying down the law?! Secondly, people here live in a bubble. ‘We are clean people’, even ‘we are Japan, it won’t happen to us’ have both been said to me! They won’t wake up so alas, I’m afraid the country is doomed

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Posted in: Study links Go To Travel campaign to increased COVID-19 symptoms See in context

Ya think?!

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Posted in: Support for Suga's cabinet falls to 50% amid virus resurgence: poll See in context

Because he’s nowhere to be seen! Not reassuring the public that the govt are doing stuff about the pandemic. Not on the TV every few days explaining policies. He’s absent.

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Posted in: Tokyo tourism sector worried as elderly asked not to use travel scheme See in context

Talk about living in a bubble. They’re concerned about the request for elderly to refrain, not at all concerned about the fact that there is a pandemic raging practically unregulated in their cities.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 401 new coronavirus cases See in context

The picture says it all. The grey mice will forever scurry around in their millions, shoulder to shoulder on their way to work. Nothing will change that.

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Posted in: Hokkaido woman arrested for poking holes in 13 expensive melons with finger See in context

I would hazard a guess that she’s protesting against this insane obsession with pricing fruit into the stratosphere here.

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

Ya think?!

that the govmint is pushing the Go To (let’s spread the virus everywhere) campaign shows:

a) they are so out of touch with reality

b) the economy is more important than the health of the nation; and/or

c) both of the above, which makes it criminally wilful.

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Posted in: Georgia hand tally of votes is complete, affirming Biden lead See in context

What a dumb circus. Demahcracy. You have no idea what a real democracy is.

The Republican Party is a fascist organisation and the electoral college is a giant gerrymander machine.

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Posted in: SpaceX capsule with 4 astronauts reaches space station See in context

Humans do it again. Love it!

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Posted in: Pompeo voices confidence for 'second Trump administration;' then softens tone on transition See in context

This Pompeo loon, like these other apocalypse-porn addicts, is eagerly awaiting the rapture. He is literally invested in the end of the world. Nice Secretary of State you got there.

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Posted in: Blowin' in the wind: Lost interviews hold new Dylan insights See in context


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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

Vehicles?! Should be ‘drivers’, vehicles are not autonomous. Yet.

it’s the constant ‘taking your life into your own hands’ feeling I have when driving on or walking near a road here that reminds me that I really live in an Asian country. The complete disregard for the amber, and often red, lights; the backwards law that enables cyclists to swerve all over the road knowing that if you so much as graze them, your in trouble up to your neck; motor scooter riders that ‘wear’ their helmet on the back of their head with unfastened straps flapping; and this. I was nearly cleaned up by a car turning onto the pedestrian crossing (with a green man!) once. He/she had no regard for me or the law.

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context

and furthermore, I repeat, people who support this con man obviously hate their country. That you (you know who you are) can settle for such a low-bar, destructive, third rate con on your whole country, says so much about your low standards.

If you choose to be a partisan over being a patriot, you’ve been had, you’ve been tricked, and you’ve contributed to your country’s downfall.

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context

He’s a boring, predictable moron. This clown idiot’s destructive antics are no longer news, he’s a sideshow.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context


As I was scrolling through this story I was thinking ‘man, these dinosaurs just never give up!’

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Posted in: We ask news organizations not to unnecessarily dig into stories of celebrities' suicides as that can have a strong impact on children and young people. See in context

Australia put the kybosh on suicide reporting years ago. In any reporting of a death of this nature, there is no mention of ‘by his/her own hand’ but there is an included list of phone numbers to call if you are feeling depressed etc.

This is another example of Japan so behind the rest of the developed world.


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Posted in: Japan makes world’s tiniest working Rubik’s Cube See in context


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