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Posted in: Foreign correspondents 'blindly swallowing' anti-Japanese propaganda, writer alleges See in context

When Abe constantly bash china each time that he visit outsite,you all think it's OK。When china fight back on propaganda ,you cry for blame-japan.What a loser!

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

What a hypocritical statements. You acknowledge that the Japanese did wrong things, but you do not believe photos of the deceased. I don't know what about the removed picture,but i want you know that war is cruel,Japan Army is cruel,Unit 731 is cruel.Do you think that Japan would merciful killing Chinese or Korean ? What are wrong things that you admit?

I am Japanese. Here is a stupid Japanese' story. We have moral education at a elementary and junior high school in Japan. I had been taught at school that Japanese did a wholescale slaughter in WW2. Teachers showed many pictures to us, in which, we saw many curel pictures of the dead. I was so shocked and scared to see those. I could not understand how come we Japanese could do such a cruel thing. I had been told at school that we did wrong things especially to Koreans and Chinese. There was a ecuational center called, peace Osaka in my town. There were many cruel pictures which had been told that Japan did. But, recently, many pictures proved to be false, many pictures proved to be false. so, those pictures which were proved to be false were removed. funny points are here. The pictures which we saw and thought that those were too cruel were the pictures Chinese did. It's very difficult for me to explain in English. I mean, china had plotted to create hatred for Japan and made those pictures. so, they used those dead people's pictures and let everyone think that Japanese did. But, for elementary school students, how come can we ascertain that the actors are Japanese or not. Of course,I think we(Japanese) did many wrong things in WW2. We must not forget about that. But, there were some mistakes. We accepted all history and what Koreand and Chinese said. We took it for granted because we did wrong things. But, why has the number of the people Japanese army killed in the Nanjing Massacre been increasing? Why was the number we killed more than the number they had actually lived at that time? we did apologized to those counties for what we did in WW2 so many times. Do you know how much money we compensated to them? Do we have to compensate to them forever? again , we admit that we did wrong things in WW2 but, we came to know the real truth. we cannot tolerate those frame ups including Korean's comfort wowen.

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