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About a year after the start of delivery of Pokemon Go that is application games for smartphones. It has become a tool for middle-aged and elderly people. Some Japanese tourist attractions are the way to attract tourists.

 In Ueno Park in Tokyo was used to be a popular place for fans of the application. The number of players who played the game has become much less than before. Pokemon GO soon became a social phenomenon in Japan.The park filled with people searching for Pokemon. Immediately after the domestic release in last July, the number of players playing games at least once a month was about 11 million in Japan.

 This figure decreased by half in the fall of 2016, and enthusiasm calmed down. In terms of tourism, some municipalities continue to use the application as a means of attracting visitors.

 I also thought that I should try Pokemon GO again on this occasion. Also, since there are Pokemons that is able to not be caught in Japan, I thought that I would like to use it overseas.

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The number of the Japanese visitors in the month of May is estimated to be 2,300,000 people and increases by 21.2% from a year earlier and Japanese are very happy about this increase. 

This inrease makes Japanese easily go to Korea. Because there are a lot of traveleres from Korea who comes to Japan between long leaves of absence mainly.

By country and region, the result is 550,000 in Korea, 510,000 in China, 400,000 in Taiwan, and 180,000 in Hong Kong.For this reason, I realized that there's a lot of Asian foreigners who visit Japan. 

The number of tourists nationwide for the first five months of this year was 11.4 million, an increase of 17.3% compared with last year. So it is expected that more foreign tourists will visit Japan for the 2020 Olympic Games.

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Posted in: Samurai chef serves ramen with a side of history at Sapporo restaurant See in context

Ramen is getting popular over the years. It is recognized not only by locals but also people from the world considered that it is one of the best dish/cuisines in Japan. There are some Ramen shops that are also popular, the reason is that they are really accessible and you can enjoy a casual atmosphere as well. There is a ramen shop named "Ramen Kabuto" where the owner of the shop wanted his staffs/employees to wear a Samurai costume/samurai suit. This shop became popular on the social media and a lot of pictures are being shared online where some customers can have the chance to wear a samurai costume/suit and a lot of people are interested in going there especially foreign people/foreigners. Their creative idea has attracted a lot of locals and foreigners. Even Japanese find it strange, but they like it because this is something cool and they feel like they're back in the time of Samurai period.

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