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Posted in: Netflix starts Japan service See in context

????????????alright love that 980 yen a month . That's cool ????????

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

Japanese are very compassionate & forgiving. It's in embedded in their culture . We hardly find people who show violent reactions to anything . They keep their pain to themselves. That's where the problem lies ..they are not vocal to anything they feel inside , so you would hardly know they are into depression or anything that is not good to the point of taking their own lives .. Just like this 13 year old boy ..

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Posted in: Aging canine nursing home to open in Chiba See in context

Those people who said that dogs should be put down when they are old are those people who had not experienced being loved by a Dog or a Cat . Dogs or cats don't pretend when they love someone , human does . That's the difference , business like this takes this opportunity so what's wrong with that ?? If we have money to spent for our dead pets ??!

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for beating 2-month-old son See in context

A mental case ****

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Posted in: S Korea expresses relief over Abe's comments on Japan war apologies See in context

I don't think our Prime Minister is fickle minded . He's just open to anything , he believes that this will lead to Peaceful resolution of this problem . He i****s not self serving & selfish at all. He does things well to whatever is good for Japan and he is not a corrupt politician . . He believes that this is for the good of all. Let's give him a break bashers ...why don't You put yourself in his shoes & let's see what will you do . We believe in him , what he does for Japan . People are just jealous because he manages Japan cleverly .. Go go go Sir Abe !!!we believe in you . More power Sir !!!

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Posted in: Starbucks to promote 800 temp workers See in context

Negative thinkers .. Why just don't we just let Starbucks share its blessings ..

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Posted in: Japan's No. 1 fan See in context

Cheers for Prime Minister Abe for taking time to cheer for our Japanese athletes . I like Prime Ministe Abe , he's sassy ..

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Posted in: China memorial to Korean assassin sparks Japan feud See in context

I am not Chinese not Korean & definitely not Japanese .. But I think any country .. Just mind their own business ..anybody can erect their own monument & go to any shrine they want .. Stop bullying each other doing things that can hurt each other's .. Don't get on each other case . Who said .. You are for PEACE..?? All of you ?? Each govt official does not in any way represent the sentiment of each citizen .. But you represent your country be careful with your action & diplomacy should always be considered.when you act nor when you say something publicly .. It can creat chaos ..

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

I am so tired of hearing this every OBON ...

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe adding volatility to Japanese economy See in context

Japan 's economy might All belly up ?? It's a great thing you have a diverse portfolio ...

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Posted in: Abe pledges to mend ties with China, S Korea See in context

Peace not. War .. World war 2 is a lesson learned by Japan , it won't happen again that Japan won't go to war in any country if it does it will be with the blessing of many countries & supported by many countries ...

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Posted in: Thoughts on nature and agriculture in Japan See in context

Japanese are more of a fisherman than a farmer..

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

We were not there, if this happened only God knows . Why don't people forget about it & move on with business , so easy to say cuz we did not witness it . So what shall we do , retaliate & drop another bomb to Japan ? All people suffered , Chinese & Japanese ordinary folk too .. This won't stop ... Tsk tsk tsk . I hope the whole humankind will end in 2012 so That this will stop ..

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

She's not a girlfriend material either. Are you really worth the taxi ride ? If you are that face that can launch a thousand ship why not ??? Coconut !! If your face is cuter than jagai imo why not ... In love there's no such thing as what you said , you are looking for a milking Cow and a Sugar papa

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Posted in: Despite 2011 disaster, pro-nuclear LDP favored to win power See in context

Japanese does not ask help from other country when the big tsunami strike , nuclear energy is in reality so cheap you don't have to put your company offshore , .. If there is really an alternative to cheap energy like nuclear energy , tell us.. What do you want ? You die from hunger or die from radiation ? Japanese would rather prefer die from disaster rather than die from losing your pride cuz you are poor .. That's the culture !! So they vote for LDP

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Posted in: U.S. Senate OKs amendment backing Japan in Senkaku dispute See in context

If there's a favor .. You return that favor .,no man is an Island even Senkaku Island.. You need US to protect Senkaku from China who wants everything theirs.. I am just wondering if China would remember what happen to Japan & Germany , they tried to go colonize many countries & lose their friendship to these countries even now the wounds is still there , the Chinese sentiment over Japan's war crimes ( any country did the same killing, raping . Satanic like rituals cuz it's a war ) not only Japan but US too Spain too , Germans too .

Why they just can't be just an economic power by being humble , contented of what they are now ?? Many countries are transferring their biz to other country cuz they thought Chinese are dangerous , unstable to do business with . I think their leaderrs head is in their balls in between their legs. They just don't know business start with diplomacy ( sorry for vulgarity but I want this to be heard!!)

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Posted in: Beijing marathon reverses decision to bar Japanese runners See in context

Japanese did work it's way up w/ out other countries except the US you can do that again without China . There 's a lot of countries out there who loves Japan than China .. Just mind our business don't mind those Biz mind who put all their resources in China & see what's happening , Jobs are gone in their own country .. They should put a limit on Capitalism & think about people who lose their jobs , education cuz lack of money to finance education = higher level of illiteracy , undergraduates & etc .. As simple as that ..

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Posted in: The 'downgraded wives' who make hubbies squirm See in context

Reading this article makes me think about OMiIAI thingy that we are doing . Filipina wives are patient & caring , not all but a lot of them .. not spoiled selfish brat like d others ..

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Posted in: Japan hopes medical tourists immune to China row See in context

Hospitable not hospital ( grammatically incorrect )

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Posted in: Japan hopes medical tourists immune to China row See in context

! Philippines is the best place to go , doctors are well highly intellectual , well experience . Big hospital doctors went to US for training , cheaper but reliable . Kind & hospital . You will get the best care when you go to the right place , everybody speaks English . Big hospital like St Luke's has the most modern facilities at par w/ the world . If you do have equipment but lacks the ability to use it , it's useless. Stop fighting who is the best . In every country there are doctors who are really good , some are freakin moron . So please .. Japan has the best super doctors too & so with China .. So shut up !! Chinese , Koreans , I am fed up with that Island grabbing thingy . I hope the whole world will end .. We don't have to fight over anything .. Kiddos!!!

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Posted in: Campbell chides Japan over revolving-door politics See in context

This country does not bother who the prime minister is Toyoto rules , companies rules & they don't give a damn about what these spoiled, old & outdated politician who lives inside the box full of sake & chocolates..

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

Japanese loves young Korean not him.. Timing is bad ., with Islamic dispute ., who cares ?? Japan is just a small market but pays .. Buys albums , concert ticket , etc .. Strict piracy law us implement .. So what the is Gangnam is unpopular !!

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Posted in: DOCOMO launches real-time phone translation See in context

Lies lies lies

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Posted in: Losing one’s identity by living in a foreign country … or defining it See in context

True .. I started to appreciate my own country when I started living in Japan. I started to look at good side of my culture & throw some undesirable .. I love being myself now .. no pressure for people to accept me .. I am embracing my humanity ..

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Posted in: 12-yr-old girl in critical condition after falling out 3rd-floor window See in context

I was in a "part ELT program " & the English program sucks & boring , I was given a free hand in doing some stuff but I got into trouble with one of the senior teachers , so why bother I said if you ick them join em'thingy but my principle & belief that I am not doing the right thing , they are not learning at all .. So I quit . I think the system dictates everything , everything should be the uniform , the shoes , the bags , etc, & maybe the way you style your hair . I am stubborn & if I can't get my way & I feel that experimenting in style of teaching is the best way to learn .. I am authority cuz I was at the top of my class & I know what I am preaching lol !!! well, which is better we can never tell , maybe it's not only the school but parents are to be blame .. Why can't you stop your child from committing suicide ???? There's really a big problem with this family ...

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Posted in: It’s expensive being a woman See in context

. But what a life to live for ?? .. Well , enjoy while we can .. If we can afford it , why not ? Coconuts !! Lol !

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Posted in: Can embracing Japanese culture make you forget your own? See in context

True !!!!

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Posted in: Syrian driver says pro-Assad militia killed Japanese journalist See in context

You do not believe everything they say ... I am just wondering what the hell she is doing with the rebels.. Did her company or her group had a plan ?? She wanted to be a hero ? Her agency wants her to ? .. Or she idolized Ms Amanpour , the noted war correspondent , ms Amanpour plans her move , not to be caught in these crazy war & die being shot ... I respect the Japanese woman correspondent, her courage especially but it's a life wasted on stupid war where men who are like spoiled grade school boys want to prove to the world they are men who have brain as big as a pea or their brains are in their balls !!!

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Posted in: Divers recover body of top Philippine politician See in context


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Posted in: 14-year-old boy held for beating parents, sister with bat while they sleep See in context

Insanity , violent outburst & severe depression are symptoms of psychological disorder in people .hereditary .??? In Japan , thee are a lot of cases like this.. Psychological factors maybe from society's too much dicipline in school , some teachers who are also psychotic . Parents who are spoiled brats too. He must go to mental institution not reform institution .

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