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Posted in: Al-Qaida militants kill 38 troops in Yemen attack See in context

Isn't it the very group the US helped against the soviets in Afghanistan? And should the US and France bomb Asad, who is on the ground to get hands first on the chemical weapons?

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Posted in: 12-yr-old girl taken into custody after burning down house See in context

Article talks about parents but doesn't actually indicate the father had some responsibility over the girl; should we assume that it is accepted as a matter of course that the father should be having some of the teaching jobs that require his being out of home from 05:00 am to 9:00 pm? Or is it a case of a single parent?

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Posted in: Driver charged after man who refused treatment is found dead 6 weeks after accident See in context

The police who arrived at scene should be charged for failing to use vested authority to compell the oldman to seek medical attention, not the driver, who repeatedly insisted the old man go for checkup.****

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Posted in: Italy 'deeply disappointed' over CIA Lady affair See in context

Granted the pressures the US exerts on governments for the extradition of Snowden, it is clear that in this world, there's only one law that applies, the law of the US government.

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Posted in: Man beats 10-year-old girl unconscious in Ibaraki See in context

Beaten unconscious!? And the eyewitnesses thought it was domestic matter or just a spectacle?! What a shame, what a tragedy...

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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

Chinese probably got it all wrong... I think the Japanese are just so good at hiding their true feelings about of Americans...

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Posted in: U.S. conducting late-night Osprey drills despite agreement not to do so See in context

The thing with the osprey flight training, or any other flight training for the military is that, it is not only a question of flying the aircraft, it is also a question of making sure you could spring the pilots awake at odd hours and have them flight ready. Perhaps because most disaster training takes place at the convenient hours, we assume that the enemy waits for the convenient hour to attack, or that quakes happen only at our convenient hours. On the other hand, we shouldnt forget that these crafts could equally be called in for civilian rescue missions in times of disaster. That said, I think should Japan be wining at every turn about the troops, the US should pack and leave them the handle their defense issues.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin joint island-retaking drill See in context

And due to "remote"nature of the hypothetical sland, it should not excluded that it might well be the ideal site for testing a weapon not unlike the "little boy" in its destructive power... Talk about speculating with fire...

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Posted in: Incidences of thyroid cancer on the rise among Fukushima children See in context

This comes just days after a UN draft report stated, "Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster 'unlikely' to have future health effects"... See UN News press release of June 4 2013. "Radiation exposure following the nuclear accident at Fukushima-Daiichi did not cause any immediate health effects. ...It is unlikely to be able to attribute any health effects in future among the general public and the vast majority of workers". Where from did the exorbitantly paid UN functionaries get their information? TEPCO perhaps. Stop taking the people for fools...

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Posted in: Japan pledges $14 bil in aid to Africa over 5 years See in context

@otumfuo...My hat to you!!! And should you be on this island, I would like to meet you! The problem with African development is all these self styled do-gooders who always think they have the solution from their pedestals and drawing boards far away from the continent!

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Posted in: Japan pledges $14 bil in aid to Africa over 5 years See in context

How good to criticise China...but forgetting that when you stood with the imperialists, the British, French, Portugese and Spaniards who robbed Africa of her human and natural resources through centuries, and are still doing so, leaving nothing behind but desolation, with no industries for the adding of value to raw materials, the CIA that assassinating our freedom fighters branding them communists because the only place they could get support to liberate the continent was communist China that had fought to liberate their own country from you; then when the victory was inevitable, you and your western allies quickly put into place despots who have impoverished their own nations to your benefit, and now that China is trumping you in your game, you want to come pose as "liberators"? You make me laugh when you think you are going to do differently with the very stooges that revert the socalled development money back into your accounts. The first trip of Japanese vice PM to Myanmar at the time when whole villages of Moslems were being burnt down, yet neither him nor the Japanese press never mentioning the human rights situation, does speak tons that Japan is going to do differently in Africa, very much as China has recently been doing with despots on the continent. Lets be clear, save the good words for the locals...

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi's calligraphy sparks art debate in China See in context

Message: you want your baby to be famous, get her into porn, and even her drool will top of the charts. Way to go...

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Posted in: Toyota donates vehicles to anti-poverty NPO in Africa See in context

Most donations from quarters that have little understanding of the locally sustainable solutions often not only add to the running costs of projects but become the impediment to the development of the initiatives themselves. When would we end these patronizing self-serving top-down solutions?

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Posted in: Hashimoto regrets meeting cancelation; wants to apologize to U.S. See in context

The fact of the matter is, in my opinion, a very murky if not non-appologetic position regarding the WW 2 era maintained by the past and present Japanese governments and political leaders as reflected in the educational material, which has led many of the past and present generations to reject any war crimes by simply saying Japan is being subjected to the law of the victors. Hence the comparison of the Arlington cemetery to the Yasukuni shrine, and of the Japanese "comfort" houses for their troops to the brothels they themselves operated to spread disease among occupying forces... As long as Japan officially would rather have these issues under the rug or in the closet and not deal openly with them as their axis ally Germany has, her aspirations to a credible role on the international scene will always be seen with scepticism, no matter how much ODA money is channeled to most of these countries that suffered under the Japanese occupation. Consciences cannot simply be "bought" with money that in macro-economic terms, is destined for the development of a market for Japanese goods and services...

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

Well, people fail to see that this guy is only saying aloud what the government also believes in, that which is taught in schools...given that there are no officially sanctioned text books that actually elaborate or condemn Japan's actions before and during the war. Besides, the emphasis is not on contemporary history wherein the defeat of Japan in the war is seen as an unacceptable humiliation. So the few sentences that talk about the war are never covered, after all, it "represents nothing" compared to the thousands of years of the nations glorious past that the kids must know...

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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

@mikihouse ...but the Japanese had asked them to surrender peacefully... Were we to admit your logic, we should say the US should not have stopped at the two a-bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but should have simply wiped out the entire island because of Japan's refusal to surrender in a war she started out of expansionist design... Perhaps then we wouldn't have to read such as you've written. DYING IN A WAR IS ONE THING, SADDISM IS ANOTHER! Truly, what a shame you bring to peace-loving people of this island and to many others who lost many family members and are suffering from the wounds of that shameful war, all because of some like you. Your refusal to acknowledge there could be a shameful past and find in that a reason to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven is, unfortunately, a cancer eating away at your own peace, the peace that you can experience even today. I pray you one day take that path.

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Posted in: Chinese basketball player branded as 'scum' for moving to Japan See in context

When it comes patriotism or nationalism these two nations are same...

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Posted in: Female lay judge to sue over stress caused by crime scene photos See in context

Again one of them naive ones... If you can't stand the heat, stay out. Now you want tax payers to foot your frivolous adventure?

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Posted in: Rubella infections on the increase, warns health ministry See in context

Here's how the spread can be fast... "Rubella is often spread through coughing or sneezing. It can also be transmitted when people put their fingers in their mouth or nose after touching an infected surface. Symptoms of rubella usually appear 14 to 21 days after rubella transmission. Also known as German measles or three-day measles, rubella is a contagious illness spread by coughing and sneezing. A person with rubella can transmit the virus anytime from about seven days prior to the onset of the rash to seven days after the onset. Even if rubella symptoms never develop, a person can spread rubella if he or she becomes infected with rubella virus. How Does Rubella Transmission Occur? The rubella virus resides in the mucus in the nose and throat of the infected person. When that person sneezes or coughs, droplets spray into the air. The infected mucus can land in other people's noses or throats when they breathe or put their fingers in their mouth or nose after touching an infected surface."

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Posted in: S Korea unhappy with Japanese textbooks See in context

@Saketown, the saying goes "Better an enemy you know than one in disguise..."

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Posted in: 126 U.S. military members to sue TEPCO See in context

I do hold TEPCO guilty of failure to reveal and obstructing access to vital information that could help in a proper assessment of the magnitude of the risks resulting from the nuclear plant accident, but I think these servicemen should be suing the Pentagon, not TEPCO. As the department deploying an expeditionary volunteer team to the area, it had the responsibility and resources to make an independent assessment and provide the necessary protective gear to all the servicemen.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

@smithinjapan, your comments on questions raised in article are more than pertinent...in many ways, Japan actually sees self as a victim during the Second World War

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Posted in: Miracle pine See in context

http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/stress-a-major-health-issue-for-dsplaced-fukushima-residents I wonder how much this so called "miracle tree" helps these stressed and displaced victims.

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Posted in: Miracle pine See in context

Good message for the millions around the world who donated to help human victims of the disaster...that while the world mourns and stands by those who have lost dear ones and belongings, Japan sinks the money in a fake "miracle tree" shrine...

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Whoa! We are three of us consenting adults, I just think Disney would've the place to launch the polygamous trend!

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Posted in: Microsoft tablet computer to go on sale in Japan on March 15 See in context

It's a non starter without the full package of traditional windows applications like PowerPoint...

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Posted in: ‘Women only’ train cars: Is it a crime for men to ride in them? See in context

In a world in which men or women are defined not by their sexual organs but by their "sexual orientation", my question is where do the she-men or he-women fit in this?

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Posted in: China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post See in context

Sounds like someone is looking for an ally with whom to start the 3rd world war...

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

So the children have no father(s) or were they not ready to pay-up? I do doubt the mother will be coming back!

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

"The graviest crisis" to hit Japanese sport? As if the hazling to death of 17-year-old wrestler Tokitaizan wasn't one! Call it the most face-loosing exposure of the Japanese standard training methods since it has drawn international attention as an Olympic event. Tip of the iceberg I think it is, because such methods, including verbal assaults that are nothing short of worst kind of bulling, are common practices at even club levels, with parents, driven by the craze to see their offspring take a medal podium, cautioning the so called "child toughening" training methods.

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