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Heck, I'd settle just to visit. Nice photo.

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God forbid they be concerned that the suspects had equipment or weapons beyond the capabilities of local / federal law enforcement.

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Wow is right. Stupid story though... Not sure what the point was. Or why any one of us would care that the author was stopped for a traffic violation and then got off with a warning... and then whined about it.

God forbid they do their jobs.

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Who cares about visiting facebook... I just want to listen to internet radio!

-seriously... how can facebook add to productivity?

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Sounds like a nice place to visit. I really enjoy the architecture of Japanese Castles. (even re-built ones)

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I have one of these knives. The sushi variety, made in Kyoto. It is friggen sharp. If you have the opportunity to buy one you have to do it.

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