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Posted in: U.S. woman attempting to row across Pacific rescued after SOS See in context

I'm tired of seeing wreckless people from all over the world trying to break records on their own and causing emergency services to rescue them. And tax payers from those countries having to foot the bill. If you want to do something that is going to put you in danger get some sponsors so they can pay for your wrecklessness.

Just my two cents.

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Posted in: 3 men rob 72-year-old man of Y8.2 mil See in context

Cash again???... I will never understand why my favorite sushi restaurant does not take plastic and why people in the most electronically connected country still use cash for big purchases. I was surprised last year when I took my car to the dealership for a big repair job and the guy tell me how much it is in English and then add "in cash". His partner told him in Japanese, foreigners don't pay in cash. So then I handed him my debit card.

I believe in preventing crimes of opportunity.

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Posted in: Two more U.S. servicemen arrested in separate incidents See in context

That Oscar guy... what else would you expect from a guy that has a tattoo of a beer label.

I have a feeling he will not be around Japan much longer after he gets released from police custody.

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Posted in: U.S. seaman found dead on train station platform in Sasebo See in context

Nothing suspicious here. Just another terrible tragedy. A sailor that lived his life to the extreme and his choices caught up to him.  Hopefully other young sailors and unfortunately older sailors also will learn from this tragic event.  

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Posted in: Tokyo court dismisses Prada sexual harassment suit See in context

I hear it from my Japanese female friends all the time. Ignorant males calling them nasty names. They can't stand up to their bosses so they take out on female co-workers.

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Posted in: Fire kills 19 foreign nationals, mostly children, in upscale Qatar mall See in context

The Villagio does not have any slides. Villagio is next to the Sports City Complex on the outskirts of doha. It's always a tradegy when children died regardless of the circunstances.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar busted for hiring earthquake victims as prostitutes See in context

ANAL ¥8,000.

Not the usual ¥20,000. Where is this place at??? I'm an amateur Proctologist.

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