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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

Probably because there is a slight chance that the government of the U.S. think it's the center of the world, i think.

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Posted in: If you were to bury a time capsule to be opened 100 years from now, what items would you put in it that would give whoever found it in 2118 some idea of what life was like in 2018? See in context

In my case, I'm going to bury electronic devices such as smartphone. If I had a time-machine, I would like to see what it looks like.

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Posted in: Is there an equivalent of the Japanese word 'natsukashii' in other languages? See in context

I'm Japanese, and I don't know how to express the word "Kitsui." It doesn't mean "tight" in English. When you face or come across some difficulties, you can say "Kitsui." It's something like that it is difficult for me to finish lots of this task all at once by myself.

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Posted in: What is your definition of a war crime? Please give some examples. See in context

Persons who order their subordinates to attack something in a way to accuire certain privilledge.

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Posted in: Why does paternity leave remain low in Japan? See in context

It is very easy to answer to this question. Due to the bad idea that "men are obliged to work harder than women, because you are male." I think the same idea is still remaing in many workplaeces. Here is an example. Most of theachers, especially in junior high school or high school, are supervising club activities. Recently each teachers have to take care of more than one club. For me, there is no complaint because we understand that we have shortages of teachers and we chose to be a teacher. The problem is that most of male workers are allocated baseball club, basketball club, tennis club and so on, on the other hand, female workers usually are allocated not so active club. And superiors often say "because you are male, supervise clubb of sports." Don't you think it's absurd? This is one of bad conditions in workplaces. So, I think you can understnd the reason that low rate of paternity leave connot decrease.

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than it was two years ago? See in context

I can't necessarily say that it is becoming more dangerous or less dangerous. When it comes to think about each incidents, each of them have become big, complicated serious, and also included many countries related to them. So I think the numbers of the problems have becoming less than two years ago, but one big problem happens.

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Posted in: World's oldest person, a Japanese woman, dies at 117 See in context

I want to know the secret of living so many years and being healthy.

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Posted in: Temperature soars to 41.1 C in Kumagaya; highest ever in Japan See in context

What should I say...? I'm accustomed to hearing temperature soaring 39, 40, 41 degrees celsius, so this no longer makes me surprised. Unfortunately, unusual weather is becoming usual in my mind.

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Posted in: What are you doing to keep cool during the heatwave that is gripping much of Japan? See in context

Just stay in a house using airconditioner and circulator each other. Also, I recommend that you hang a "fuurin," Japanese wind chime. That would make you feel better than hanging nothing.

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Posted in: Sit and think See in context

I think his behavior expresses a situation of workers who have to work on holidays in Japan. Many workers have to do to make their living, on the other hand, some workers are enjoying their holiday with no fear for salary which they use in everday life.

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Posted in: MariCar go-kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in accident See in context

That compny doensn't learn its lesson, does it? Is it okay that foreign visitors can enjoy for themselves even if they could hurt other passersby?

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Posted in: Hollywood is bombarding us again this summer with lots of sequels and remakes. Do these sorts of films interest you? See in context

It depends on what kind of sequels of them, I think.

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Posted in: Can Japan play a role in bringing peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula? See in context

If Japanese government doesn't expect any benefits from them, Japan can become an important role.

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Posted in: To what extent do you trust Facebook when it comes to handling of personal information? See in context

Less than zero. Whenever I use SNS app, I provide my personal information which doesn't lead any problems even if it is leaked onto the Internet.

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Posted in: What are some of the main causes of stress in your job or at your workplace? See in context

Because of an atmosphere, which means working too hard for his/ her job is highly respected, is still to many workplaces in Japan. So called "Ganbaru Bunka," "working much harder than one's ability without getting overtime pay or any return." Also, an idea of "how long you have worked here" is much respected than that of "how many skills you have accuired."

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Posted in: Recruitment for 80,000 volunteers for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics to begin in Sept See in context

If I were univ. student then, I would definitely apply for it...

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Posted in: What do you think of airlines' frequent flyer programs? See in context

I think workers who have many business travels in an year can benefit from it. On the other hand, other workers like me (teacher of a school) have less opportunities to earn from and utilize it. So, please make that program easier to earn and use.

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Posted in: Is bitcoin an environmentally friendly currency? See in context

Yes, it is, I think. Bitcoins don't have its shape, so they don't require any indgredients to make except the power of the Internet and ideas of the creators.

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Posted in: If the proposed summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un goes ahead, but negotiations end in failure, what do you think would happen next? See in context

A fruitless confrontation between them would be resumed. Also, I don't think both of them end up beginning a war, because it means the end of the world anyway. Nobody could benefit from it.

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Posted in: Where do you think U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should have their summit? See in context

I think Panmunjon is the best place to do the summit because it is designated as demiliterised zone, so they can concentrate on having a dialogue between them without concerning military attacks.

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Posted in: Shake hands or bow? How do you usually greet Japanese business acquaintances? See in context

I'm Japanese. I think, in Japanese business situation, bowing first to greet is fundamental to be polite. And I don't think shaking hands seems to be polite especially in a situation of meeting for the first time each other. Also, I consider shaking hands is used when you and your friends or business partner success something. Therefore bowing expresses greeting, on the other hand, shaking hands expresses the sharing appressiation or delight with your partner.

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Posted in: Fishermen seek compensation over U.S. fighter jet fuel tank incident See in context

Wait, why don't the people involved in U.S. Air Force sincerely take part in the cleanup of that lake? I think almost every people know who this incident completely agree that it is their falut. Even kids would be aware of it, I think, in case of this.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's tourists are the least well-behaved whenever you have seen them out and about? See in context

I've never seen such tourists from foreign countries. Also, I think each tourists from each country has different cultures or habits, so it is difficult for them to completely follow certain countries' manners. Of course, visitors themelves have to learn at least fundamental manners of the country they visit, for example, in case of Japan, "it is necessary to take off shoes before entering into the house," "it is prohibited to soak your towel in a hot bath at the hot spring," etc. Therefore, I hope tourists to be careful for the foreign countries' manners a little, and people welcoming them might as well be generous about the cultural differences between your countries' culture and others.

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Posted in: What is the best indication of how well a country does at the Olympics: the number of gold medals won or the total number of medals won? See in context

Generally speaking, I think total number of medals is the best. The more medals athletes get, the higher the average becomes. However, getting the Olympic medals is incredibly difficult, so just participating and competing in that field is worth admiring.

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

I can't find the aim of holding the parade. To assert its power to a certain country?

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Posted in: What's the best way to avoid getting the flu in a densely populated environment? See in context

Eat well, exercise well and sleep well. It works, but not always. So, in order to avoid getting the flu, I ask each and everyone of you to prevent from spreading the flu virus I you have. Some people try to come to the office even though he or she hasn't got well because of the bad social habit of "taking a few days off with just a cold". Caring for yourself sometimes leads to considering to others.

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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Donald Trump is doing a good job as he finishes his first year in office? See in context

Ironically chose "Yes". Evalutating from the comedian's standpoint.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

I'm not intended to be a saint, the best thing is that I could spend the first 8 month in the workplace without being sick or nervous breakdow, that is I'm a first year of a member of society. I think that this should be sereblated most. The worst is that I found some bad things about the society or workplace as an adult.

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Posted in: What are some of the most difficult questions to answer in a job interview? See in context

One of the most difficult questions I've bee asked in the job interview is "what's your most memorable setbacks you've experienced in your life and how have you overcome them." I think this is very difficult to answer, because I haven't had such experience in my life. I don't think everybody has a certain setbacks. Do we have to experience some setbacks in our life? I understand that company's interviewers want to hear your strength against some stress which come from difficulties or ability to overcome such condition. Of course, I think people who have experiences some setbacks and have overcome them may be mentally matured. However, I think there is a person who doesn't have any setbacks, but has the ability to be against some stress or difficulties. So, the question I mentioned above is shouldn't be regarded as one of the factors to decide whether or not to hire.

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Posted in: An increasing number of non-emergency calls to 119 is straining the system. What are some ways to curb this misuse of the system? For example, should callers be charged for ambulance use? See in context

I think that the idea "callers should be charged" would be useful to curb this issue, but I don't think all the callers should be charged. I think people who apparently aren't in an emrgency condition should be done. However there is one problem, who are going to judge that condition?

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