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Been around a bakers dozen years, don't speak Japanese at all, worked in Finance IT (global, follow the sun & all English), invested locally & overseas (and living off passive income when I don't feel like punching time) and am still here.

Came to visit, liked the place, stayed, worked my way up and here, everything just works ;)

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Nice - no benches and no shade...

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Here are the cold hard facts:

The latest DPRK test blast was estimated at ~250KT (KiloTons). 

This yield is estimated to have a fireball of from 1.3 ~ 4.5 (4 ~ 7 km) miles in diameter, with peripheral effects up to 45 ~ 60 miles (70 ~ 96 km) in diameter.

If the US Navy base in Yokusuka is targeted (i.e. 45km away from Tokyo; MRBM / IRBM flight time from DPRK to Japan ~10minutes), we can analyze the impact of the explosion using this calculator:


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Posted in: You must brie joking! Foodies cheesed off as China says 'non' to France's finest See in context

Yes - only the best melamine laced baby formula is acceptable! :P

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Posted in: Wheelchair user crawls up plane stairs in dispute with Vanilla Air See in context

Guess them Paralympians all gonna have to swim over...?

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