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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

I wear masks mainly to keep my face warm. It's very effective especially when riding a bicycle.

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Posted in: Driving in Japan: Does cuteness save lives? See in context

As such, is it possible, that the emotional pull of “kawaii” (cute) in Japan might be equally effective in altering the behavior of Japanese drivers?

Evidently not.

The evidence suggests that whatever Japan is doing is working. They have one of the lowest road fatality rates in the world. America's death rate is more than double that of Japan. Maybe the "scared straight" method doesn't work as well as you think it does?

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

I'm all for lowering prices and I don't care if people download illegally, but you guys need to stop making ridiculous comparisons.

I got Civ V from amazon for $5, and last week I found it here for almost 8000 yen. That's a 20 times increase AND IT WAS THE EXACT SAME GAME!

They're selling that game for $26 on amazon so you got a limited time super deal. They sell that game for 2,400 on amazon.jp.

A big thing in the price is the fact that selling used games is practically illegal, as is selling used dvds and blurays.

Is it really illegal? How come they don't stop Yahoo Auctions from doing it? They got thousands of used movies and games on there.

Show me where I can download walking dead season from a Japanese site.


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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

She's a lucky girl. $780k just for sex? That's a no-brainer. Take the deal. I'd be happy for my daughter if she did something this. It's better than losing your virginity (for free) to some guy you'll barely remember in 10 years.

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Posted in: Vice principal picks up forgotten ATM cash; police pick up vice principal See in context

Great, I'll just pretend I didn't see anything rather than help others in trouble

That's exactly what you should do with other people's valuable items. I can't believe people would pick it up and take it home. Most people would go back to the last place they remember having it but it won't be there if you take it. The only time you should touch it is if you plan to turn it into the authorities IMMEDIATELY.

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Posted in: 'Homeland' and 'Modern Family' win big at Emmys See in context

said Lewis, who plays an American.

I always thought he sounded strange on the show. He was faking an accent. Now it makes sense.

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Posted in: Australian parliament rejects same-sex marriage See in context

This isn't surprising. Australia is America's little brother. They won't allow gay marriage until America gives the thumbs up. Give it another five years when gay marriage becomes the norm in America. Australia will follow.

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Posted in: 3 bodies found in apartment in suspected group suicide See in context

They might be on a really tight situation, but still it is not an option to give up your own life and the lives of your family members.

Who are you to say how these people should live or die? They're adults and they decided this is what's best for them. I respect their decision. Rest in peace.

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Posted in: Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook See in context

Most of you are misinformed: people who has had access to the the Apple Maps (devs) are saying it is much better that Google Maps.

The reviews I've read doesn't say it's way better. There's basically two major differences: Apple maps will get turn-by-turn navigation but it will not have public transport information. Other than that it's basically a clone of Google maps.

Android's map is still better but on the iPhone, Apple's map will be slightly better than Google maps.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

This is another reason why every country should have suicide clinics. People should be able to go a clinic and get put to sleep peacefully instead of jumping in front of a train or doing something like this idiot did.

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Posted in: Hackers hitting Macs with virus: industry experts See in context

They simply forced this trojan into their systems. I believe that, I don't open unknown e-mails, never update from a 3rd part resource.

This is a drive-by-download malware. It requires no action by the user other than visiting a website.

Apple and Java are to blame here. Apple waited 2 months after a fix was released by Oracle to update their Java. Windows users got the fix within 2 weeks.

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Posted in: Bodies of elderly woman, son lie undiscovered in apartment for weeks See in context

I mean if my mom was 92, I would at least calll her to check on her more frequently

The brother is probably 90 years old. You really expect him to call his sister everyday?

I bet the son died from a heart attack and the mother died from starvation.

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Posted in: Australian police rescue PM, opposition leader from race protests See in context

the original people of Australia is down to 470, 999 from 22 million

Yes, I too am curious about the origins of these numbers..

Read the article. It says the Aborigine population is down from 1 million. 22 million is the current population of Australia.

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Posted in: Panasonic Let'snote S10 See in context

So an extra 60,000 yen for a US keyboard and an upgrade to Windows Ultimate? I'll have to pass on this deal.

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Posted in: Walmart bringing real Japanese food to the United States See in context

Doesn't Walmart own Seiyu? When are they going to bring authentic Japanese food to Japan? I want some General Tso's Chicken.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

Source for those?


Suraj came to Japan on a temporary visa, which expired in 15 days, in May 1988, according to Yoshida. He was arrested on suspicion of staying illegally in September 2006, and received a deportation order in November that year. The same month, his wife registered their marriage.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

Who Poppler, that true? 22 year illegally here and only got married to stay? Shady.

Yes, he came here in 1988 on a 15 day temporary visa and overstayed that visa. He got married the same month he received his initial deportation orders.

Welcome to the 21st century where men and women don't bother filing pieces of paper with the government but live like they are married anyway.

Sure, we can do that but this guy was an overstayer. He should have gotten married earlier to build a stronger case for himself if he did get caught. Apparently they were together for over 10 years. It could have helped his case if he could prove they were together that long, you know, with a marriage certificate.

I look at the big picture and it looks to me like they forced him into desperate measures for no good reason.

They did look at the big picture. He has no kids. His wife wasn't financially dependent on him. He was residing and working illegally. His wife is too old to have children. He could have waited out his ban from Japan in Ghana and then applied for a spouse visa and legally moved to Japan. A fair punishment for his crime.

As for a towel in the mouth being proper, I have no idea how either of you could figure that. If a person is excited and breathing hard, the nose does not provide enough oxygen. While fighting for breath, the edges of the towel can go down the throat, and you could never see that.

Did you bother to read BlueWitch's links? They didn't stuff the towel down his throat. They used it like a gag, with a knot behind his head. Could that have caused his death? Sure, but two autopsies failed to reveal that.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

As usual, many details are missing from this article. This man was an overstayer for 22 years and he only got married after getting arrested as a last ditch effort to stay in Japan. The SRP guidelines says you can't get a visa if you got married just to avoid deportation, which is exactly what this guy did.

This was the immigration officials' second attempt to deport this man after his arrest; the first one failed because Mr. Suraj aggressively resisted. Extra restraints and the towel in the mouth were justified, imo.

If this man died of a beat-down, as his wife suggests, then there should be criminal charges brought against the officials. But there needs to be some sort of evidence. The autopsy was inconclusive. Has any of the ten officers confessed to the beat-down? How about the flight crew? I'm sure at least one of them would've seen a beat down if it happened.

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Posted in: Apple leads mobile computer market See in context

How do Mac users download files from their web mail?

On my computer, I click on a link and a dialog box pops up and I click OK. I have it set up so that some files, like pdf's, will download automatically without clicking OK.

I'm just wondering what some of the differences are with Macs. Any specific examples? I never used any Apple products before.

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Posted in: Latest Lumix See in context

If you have English manuals and menus some will have an expectation of English support, reasonably or not. By making the product sold in Japan Japanese only they eliminate that problem. It's a smart move.

I don't think that's the reason they took it out. I think they're trying to prevent people from selling the cheap cameras sold in Japan overseas. I don't like their decision but I still got Nikon, Canon, Pentax. Casio, Fuji, and Ricoh to choose from. I'll give my money to them.

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Posted in: Women file suit to keep their surnames after they marry See in context

And yet, oddly enough when I went to apply for my 3rd childs Japanese passport, suddenly they could (and did) put his middle name on it - an official Japanese document.

It's because the name on the passport is not the official Japanese name. Your child's official Japanese name still only contains two names.

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Posted in: Women file suit to keep their surnames after they marry See in context

While I agree that married couples should be able to have two different surnames, I don't think they should allow middle names. Two names is enough.

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Posted in: Latest Lumix See in context

Panasonic banned non-Japanese menus in 2010. If your model is pre-2010 then you might have English menus.

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Posted in: Hero of Asia Cup final at ease with his Japanese-Korean identity See in context

I think you are confusing ethnicity with nationality.

His nationality is Japanese. Ethnically, he's Korean.

He's Korean-Japanese (ethnicity and nationality) and he's 100% Japanese (this is unrelated to ethnicity or nationality). Anybody raised in Japan is Japanese. Anybody not raised in Japan is not Japanese.

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Posted in: Hero of Asia Cup final at ease with his Japanese-Korean identity See in context

The Koreans are ridiculous. This guy is a 3rd generation Korean-Japanese. He's 100% Japanese. It doesn't matter what his nationality was/is, he was born and raised in Japan, he's Japanese.

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Posted in: Crystal Kay cancels tour due to illness See in context

I never heard of her but I wish her the best.

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Posted in: Japanese widow, son of Marine closer to immigrating to U.S. See in context

If she wants to live in America she should be given that opportunity but I don't think she'll stay there very long. She's a young, single mother with no job or language skills. She'll be living with her in-laws in a small southern town. She'll go back to Okinawa within 18 months.

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Posted in: Eminem leads Grammy nominations with 10 See in context

Wow, I didn't even know Eminim was still around. He's almost 40 now. Him and Snoop needs to retire.

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Posted in: Bright and early See in context

Is this really a photo? It looks like a cartoon. Either way I give it a thumbs up.

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