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Quality used to be associated with Sony products. Today, I don't have any Sony products. Wait a minute. I still have an old DVD player in the basement somewhere. Also, the old tv in the basement is a Sony. Sony built an empire making mechanical, electronic devices. Today, in this digital age, Sony is no longer the pioneer. It's sad to see any company flounder into oblivion. At least the company is diverse, with gaming and movie studio production. The other electronic giants aren't so diverse and suffer from the same problem as Sony. Good luck to all of them .

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cant blame this one on foreign suppliers

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I'm thinking of taking a trip to North Korea. I would probably be kidnapped and jailed for treason. After spending 6-12 months in prison, I would probably be released. The first thing I would do is to hire an agent, make a book deal, arrange for interviews on national television, and suggest who would play my part in a Hollywood film. 6-12 months of a sucky life in North Korea, then the life of a celebrity afterwards. Truthfully, the kidnappings are sad for the families involved but there is so much hatred between Japan and Korea. I have Japanese friends who dislike Koreans. It's only when you become good friends with somebody when they let their guard down and the subtle racism comes forth.

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I would like the US to side with China instead of Japan. I've worked with both Chinese in America and Japanese in Tokyo. I disliked working with Japanese but I I have a lot of respect for my Chinese colleagues. I have never worked with Japanese in America but I dreaded working with Japanese in Tokyo. Even though the Chinese government is communist, this same communist government has not allowed an epidemic of violence, epidemic of drugs and failing education system to collapse like it has in the US. In addition, the standard of living in China has dramatically improved over the last 30 years, minus the pollution issues. Plus, corrupt government officials in China are executed, not re-elected like the US. Granted, the Chinese government has series issues, but it's time to reassess China. Freedom of expression looses it value when your country is slowly imploding day by day. Plus, let's side with a winner, not a loser! China neither distorts its history, nor are foreigners treated as second class citizens. Government is made up of powerful people and my 5 experience in Tokyo makes me ashamed that the US government values a sexist, xenophobic, male dominated society as its strongest ally.

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it's just Japanese culture, pure and simple. I feel sorry for most women in Japan. I would be ashamed of the male dominated, sexist culture. There is less than .5% of female executives in corporate Japan, excluding internationals. The worst part is Japanese women are far more talented and intelligent than Japanese men. Women are much better students and athletes too (world cup results for men and women soccer don't bode well for the guys).

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symbolism not substance

For highly educated, skilled workers (30's or older) the prospect of living in Japan is not enticing. Most highly educated, skilled workers in technical fields will concentrate on their field; not learning Japanese.

In developed countries, there are few examples of highly successful workers migrating to other developed countries unless it's a company transfer or startup operation (DEVELOPED COUNTRIES). It simply isn't worth the risk to these highly skilled foreigners. Let's face it, this segment consists of older, educated, skilled workers who probably own a house, have families, have financial investments and are fairly affluent.

Just more government propaganda welcoming foreigners and foreign investment. If nothing, this is extremely effective marketing by a government and business culture that excludes foreigners and foreign investment. Nice try

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