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Posted in: Australia told to shoot kangaroos before they starve See in context

I skated metres past dozens of kangaroos this afternoon on the Gold Coast. They're everywhere. Remember that clip last year that went viral of the lady teeing off surrounded by a huge mob of roos? It's like that at most of the courses. I'd hate to think how their numbers have swelled in the countryside/outback. Culling makes perfect sense. The meat is high in protein and low in fat and the skins are valuable too. More humane than seeing them starve to death.

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Posted in: Little fanfare as Tokyo begins Olympic one-week countdown See in context

Nothing we didn't predict 6 months out. Limit testing = limit COVID positives. Now it's coming home to roost and about to hit the fans.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 501 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,703 See in context

WTF??? Why aren't you reporting numbers tested any more? Testing numbers are pitifully low and the only way to make it look like COVID is under control when it is actually spreading like wildfire.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 369 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,884 See in context

Akula, I think you need to know the (official) numbers they are testing to know if it's under control. Limited testing = Limited positives and keep many simple folk happy. The low testing numbers in Japan is an absolute joke. Melbourne tests 10,000 or more daily for a handful of positives and the city goes into lockdown. It's no co-incidence that Australia is the only G7 country who's economy has recovered and is now better than pre-COVID. High testing, contact tracing and strict lockdowns something Japan is yet to try.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 539 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,594 See in context

Have you noticed how they've stopped reporting number of people tested. It's because the ratio of tested to COVID positive is alarmingly high in Japan. Melbourne, Australia had 5 positives from 40,000 tests yesterday. I'll bet Tokyo would have more than 10,000 positives if 40,000 were tested. Better to report "only" 500 and not divulge the ratio / truth: Japan is actually on the brink of disaster but the Olympics must proceed.

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

(Sekai) Gimme A Break. Testing numbers are a joke and I said so months ago. "Low testing numbers is a good sign because it means COVID is not widespread". Keep your head buried in the sand and watch the numbers sky rocket. Australia has it under control because they were testing 50,000 a day to find just a couple of positives. Imagine if Japan tested proportionally - there'd be thousands of positives. Mark my words..........today is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 556 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,320 See in context

Ridiculously low testing and always a minimum 10% positive. Scary stuff. Imagine what the figure would be if they tested 100,000 a day as they should. To anyone who thinks it's under control: "Ya dreaming!!!!"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 973 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,970 See in context

Yes, it's all been said before. The low testing numbers is a national disgrace. Queensland is testing more than 10,000 daily with next to zero positives while Tokyo (3 x the population) tests only 2,000 for 1,000 positives and some say that's OK. What a joke.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,274 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,521 See in context

Ridiculously low testing numbers continue only to keep the Olympic flame flickering. Sorry to extinguish your hopes but it ain't gonna happen . Get fair dinkum and test like they do in Oz.

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Posted in: No. of hospitalized coronavirus patients at record high in Japan See in context

The actual situation is diabolical and no-one seems to realise. The testing numbers in Japan are ridiculously low and the rate of COVID positives is alarmingly high. Why are only 5,000 being tested every day? It needs to be 100,000+ daily. In Queensland Australia they're testing 10,000+ daily with only a dozen active cases. My company tests every staff member once a week and we all wear masks in the office. Japan is on the tip of an awful COVID positive iceberg.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,278 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,883 See in context

The rate of COVID positive to the number tested is a whopping 25% but the testing rate of 5,000 a day ridiculously low. The true figure of DAILY COVID positive in Tokyo alone is easily over 100,000 as another reader suggested. Compare the testing in Australia - 101,000 in the last 24 hours for a total of 5 active cases. Why the hell Japan isn't dong more tests? How good is the contact tracing? The nightmare for Japan has only just begun.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 621 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,041 See in context

The reality is far worse. Simply not enough testing. Are people afraid of testing positive due murahachibu mentality? The other problem is contact tracing. Does it even exist? This is going to get really really bad. Sorry folks but the Olympics will not happen.

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