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Useless Japanese.

Got 2 USA atom bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. Losing the WWII and all 4 kuril Islands to Russia and cannot take them back after over 70 years.

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What is the point of having a ' normal ' military ?

As many as 4 island of Kuril are conquered by Russia at the end of WWII. And Japan still can't accept it as a result for it to start WWII.

I don't know where is the cheek of Japanese soldiers for unable to take those Kuril Islands back after over 70 years of WWII This proves Japanese are the most useless human being in the world.

Other than losing the 4 Kuril islands, Japan has became USA's guarding dog after eating USA's 2 atom bombs. USA wins all and the useless Japanese lost all. They should go for the ' harakiri ' to avoid shames as long as the Kuril island are under Russia's ownership.

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