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Another reason Japan and Germany dealt with the aftermath of WWII was geopolitics. After the war Germany was forced to interact with its European neighbors politically and economically. It had no other option. Consequently, it had to acknowledge its proximal role in the inhumanity of the war. Anyone remember Willy Brandt kneeling in Warsaw?

Japan, on the other hand, turned west (east?) to the US and didn't really need to reestablish relations with Korea or China. This worked well for Japan for many years, but now the world economy is shifting toward China. Old wounds, start picking.

Can you imagine a Japanese Prime Minister kneeling at Nanking?

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"We Japanese..."

always makes me cringe.

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Be on the lookout for these perverts on windy days! As I recall, Tuesday was particularly gusty.

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WMD Actually there's no such thing as capitalism in the US. Big businesses are well protected from the downs in the economy by the government. Perhaps if there were true capitalism many would fail, for the better?

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Another great concept from Joss Whedon - who also gave us: Buffy the Vampire-Slayer, Angel, Firefly and the full length Serenity. Now working on the Avengers....

And don't forget Glee and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Whedon's a genius

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