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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for killing mother, baby daughter in 1999 seeks retrial See in context

@combinibento: you're right. Instead, let's free thus young man and assist him in recovery, HE is the victim after-all... /roll eyes/

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Posted in: Parents reluctant to donate organs of brain-dead children See in context

Frungy: I'm with you %130 on this. Want to believe in a cosmic space-zombie? Fine, but keep the rest of society out of it

Don't endanger my families heath because of your own absurd indoctrination in the belief that taking away part of MY flesh is robbing me of my soul.

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Posted in: 5 challenges of working for a major English conversation school See in context

Sakurala: sounds a lot like GABA, care to drop a name? I'm curious as we had the same treatment while I was there (2007-2010)

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Posted in: Japanese department store chain sees Y500 mil damage in China riots See in context

Drdolittle2: oh, are there more islands already owned by Japan that he wants to buy?.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for threatening to start fire in Yodobashi Camera See in context

Gokai: five liters, not gallons. A jug of milk is 4L so that plus a bottle of soda. Not heavy in the least, especially for those Oba-Chans walking around all day.

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Posted in: Memoirs of a Chinese geisha wannabe in Japan See in context

@Aliasis agrees. Poorly thought-out & disrespectful title.

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Posted in: Police defuse devices in Batman shooting suspect's home See in context

I thought those were student dorms - tastes that's what CNN reported them as.

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Posted in: 49 headless corpses left on Mexico highway See in context

Another reason not to waste my vacation money on mexico. Notbeven going to capitalize that country's name.

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Posted in: Microsoft offers $99 Xbox consoles with a catch See in context

True Ricky but not everyone needs a smartphone either. For those who play a lot of games, this might be a good deal as it (may) be a service they would pay for regardless.

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Posted in: Smart dragon tops list of fiction's richest characters See in context

Wait wait... Lord of the Rings Prequel character... so how does this character from 'Middle Earth', supposedly taking place in some other time before ours have anything to do with WallStreet??? Perhaps he's worth 67 million bottles of ale?

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Posted in: Dance on! See in context

@amerijap why wouldn't it be? It's about Japan. It is about part of Tokyo. It is relevant to this website. It isn't nude.

Did you think that any photo containing a woman with a bra-strap showing is also in bad taste? Hmmm....

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Posted in: Sony’s new Cyber-shot has it all See in context

Scrote: Are you serious? I have a feeling you haven't been camera shopping in multiple years. Even back in 2003 there were a multitude of cameras that were thin and had 3 and even 5X power zoom.

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Posted in: Buffalo adds common sense to new keyboard See in context

Roughneck is certainly not wrong. What with frosted windows and our rainy season... heh heh

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Posted in: Cold Stone's 'Coolly's' See in context

I'm pretty sure it's a play on the term 'Coulis' which is often a sweet fruit puree (often used to garnish a dessert)

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