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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Their happy picture brought a smile to my face! Congratulations to the beautiful couple, and best wishes for a wonderful and happy future together!

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Posted in: Some women also felt they were passed up for promotion when they became pregnant, or had it delayed until they returned to work. This is a type of discrimination that is not frequently discussed in Ja See in context

Unfortunately, I was only able to take one month off for maternity leave. (Not by the company's demand.) Even if I had missed another month or two, my workplace still wanted to train me for a promotion upon my return. Training for that while pregnant would have been VERY risky for my baby and myself, so I understand that it was delayed until after my return. (I'm sure that can't apply to every profession though.) Every family's situation is different, and I do wish that more companies would be understanding like mine was. Sure, unexpected things come up now and then involving kids, but that doesn't make a lot of moms any less reliable or hard-working.

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Posted in: Yoshiki donates 'A Chance to Sing an X Japan Song' for charity See in context

Make-A-Wish has done so much for my family, and it makes me so glad to see one of my favorite musicians supporting them.

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Posted in: Disney buys Lucasfilm; new 'Star Wars' film in 2015 See in context

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

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Posted in: AKB48 give smart look to men's suit maker in ad campaign See in context

First thing I thought of when I looked at this was Slender Man.

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Posted in: Smile or your fridge door won't open See in context

If this fridge produces my favorite beer when it opens after I've had a really long day of fake smiling for work, then I would be more than happy to give it a real smile.

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Posted in: George Takei's own history inspires new musical See in context

I'm really hoping to see this someday. I do adore George...and his "Happy Dance" too!

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Posted in: AKB48 to appear on soundtrack to Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph' movie See in context

Even though I'm not an admirer of AKB48, I must agree with KariHaruka. Plus, it's not just the pop girl bands that get spots on soundtracks. If rock is more your thing, Dir en grey and X Japan have songs on soundtracks for the Saw movies. Some good bands don't get chances for things like this, but they can make their names known through other ways. : )

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Posted in: Joey Carbone keeps the hits coming See in context

This was a nice read, especially the response to the last question. I haven't heard anything like that from people I've met in the music industry in a while.

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Posted in: If you want a child, do it before you're 30, says leading obstetrician See in context

If you want a child, do it when you're ready.

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Posted in: 8 dead after epileptic driver in minivan rams into pedestrians in Kyoto See in context

It's a sad truth that even if you do have seizures, some doctors and families will let it slide as long as you keep taking your meds (or say that you are). It is so very dangerous if the person that suffers from it does not take their meds and lives a lifestyle that increases the risk of seizures.

I had a minor seizure disorder for most of my life, and even though the meds had a lot of nasty side effects, I took them to protect myself and everyone around me. Someone in my family still has a more severe case, and he's nearly killed two or three people because he says he forgot to take his meds and then almost got behind the wheel with them! Loved one or not, if they know they have it and they aren't following the treatment for it, they need to be kept off of the roads.

My deepest sympathies and prayers to the victims and their families.

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Posted in: Out and about See in context

Aw...This lovely picture brought a smile to my face!

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Posted in: Bald 'cancer Barbie' doll to debut in 2013 See in context

Dennis, it's targeted at children that are losing hair (or have a loved one that is) while going through medical treatment. They're also not available for sale, but they're going to be given to the kids that are going through tough times. My aunt, a cancer survivor, is more victorious and strong than most people I've ever met. I was past the age of playing with Barbies when I saw her bald for the first time, but I'm glad to hear that they are making something that could possibly ease the tough times for kids.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 306 injured in 33 prefectures by typhoon-strength storm See in context

Yikes! I hope all of you guys and gals are doing okay over there!

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Posted in: Woman dumped child in baby hatch so she could study abroad; another used it for babysitting See in context

Well Papigiulio, some people would have loved to keep their babies, but when they have a truly violent significant other, it's better safe than sorry and winding up as a headline. I'm sure it's not just a bunch of irresponsible parents dumping babies off at a doorstep. Things happen, and people can't always live happily ever after with the family they started. I'm glad that there's a safe place for these children to go and get a chance at a better life.

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

Since I don't care for their sound and style, I just try to ignore them as much as possible. If anything bothers me, it's how JT does not cover more news on musicians that put effort into creating their own music and performing it.

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Posted in: J. K. Rowling to release book for adults See in context

@RowanM - I will not disagree with you on that! :)

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Posted in: One year on, 'ghosts' stalk tsunami-hit Ishinomaki See in context

Guys and gals...we can't prove others entirely wrong and we can't prove ourselves entirely right. If you don't believe, okay. That's your choice. Let the believers remain believers. If someone gets comfort from the belief that the spirit of a loved one is nearby, don't try to call them a fool and take that away from them.

Hopefully someday everyone can find some peace.

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Posted in: Ohio shooter says he chose victims at random See in context

This is terrible...I hope the victims can rest in peace and that all of those affected and their families get all of the support they need during this difficult time.

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Posted in: J. K. Rowling to release book for adults See in context

Whatever it happens to be about, I'm sure that it will have a better love story than Twilight.

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Posted in: What do you think about Twitter? See in context

I'm not a huge fan of it, but when my job required me to have one, I couldn't really say no. >_<

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Posted in: SMAP, AKB48 among 20 acts to appear on NHK program to mark 1st anniversary of March 11 disaster See in context

What I'm more concerned with, though, are the millions of dollars in donations that came from all around the world through Red Cross and other established institutions last year. Have these monies even been disbursed and put to use and/or reached their intended recipients yet??

Not sure about the others, but American Red Cross is probably still sitting on some of the money donated, as they usually do. As for this program, I really hope that they do or have done something other than performing. Music is a great medicine for hard times, but what makes it even more meaningful is when the performers have fundraisers, donate, do volunteer work, and encourage others to do the same.

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Posted in: Ready for boarding See in context

This is probably the only time I'll ever say something like this on JT... Aaaaaah! They're so darn cute! :D

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Posted in: Anonymous a loose-knit group of 'hacktivists,' say authorities See in context

While I don't support everything they do, I acknowledge that they have done some good. For example we'll use some of those sickos that put up videos or photos of themselves torturing animals and think they're never going to get caught. 4Chan users succeeded in identifying them, which resulted in the police paying the abusers a little visit. Again, I don't support all they do, but sometimes it's good to see people taking action.

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Posted in: Egg prices at their lowest in two years See in context

Cleo, here's a thought...MaboDofuIsSpicy just might have not known that what you said is a POSSIBILITY. Some of the cheapest and best eggs around my area in the States are from family farms, and we know those happy little chickens are being treated and fed well.

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Posted in: What do you think are the good and bad points about the subway systems in Japan's cities? See in context

After riding Chicago trains most of my life, I have yet to encounter a problem with Japanese trains worse than what I had back home.

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Posted in: Tohoku victims take part in ceremonies marking 17th anniv of Great Hanshin Earthquake See in context

Being in a life or death situation, losing your home, or losing people you love in disasters is not the easiest thing to get over. If people can come together and find comfort with each other as they remember those hardships, then that's very good for them.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono aims to wow India See in context

Oh, sorry. As an artist and musician as well as one who appreciates many types of art, do I have to state everything that I've done in my time in order to have my opinion?

She's one artist that has done work that just doesn't happen to impress me.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono aims to wow India See in context

Oh jeez...Is one of her pieces going to be an orange sitting on a pedestal with a little sign that says "orange" next to it? Really brilliant... (=_=)

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Posted in: Australian law proposal: Muslims must remove veils See in context

What's "medieval"? have you read the bible or the koran? People actual still believe that outdated, oppressive, aggressive and full of lies crap? Come on it is 2011

Hah. That's funny. Do you think those of us that read it are all the same? If that's the case, I have news for you. That kind of thought is outdated. Come on, it's 2011.

Even if it's not our belief, it is something precious to someone else. If the removal of the veils is necessary, I agree that it should be done in a respectful manner.

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