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Posted in: X Japan pay tribute to deceased former members at Summer Sonic See in context

They've given us a lot of good memories we'll always hold dear in our hearts. Yes, many things have changed. Even though things will never be like they were "back in the day," there are still many out there that love and appreciate all seven of those musicians.

P.S> JT, for the second time...Yoshiki is not the lead singer. It's Toshi.

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Posted in: When choosing an airline to fly with, what factors influence your decision? See in context

I've never had a bad experience with Southwest Airlines or ANA. The staff is always so kind and helpful and what they provide for the customer usually makes those long trips more tolerable. United, on the other hand, was the absolute worst. My first time using a blanket and earplugs on any flight was going back from Narita to Chicago on a United flight. It was just downright awful.

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Posted in: Punk icon Akihiro Namba says only rock can cure Japan’s ills See in context

Good music can never die. Akihiro Namba has the right idea.

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Posted in: Grammy man See in context

No one cares.

Obviously quite a few people on this post care enough to provide the facts about him. Whether or not people like his music, Yoshiki is a very talented and nice man. His band, X Japan, has done quite a few things in the States. They performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago, had a tour throughout the country, and the band contributed to the Saw IV soundtrack with the song "I.V." All of that is just a fraction of what he's done with his life. So...yeah. People DO care about Yoshiki. :)

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Posted in: Drinks all round See in context

Taka313 - If you're near New Jersey, they've got a Mitsuwa Marketplace out that way. I'm sure you can find it there.

I haven't had a regular Coke in a long time, but I have to agree with Bobafett. Coke in glass bottles are the best. :D

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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

I have little tolerance for the "musicians" that sound like they could be with Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is why I usually listen to J-Rock...but even some of that gets iffy.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan introduced See in context

Well...that's going to replace the whale in my nightmares...

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Posted in: Taiji meeting on dolphin hunt set for Nov 2; public to be barred See in context

Unless you have something positive to say, shut up.... Wait, this isn't just about this topic, but all topics in Japan.

Well, that's not very nice! Not all comments are going to be positive, especially on topics like this. If everyone could make comments about a negative or positive feeling in a peaceful and respectful manner, that would be fantastic. That is asking a lot, though...Hopefully that's how the people involved in this will communicate with each other...

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Posted in: Maid to order See in context

Cosplay is not a trend. It is a disease!

The only "disease" is the bout of ignorance that a lot of self-proclaimed "otaku" I've met seem to suffer from. It spreads like a cold, and it's even harder to get rid of.

Long story short, I've got nothing against dressing out of the norm. However, many of the American "otaku" that I know of go prancing around in these outfits and cause a ruckus in the worst places at the worst times.

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Posted in: And then there was Ichiro: MLB teams in process of shedding Japanese players See in context

How about Kosuke Fukudome? When he came to Chicago, I noticed that a lot of Cubs "fans" jumped on Fukudome bandwagon and looked to him as the savior of the team. Most of us know how that turned out... As a result, all of the people that were going "Ooooh!" and "Aaaah!" over him are the same ones bashing him and wishing he never came over. Quite frankly, I'm happy that he came to Chicago. Plus, he brings his family and buys groceries at the store I work at, so I get to say hello to them once in a while. :)

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Posted in: How do you feel when someone you are greeting wants to hug you or kiss you on the cheek? When is it appropriate and do you think the custom can be misinterpreted in some cultures, such as Japan, for e See in context

After saying good night to a penpal of four years during a visit in Korea, he extended his hand at the same time I opened my arms. We looked at each other, asked each other if it was okay, shook hands, then hugged. :) I'm used to hugging friends, and he's used to shaking hands. It was different for both of us, but it was okay. (We both thought our reactions were funny too.)

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Posted in: Man attacks high school girl with stun gun in Fukuoka Pref See in context

This is shocking news! Stabbings, stun guns, starving children to death.... is this a 3rd world country?

I don't want to surprise you any more...but this doesn't just happen in Japan, hon. Try watching "FOX News Chicago."

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

Sure. She has plenty of problems. Don't we all? She apparently has some kind of drug problem and did not graduate from high school (GED only). Somehow, I don't think she spends as much time making excuses for herself as the average loser does.

Well, yeah...However, we should NOT take our "drug problems" out into the world, especially when we're driving. (How different would this all be if her or her boyfriend got in an accident and hurt or killed someone while DUI?) We should also remember that there are consequences for our actions when using drugs. Who knows? Maybe she'll actually learn a lesson this time.

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Posted in: Yoshiki announces Lollapalooza plans at Anime Central See in context

I was sitting in the green room when he came out on stage to make the announcement. It was such an exciting moment! I can't wait to go see them at Lolla!

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