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Posted in: U.S. Ambassador Kennedy used private email for business: report See in context

lol, i find it so amazing that no one in this class of people can keep their email accounts separate when everyone else can

big business is studious in this regard- but politicians ( oh it is too confusing, computers were just invented... oh i am sooo confused)

as for why you should care- she is a US Ambassador, privy to state secrets , and able to set the level of secrets - so if she wants to send secrets via personal email she will just decide it is Sensitive - and viola! the Launch codes go forth in plain English!

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Posted in: Police believe murdered girl, missing boy were taken near train station See in context

Parents everywhere are having the same issue, children at that age are tech savvy and usually have a ready excuse to explain why they are not where they stated they would be.

the phone- which is given to protect the child- actually gives the child a better way to hide where they will be.

and like all teens the sense of Invincibility is high- they never believe anything will harm them, stories in the news are just that stories.

such a shame

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Posted in: Ikebukuro fatal accident puts spotlight back on epileptic drivers See in context

Frungy is correct, there is so much misinformation regarding epilepsy that people with the disease do not report it , do not discuss it and do not tell anyone.

people even restrict relationships - do you want pass on a disease to children?

but if you have stayed on medication for that long frequently you are told to retake a sleep eeg and then you are offered the choice- come of the medication or remain on it.

99.9% remain on the medication for life with a negative sleep eeg- scared that one missed dose would do them in

this was probably just him falling asleep- still a bad act, just as criminal as anyone falling asleep at the wheel instead of taking time and resting- but probably not the result of epilepsy

but now i can see the push - sounds like special markings on the license, perhaps revocation of all licenses - the feeding frenzy has started

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse on WW2 anniversary See in context

hmm, the US states we never have war criminals- war criminals are tried by an international court - and we do not allow US military to be tried by the Hague

so we can try in our military courts, but you'll never get branded a "war criminal"

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Posted in: Mixed world reaction to Abe's WWII statement See in context

i hate to spring it on you , but constant baiting of a pacifist society regarding a military past that they do not relate to, that only they have the "honor" of experiencing the horror of nuclear war.

may actually bring the change that i hear voiced in these pages

right now Japan wants to continue it's pacifist course, but how much baiting can a person and country take?

at this point 70 years on it looks like a bunch of bullies with sticks poking at a child on the ground

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Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology See in context

the sins of the father- a ever present meme circulating around the world, in Japan it is hitting a generation where some people do not have relatives who lived in the era alive.

in the US a wide swath of the population have been thrown in with others when their parents were not in the country when slavery was around, who never lived in a jim crow state and never lived a life of privilege

when the people have passed- the guilt is gone, all you have is the memory. we should be concentrating on keeping the memory alive that war is wrong, nuclear weapons are wrong and keep close to our heart the memories of the innocents on both sides that died

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Posted in: What U.S. hasn't learned about race relations: From Watts in '65 to Ferguson in '15 See in context

Ferguson was a different case, a majority of black owned business, a pretty thriving community, a diverse political base with black leadership.

Ferguson was sparked in part by MORE (( the new version of ACORN), irresponsible political comments by government leadership and a continued decision that the police are simply bad.

in the year since the original shooting, riots, looting and burning the local economy still has not fully recovered, the outside rabble rousers are still there. Ferguson also managed to find a good police chief- instead of falling for a political appointment

yet we just had another round of massive demonstrations with shootings- again with help from MORE - so when does it stop? the Police Officer was not at fault, though his life is ruined, his family is in hiding and i doubt he will work again

the US is more segregated in tone now but not by choice of law, by choice of the people. our parents wanted integration- the current generation talks of Segregation and Cultural Integrity. not understanding that if you have a country of immigrants that you have to allow interrelationship exchange or as a country you will breakdown into the tribal and religious based fights that occur in the middle east and Africa

we should be above that , above the thought that someones religion, race, sex anything makes one superior- we are all human

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Posted in: Disney apologizes for tweet on Nagasaki bombing anniversary See in context

hmm - if we need to be correct with the way we treat communication and advertising with minorities, LGBT, religion and such- why not just go the extra mile and look what the auto translator pushed out on the anniversary of one of the only two A bombs of human beings.

easy to stop a mistaken message from ever getting out

if you get upset over "victim" mentality - well having a relative being a-bombed might give you that right- just saying.

as always- war might bring the end to a current aggression- but does not bring peace- only breaking down barriers, fostering understanding between peoples brings peace

think about that

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Posted in: Man whose electrified fence killed two men commits suicide See in context

smithinJapan, please do not put the western view onto this act . everything about the case was a tragedy, and a s zones2aurf said, the he paid the ultimate price.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 70th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

what has always surprised me is why we never learned from the bombings of these two cities; lip service is paid stating " No Nukes" by various politicians, while they always work to keep nuclear weapons.

yet in classrooms very little of the bombings are presented, only that they were "necessary" to end the war. no real mention of the human cost, of the need never to use them again

no mention of how today's bombs and missiles are so vastly deadlier

they should find a way to contaminate the production process so that nuclear grade can no longer be made.

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat: Hiroshima A-bombing should never be repeated See in context

i find it a shame that 70 years after the US still does not send a high ranker to the ceremony. and i wonder what will happen to Ms Gottemoeller for making such a statement, as it may be misinterpreted.

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Posted in: Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war See in context

this :"deal" is being made just to embed a presidential legacy and to ensure mr oboma lives up to a previously given peace prize.

but it is neither a strong, or wise deal, there is no real oversight, and, Iran will have the bomb in 10 years instead of 5.

Korea is the next one on the checklist- Cuba, Iran - Korea is next- i can really see how everyone will be real happy when President Obama pulls a Nuclear Agreement with no oversight out of thin air.

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Posted in: By The Numbers: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima See in context

Kallikattu Sivarama Parthasarathy praised the research done by the US allies after dropping the bombs, stating that only this research allowed for the setting of standards and understanding in healthcare and industry when dealing with radiation.

There has been a lot of similar arguments to use the German Camp Medical tests on Cold Water Drowning and high and low atitude testing. in fact there are lots of old Nazi testing on live humans that equal what the allies did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Observe, take notes and photos- but render no aid

I am sorry - the argument is not a good one, the country was in ruins and blockaded, it would have fell in a few months. the bombs were not necessary- not for Japan- maybe to stop Russia from Europe but nor for Japan

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Posted in: U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan in 1945: How AP reported it See in context

The United States at the time wanted Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be test beds, they sent medical teams in afterwards to observe and take pictures - then blocked release of the information for years afterwards.

it was to them the ultimate experiment- drop the bomb on real people observe the result. - and by then no-one thought of the Japanese as real people- the Propaganda tools had taken the humanity away.

Yamashi is telling the truth, the plan was to continue dropping as soon as the new bombs came over from the states. it is though LeMay was disappointed that Japan surrendered.

what history does not say is that the ports were already blockaded- the country was cut off. travel to or from Japan was only by the whim of the allies in the end. they could have rode it out for a few months.

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Posted in: Japanese girl's WWII job: waving goodbye to kamikaze pilots See in context

i wonder how many on this page have experienced war, the comments i read here make it appear none have.

you may volunteer for service , but in that war there were still many conscripts, and these were teenagers in Japan- under the normal age of service.

i gather if the tide was turned you would let the your country be overrun, not having done anything from the messages i read here.

desperate times, desperate measures so sad

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

ahh,, according to the PRC the Nationalist party does not exist- so all the work they did - naturally was performed by the PRC during the Great March

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

been waiting for this- the return of the Male Bra. yes that was a real invention- it was made to reduce the maleness in offices. make all men get in touch with their female sides.

maybe all men should just take a colored sheet, cut two eye holes and start wearing that, should not cause too much concern then

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Posted in: Japan's pacifism fades, but most Japanese aren't happy about it See in context

shame- i thought this was going to be an insightful article on the Japanese people and their thoughts of Article 9, it;s legacy and why the change is taking place. Instead it is another op-ed on Abe.

guess that's why a westerner wrote the article

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Posted in: Nuclear refugees face dilemma over returning home See in context

oh freakin god you can never trust greenpeace - they will always monkey the data

if you are left with greenpeace and the government and you are so deadset against the government then do not trust either- greenpeace is the road to ruin. it never has your life in your life in mind- you are always a pawn in it 's game.

so many people did their best with decontamination, there are few options- except for oil and coal. - get your minds around that- wind, wave, thermal, sun - none of those will ever power an industrial county fully or even in a large degree.

so if you are willing to go back to life in the early 1900's in regards to electric use- then you can go green. but that means no electric, no phone, no ac , no refrigerator

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Posted in: New era begins as Cuba raises flag at embassy in U.S. See in context

actually this does nothing for the USA, except allow for cuban cigars to come in legally

the country is still totalitarian, nothing changed.

so not a Deal , not an Agreement. you might say it just makes sense- but to who? i guess to the castro's and their cronies and to Obama's friends who want contracts. but not much else.

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Posted in: Honda to pay $25 mil to settle U.S. discrimination claims See in context

actually honda was not found guilty but did the same as most companies do when faced with the current tax structure of the USA- they settle. the cost of court would far exceed anything that would be saved. it would take 10 years to try the case , in the meantime you have this outstanding court case available for political use in the upcoming elections.

best to settle

the usa makes more money - this is the redistribution of wealth that is spoken off- and the case goes away until the country needs more money

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

please- we as westerners are given a grace to comment here, but this is Japan, too many times i see western values placed onto the Japanese. This they tolerate to an extent but it is not our right to decide for them

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Posted in: Father of bullied boy who killed himself files criminal complaint See in context

Shallots wrote:" Conflict resolution programs, which include peer mediation and elements of restorative justice, are the main way to create a different dynamic within schools:

sigh, i wonder what Psyche nut wrote that money maker. Most bully's do so just because they can.

no more no less= it is just power and the exercise of power. there is no real feeling involved - there is only the ability or need to demonstrate power. if something is challenging their power and the ability to demonstrate power is to open confront the issue - or to beat up the weaker kid- the weaker kid is the one picked.

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Posted in: Woman killed in bullet train fire suicide was on peace pilgrimage See in context

fire is not something you can prepare much for, you can work on containing electric fire, or class a from a cigarette in a seat cushion. however accelerants in a closed space- very tough.

fire extinguishers can only really be used when most of the passengers are out- as they remove air water sprinklers mean carrying water tanks and that equals weight-3.99 kg of water (approx 1 US gallon) you would need about 1000 gallon per car for a sprinkler system - and water shifts... so corners are a problem at speed

so water is out

no i suspect the train was as safe as any could have been and the train crew operated as well as any could.

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

ha, oxycodone is a prescription drug in the usa as well, when you couple the fact that to get the drug in the US the father would have to go to his doctor and get a prescription- there is no way you would mistake the drug for an aspirin

on top of that this is an executive- not a 15 year old high school drop out, and the method to cover up the drug- in separate containers to try to conceal the scent from drug dogs- sorry , this is a long standing user.

it is a good thing the arrest was made, perhaps proper treatment will take place and she will be able to come to grips with the issue

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Posted in: Okinawans still haunted by horror of war 70 years on See in context

Steve, war is war, sneak attack? history is written by the winner , propaganda runs the war, and believe me- if the US had it's way it would have had it's own "sneak attack": but would have called it a "preemptive strike".

that is what a sneak attack is called now.

the US troops were painted in the same light as the Japanese people were by the USA. prior to my mother passing away she still believed that all asians were Japanese, all followed the same precepts of the war posters she saw as a teenager. the amount of hatred was hard to bear, and the inability to talk to anyone who was Japanese or even Asian was also difficult because of this.

but this is what Propaganda and History bring- an incomplete tale the A bomb was not justified, just like most of the bombings but i won't get into why now- that history can be discussed later- unless you decide to really study military history

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Posted in: Abe heckled at ceremony in Okinawa on 70th anniversary of battle See in context

a lot of people make comments regarding the war, regarding how Okinawa does not appreciate the US etc, however - has anyone really appreciated what the Okinawan' s have gone through? The USA were the aggressors who came to the island and bombed, set on fire and killed people.

even if the US did not turn into the horrible demon's they were made out to be by the Imperialist troops- i do not think they expected to be kept under occupation ever since. - for that is what it must feel like

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Posted in: Policeman fires warning shot after truck thief threatens him with hatchet See in context

what comes up must come down, if you fire directly above you the projectile will come down, if you fire over the subject the projectile will continue until it hits something.

you are fortunate that no one has learned that yet - the hard way. that is why warning shots are no longer used in the united states. not because the US is more violent but because there were injuries.

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Posted in: Has China learned how to build the perfect U.S. spy? See in context

strangerland, even if most of the servers are off line - not all can be-, look at the information- US heatlhcare records- Obamacare mandates electronic health care which by law will tie into tax records.

and as we know- no matter how tight the firewall is, how pervasive the hardware appliance and software antivirus- there will be somoene who will get in

these are countries with teams of people and thousands of dedicated servers with tens of thousands that can be purchased on the internet to assist in processing power

China thinks long term, i guess the next step is - given the information- how soon could we have a new spy in the works?

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

how many here have actually read the lyrics to the Kimigayo? not much there, actually pretty when you think of an ancient poem. it is much less offensive than the Deutschenlied which is still used in Germany.

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