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Posted in: Coca-Cola addresses obesity for first time in ads See in context

Avoid Coke to remain healthy.- No coke after meal .

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Posted in: Coca-Cola addresses obesity for first time in ads See in context

Coke is good to clean our toilets, due to its contents of ascorbic and other Acids. Many paces it is also used as pesticides due to high contents( above allowable limits) of poisonous chemicals and pesticides.SO It is not for your body.

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Posted in: A soft drink a day raises prostate cancer risk: study See in context

There are many good uses of these soft drinks(Perti. Coca cola & Pepsi) 1. THey are v. good toilet cleaner:try to clean your toilet by sprincleing coke. 2. They are good Garden pest icides In Pujab(India) many farmer has tride coke to use as to control pest successfully. 3. One may put one broken teeth in the coke tin for 3-4 days which will dilute by it self. So DO NOT EVEN TRY COKE AND PEPSI once in a while.

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Posted in: Is black voter support for President Obama racist? See in context

racist or not racist is not the Qn. Whites are not from god and Blacks are not from davils.though Blood is always thicker than water.If 100% blacks votes for B obama nothing is wrong. We all humans are basicaly by Birth racist more or less.

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Posted in: Tableware made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles See in context

Glass bottles are 100 times recyclable with little wastage. There is nothing new that COCO COLA IS RECYCLING ITS BOTTLE.COco cola has emptied the ground water by extracting lot of ground water, damaging the enviroment and now trying to patch up these anti environment steps. They should have set up no. of percolation well which will increase the level of under ground water.It is only making money from our water.

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Posted in: Where is Japan’s culture and is it disappearing? See in context

Change of culture takes long time and it first starts at mind level-thought level. The root less U.S. culture has propagated 'spend and enjoy' phylosophy-while eastern culture is"save and spend for others'. To save our kids from western culture keep them away from US TV shows, and also avoide over dosage of ENGLISH.

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Posted in: UNU Farmer's Market: Farm-fresh food and lots, lots more See in context

The biggest advantage of these food is that they are organically grown i.e. no harm to us or to our childrens.

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Posted in: Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 See in context

Ist of all-we have to think to get out of the crunch of those western countries and multi national power(NUC) gients.-then only our own -Japan's own natural resources and brains will be useful.

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Posted in: Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 See in context

Solar power is a good but-capital expensive alternative to nuc. power. Though it is space consuming -if the panels can be laid on mountains I thik it can work. In India , 400 MW solar power plant will start working today in GUJARAT state (kind of prefacture)

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Posted in: Criticism mounts over plan to restart nuclear reactors See in context

It is better to loose job and work in the farms do some odd jobs without a.c. on, than to have nuc. radiations in our genes.

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Posted in: Water containing strontium leaks from Fukushima plant into sea See in context

Sooner or later this radioactive leakages will affect us, what we eat,drink or breath will be full of radiations. GOD pl. save our generations from these technology and this kind of companies(like TEPCO)

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Posted in: Radioactive fluid leaks at French nuclear reactor See in context

France is tring hard to sale its old technology and reactors to developing countries.All should know now that 'two small fires' are even cause big problems in surrounding.It is time to avoid ,these technology or to go for green power untill new safe technology for npp is available.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

If we will avoide white rice,white flour(fine flour) and white sugar than I think 50% of health problem will be solved.We should take half or less polised rice instead full milled or polished.

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

I@Well- if this will be the tradition and trend of all big stores where Japanese youth-young japanese will go for Job?--and what about small retailer of local area? They will have to shutter down? We don't need this big Store.

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Posted in: Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study See in context

**Funny-American scientists says after long research work today **that Meat is harmful for mankind.Hindu saints and Ayurveda says since thousands of years to avoid any kind of meat-if you want to remain healthy long life. Even it is considered as a SIN (pap karma) to kill and eat any living creature.WE SHOULD FOLLW VEGE DIET ONLY>

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Posted in: TEPCO again criticized over complicated compensation process See in context

Is this a joke? 445 billion yen between around one million people means how many yen per head? Hardly 4450000 yen that means around 5400 us doller ? Why one should have such power plants ? which can destroy our whole community and after they offer us only 500 doller????

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Posted in: Coke, Pepsi make changes to avoid cancer warning See in context

<>It is better to avoid.Coke and pepsi.Our tea is better than these poisonous drink. They are better to be used as a toilet cleaner.Sprincle a tin of these toilet cleaner in your toilet , and not in your body or stomach.

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Posted in: Missing U.S. teacher's body located in Ishinomaki See in context

There are more than 20000 stories like this.Each japanese missing person has their own stories than Why giving importance to U.S. citizen?

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