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I think we have to laud the positive attitude of the government.

Yes, Japan is clueless about how to respectfully integrate (not assimilate) foreigners.

Yes, the comparison with Naomi Osaka is completely absurd.

Yes, there are many skilled foreigners (including me) who have borne the brunt of irrational Japanese policies towards foreigner in an official sense, and intolerant behavior of the society in an unofficial sense.

Now, let's look at the positive side. Japan is a country known for its "isolation" since historical times. They have raised the bar high and have kept it high for a long time. We have to appreciate the dedication, hard-work and commitment of Japanese people to take their society to the levels they have achieved (positive and negative ways of course). And we foreigners have to help them with this initiative, because they are ACTUALLY clueless about this.

I think there has to be more of a constructive dialogue (not mud-slinging) between Japanese people and groups that will lobby on behalf of Foreigners. It is a fun fact that one of such groups I googled last year had NO foreigner on their advisory board. High time things start rolling and Gaijin proactively work with Nihonjin to make Japan a better place.

I will still like to say the glass is half full.

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