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Posted in: Highly skilled foreigners to be allowed to stay permanently in Japan See in context

@zenpun----Highly skilled IT professional who are good enough for Silicon Valley are mostly from I which is representing India and T which is representing Taiwan. I am not sure about Taiwanese. However many Indians IT experts want to live in Japan because it is clean, modernized, low in crime rate and orderly. India has no bullet trains, cherry blossom and mouth Fuji. There is no other place like Japan which have longevity and politeness. Indian answering you listen :yes boss Indians want to live here because they are highly paid for their high skills,yes we do not have bullet trains because we are still progressing.have you seen India?India is beautiful in its own way,we do have Mount Everest n many many polite n calm places,do not judge if you r lacking knowledge.whatever,India is India and we love

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Posted in: Serial burglar suspected of over 100 thefts See in context

God....our house got robbed last year at Tsujigaoka by breaking window and we have lost about 6 lakh yen jewels,we are Indians and we filed police complaint,but no just curious nw..

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