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Posted in: Computer home theater system See in context

i can use the $1500 USD and put together something better then that =S

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Posted in: Energy Shaker See in context

hmm... it failed to mention the after crash that you will experience 1 hr after u drank this...

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Posted in: Pot wear See in context

people be warned... she is armed and ready to cook...

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Posted in: Waiting for iPad See in context

i am waiting for the Lenovo U1... it looks better then this enlarged iTouch

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Posted in: At your convenience See in context

i wonder how much make-up she wearing... still pretty tho

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Posted in: The mystical world of Koyasan See in context

i wanna visit there someday

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Posted in: Find your own forest in Nara See in context

i love those deers... they tried to rob me of my roasted sweet potato the last time i was there...

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the most spectacular scenes ever filmed in movies? See in context

Titanic - When the ship split in half and when it was sinking... also the nude pic drawing =D

Armageddon - The shuttle lift off

March of the Penguin - The egg hatching scene where all the birds was hurdling together

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Posted in: Woman's body found in plastic bag on river bank See in context

compare to where i am from (Oakland, California) 3 bodies in 4 months is not a bad number... but still... RIP to the victims

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Posted in: Ramen inventor's son soups up healthier legacy See in context

actually... they could take alternatives like adding salt substitute to their noodle (i.e. potassium chloride) very much like the Americans add sugar subs. to their consumables; however I think what they should take out is some of the MSG (printed as "mono-sodium glutamate" on the ingredients list) that's in the noodle which has a more negative impact on health then normal table salt. Other "bad" substances in the noodles are the preservatives that was added; however, the substances can be wash away with a quick blanch in hot water and shock the noodle in cold water.

Other thoughts: they sell 92 billion servings per year and yet they only "donated" 1.8 mil servings to needy people? that's less then 0.1% of their annual sales...

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Posted in: Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism See in context

the best that i've seen in a vending machine in where I live is hot cocoa... I want what they have in Japan!!

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