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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce See in context

What's next?

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Posted in: Sydney's Bondi beach closed after crowds defy social distancing orders See in context

So if you're seen to be having fun in one of the few places where this isn't a problem, they take it away from you?

Were you there instead of basing your judgement on a single photo? The problem is the attitude: you can do what you like, ignore all the rules. 'They' take it away from you. Something else might take it away from you.

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Posted in: Unless strong economic growth can push up corporate and income tax revenues, further consumption tax hikes can't be ruled out. It is a matter of timing. See in context

Slumping economies are not fixed by raising taxes. But who am I saying this not being a chief market economist.

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Posted in: Health workers may not be using hand sanitizer properly See in context

The 'other' 50% pretend to wash their hands when using the toilet stalls.

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Posted in: Trump 'apoplectic' with UK's Johnson over Huawei decision: Financial Times See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump was "apoplectic"

At least one thing the man excels at.

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Posted in: Trump acquittal now likely Wednesday; Senate rejects witnesses See in context

The whole circus with traits of a kangaroo court will be over soon.

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Posted in: Billionaire Maezawa cancels search for lunar love despite 27,722 applicants See in context

His recruiting sounded too ridiculous from the start.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits 5 children on crossing See in context

Although the same people who drive are the ones who often are pedestrians too, when the latter are in the driver's seat they think the roads are theirs and ignore and disrespect those who walk the same roads. Instilling respect for and the right of pedestrians, cross walks or not, is a task this country has not accomplished since the start of motorization. Shame. And yes, one feels safer in the UK, the US and I may add in for example the Netherlands where drivers always stop for pedestrians.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits 5 children on crossing See in context

Hi-tech country, lo-tech traffic systems.

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Posted in: Drunk ANA flight attendant causes 4 domestic flights to be delayed in Fukuoka See in context

Breaking the rules is a no-no, but suggesting in the repugnant headline the attendant was drunk is also a big no-no.

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Posted in: Survey reveals 70% of Japanese adults believe corporal punishment is necessary See in context

In 2019, the number of births in Japan numbered fewer than 87,000

That figure cannot be correct.

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Posted in: UK charges U.S. diplomat's wife over teen's death in crash See in context

Trump also appeared to be giving excuses for Sacoolas, saying American drivers often get confused because motorists in Britain drive on the left side of the road.

Trump could not have made a dumber comment. But at least he refrained from saying 'the wrong side of the road'.

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Posted in: Anger erupts at U.N. climate summit as major economies resist bold action See in context

The major economies do not want to commit economic suicide. What a surprise.

The major economies, meaning their leaders - if you can call them that - refuse to take action that may help to save this earth. Their ostrich 'stick the head in the sand', indicating their stupidity attitude, will seal not only the fate of the believers' in climate change, but their own generation, offspring and the next. Do they see the faces of the latter? Do they live with that and sleep peacefully at night? Ask yourself, who put these people in power?

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas will still be celebrated in some form 100 years from now? See in context

Yes, it's been celebrated for just over 2000 years.

Minus 336.

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Posted in: Some people prefer to say holiday tree instead of Christmas tree. What's your view on this? See in context

Freedom of speech? Sure. As long as we know what people are talking about. Re: Holiday gifts, holiday cake, holiday wreath, holiday cards, etc. Next some of us will realize holiday means holy day, and then what?

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Posted in: Trump criticizes climate activist Thunberg after Time honor See in context

The Trump is probably not just a jerk, the man is sick.

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Posted in: Brazil's Bolsonaro calls Greta Thunberg a 'brat' See in context

Bolsonaro is a liar and a jerk who has nothing positive to offer to Brazil, the climate change, the environment. Greta is spot on with her remarks, but that does not sit well with people like Bolsonaro who all they can do is go into denial and become offensive.

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Posted in: Tetsu Nakamura: Japanese doctor who devoted his life to Afghanistan See in context

Killed by cowardly bastards who have nothing else to contribute than murdering civilians. RIP Dr. Nakamura.

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

The point is that the majority of people can't afford a VAT with a 20% rate here since the prices before tax are already so high.

Exactly. People in Europe deal with high VAT, on certain products - not across the board, because products, noticeably food, are priced much lower than in Japan. Constantly raising consumption taxes, taxes that force people to lower their consumption and unfairly punish themselves and their children, is not a panacea to resolve a nation's monetary problems. Scrutinize and punish those responsible for creating an environment that depends on milking citizens to support irresponsible spending by immature and impotent administrations would go a long way to create a culture that does away with for ever promoting more power to global corporations and the links between corporations and government that do not have the rights of the people who support them in mind.

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

The IMF peeked in their crystal ball and saw 30 years ahead.

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Posted in: Singer Goo Hara’s death shines light on dark side of K-pop See in context

A problem for a society as a whole and a very sad problem at that. Pop stars enslaving themselves to a culture without future.

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining girlfriend’s 7-month-old son in washing machine See in context

So yes, there is something wrong with this guy. No easy solution though.

Oh, but there is. He is clearly guilty of inflicting aggravated bodily harm which should put him away for a number of years and give him time to reflect on his atrocities.

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Posted in: Main buildings of castle at World Heritage site in Okinawa destroyed by predawn fire See in context

No sprinklers had been installed, the fire department said.

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Posted in: Main buildings of castle at World Heritage site in Okinawa destroyed by predawn fire See in context

I pray that the rebuild includes a fire sprinkler system

About that, I am surprised apparently there was no such system installed.

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Posted in: Koike remains defiant over IOC decision to move events to Sapporo See in context

Making athletes run 50 kilometers in 38’ heat with 80% humidity is absurd and will most likely kill some of them.

And these facts were not known long before and during the bidding process? What a circus.

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Posted in: Thai king strips his consort of royal titles for disloyalty See in context

This is not just about the king's displeasure with his consort. He is sending a signal he has absolute power and no one is allowed to go against him. He is now the head of a medieval like absolute monarchy.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

In the 60s people had more common sense.

Very true. And October, early fall, is a great time to do sports. It boggles the mind organisers did not come to their senses over the years since planning to hold the games in the seasonally most uncomfortable time of the year and that in Tokyo.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

"I understand there's a point of view from some that we shouldn't be in business at all in China and I'd say from an intellectual standpoint that's fair," Silver said

There is never a moment for a non-Chinese enterprise to sit back and enjoy the view. The political weather is unpredictable and erratic and can change overnight. The rules and boundaries are plainly different.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

China has portrayed the protesters as violent separatists and bristled at any foreign interference in the matter.

Asking to fire the executive of the Rockets also looks like interference to me.

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Posted in: China's defense minister says resolving 'Taiwan question' is greatest national interest See in context

resolving the "Taiwan question" is his country's "greatest national interest",

his country's "greatest national obsession".

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