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Posted in: Myanmar defends Suu Kyi's silence over jailed reporters See in context

A Yangon court on Monday found them guilty

A kangaroo court

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies from heatstroke after being left in car See in context

It is incomprehensible the parents (read: 2 people) forgot about the whereabouts of the one-year old child, unless they were under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. A baby, a toddler, a child is always on the mind of the parents in my book.

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Posted in: Trump hits back at LeBron James over racial division comments See in context

James described Trump as a "bum" following the furor.

Apt description, but a bit too polite? Trump the bum, sounds good. Come on Trump, keep your lovely tweets showing your intelligence coming. We cannot wait to see your daily updates showing how much you know about the world, diplomacy, relations, respect, governing a nation - the list goes on. It would be really entertaining if we eliminate the fact this clown in the WH divides a country, fuels hatred, was given the power to do this by an (unsuspecting, equal minded?) electorate that one of these days is going to be very sorry about the choices they made.

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Posted in: Trump trash-talks restaurant that asked his press secretary to leave See in context

Trump is a liar.

He is. He can't help it, it is his nature.

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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

"Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable,"

The dude is nothing more than a boor in a suit with a long tie, orange hair, a loud mouth and a twitter account.

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Posted in: U.S. military may house immigrant children; Melania's jacket causes stir on border visit See in context

The message was intentional.

It sure was, but its meaning was not as most posters and others believe it to be. Melania is clearly turning her back on the administration and its actions against immigrants and that includes her disapproval of her husband. "I really don't care" what you think of my actions, I disapprove of you, I hate the separation of children from their parents as I have said before. I hate the way these immigrants are treated and that's my opinion and I don't care what you think of that. [But probably you are too dull to get that thru your heads]

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Posted in: Sessions cites bible to defend separating immigrant families See in context

Devout Christian Sessions now openly quotes his favorite handbook, the Bible, to justify inhumane policies. This administration is sinking deeper and deeper.

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general curbs asylum for immigrant victims of violence See in context

Despicable elf.

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Posted in: What do you think will be the outcome of Tuesday's planned summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? See in context

Trump still has no clue what politics mean in the real world. He thinks he is the big negotiator, the great deal maker. Well what he is up against is not another business deal. He is up against a shrewd adversary supported by an ever shrewder powerful leader. He has no plan, no strategy only his seat of the pants routine. Await his next tantrum spiced with lies, his specialty, on twitter.

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump forced N Korean leader Kim to beg for summit See in context

Rudy is a conservative.

Idiot is now a synonym for conservative. What comes out of the mouth of this 'conservative' makes me want to puke.

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Posted in: Trump tariffs on U.S. allies draw retaliation threats See in context

Who elected this bafoon?

Uhh, buffoon with respect, not respect for the buffoon but for the unintended error :)

But to answer the question. Surely those with integrity, character and intelligence.

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Posted in: Woman killed, others injured after 90-year-old driver hits pedestrians near Tokyo See in context

Shooting lights about to turn red is a national driving habit here.

It's become a national disease, and it has progressed to running red lights as a matter of course. I witness it multiple times daily. Not enforcing traffic rules is sowing the seeds of serious trouble. When I stop for a yellow light drivers behind me get mad.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

Is it cowardice, fear, impotence, ignorance, lack of respect for human lives that prevents legislators, those elected to protect the people, their own people outlawing the possession of lethal weapons, weapons that are produced and distributed for one reason only which is to kill and maim to act and take a stand and put an end to willful murder? Is it greed, stupidity that stimulates inactivity to finally put an end to the carnage? Is this the way of a modern nation that prides itself on its freedom and democracy but which are just a mirage that divides this nation that has not succeeded in freeing itself of the notion that guns in the home are a necessary remnant of its wild west days when guns were as omnipresent as a coffee jug? Does this nation lack the capability to protects its own citizens, does it not have a police force, means of defending its own people, government the people can rely on and trust, an FBI, a CIA? If the answer is NO, than yes, humor the NRA, the archaic 2nd amendment, the arms industry and those who profit by it. If the answer is YES, but we want our toys then that is an indication of a very sick society. A society, a nation that wants to be an example to the world but one that cannot keep its own house in order. A nation that has come to terms with sacrificing its own people to interests of greed, stupidity and ignorance. Picture the image of making America great again.

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Posted in: China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan See in context

Communist China under its dictators wants hegemony in the region. It's their obscene lust for power and control which is driving them.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

At this moment we do not know if it was a premeditated murder, but there is no doubt  that only an evil mind is capable of killing an innocent defenseless child. Swinging for it seems too lenient - is there a justifiable way to make him pay for his crime?

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Posted in: Trump blasts drugmakers, middlemen for high U.S. drug prices See in context

very, very rich, yeah

I know about a dude who became very, very rich by exploiting loopholes in the taxation laws.

And I know about a dude who does not think millions and millions of his fellow citizens are worth the legislation or the right to proper health care insurance.

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Posted in: Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech See in context

Trump is close to being impeached in spite of all his frantic firing of officials doing their duty, following the law serving the American people which is an unknown concept to Trump. But this clown himself thinks he is above the law and nothing prevents him from offending foreign countries with his never ending adolescent idiocies and obscenities. Until he gets axed.

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Posted in: Beijing reported to have installed missiles on South China Sea islands See in context

China has become a power to reckon with, economically, politically and militarily. With Xi-Mao the Second at the helm this bodes major global conflicts that won't serve anyone in the long run. China's economic power will erode in the not too far future as the Chinese people demand a larger piece of the pie: better living conditions. Setting up foreign factories for its cheap labor is then no longer an option. Add to that technology theft and total disregard of international standards and agreements concerning trade and territorial issues and Beijing will have to adopt a different tune from its assertively provocative standard 'our sovereignty' one.

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Posted in: New Mexico students join walkout to support gun ownership See in context

Second amendment is kept safe. Oh yeah, I get it. Gun culture is kept safe.

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Posted in: Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says S Korea's Moon See in context

This will go down as the joke of the century.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law on court jurisdiction for int'l divorces See in context

Divorces can be traumatic and messy. Especially when spouses are from different nationalities and divided by borders. Custody of children is usually allowed to the parent who seems most fit to give the best support to the child, meaning the least disruptive. And that takes into consideration of not only the single parent allowed custody but also how long the child has lived in Japan, the presence of supporting grandparents, family, education, etc. There will be cultural differences, but the courts can not be accused of being unfair. Granting custody to parents living thousands miles apart is definitely disruptive to a child. A child is not a ping pong ball.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't seeks stricter smoking ban than national gov't See in context

The smokers coming to the Olympics the year after next will love being able to burn, inhale, blow out the emissions of smoldering tobacco in every other restaurant or bar in this country. The non smokers will see this country as backward in the lack of legislation protecting people's health and classify this country as 'typically Asian'. Make up your mind Japan about the image you wish to project.

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Posted in: U.S. concerned about sexual harassment in Japan: report See in context

One would think the United States of America has other things to worry about. Perhaps Japan is concerned about gun possession in the USA, but they won't announce it from the mountain tops. A little more subtlety from the big brothers would be in order, especially in the light of the need to do their homework concerning sexual harassment in its own backyard.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain blame Russia for global cyberattack See in context

Moscow spokespersons have about zero credibility with their denials, but have a good command of adjectives.

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Posted in: Korean Air suspends 'nut rage' sister from work over tantrum See in context

Rage running in the family, it's in their DNA.

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Posted in: Japanese bemused by Trump bowling ball car test claim See in context

Trump the comedian. Bowling ball test, very funny.  From a man with a high IQ - uh?? Whatever the implication, the message is clear: you can keep your dented hood automobiles.

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Posted in: Trump has decided to remove his national security adviser: Washington Post See in context

There will be more. Firing. Even Sanders is not safe.

No doubt there will be more firing as long as DT's twitter account is not blocked. But even if it were the orange man will find a way to finally surround himself with only clones of - yes, you guessed right.

There will be those who will defend the president's actions till the end, many of them knowing something is afoul and on the other side of the fence those who strongly reject the man's idiocy and have done so from the beginning. What both sides need to do is ask themselves if this, the state the US is in right now is what they wanted and what they can do to bridge the division and get serious about really make America great again. Leaving the outcome to a twitter man won't cut it.

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Posted in: China lawmakers abolish presidential term limits See in context

2958 declarations of impotence. Congratulations.

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Posted in: Japan eyes steps to avert medical issues with foreign tourists See in context

We need more info on the 8 million to resolve this. I bet it was ¥80,0000 and not 8 million.

How many zeros?

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