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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year See in context

It's going to be an absolute disaster, their stubbornness in not moving it forward a month or two is going to go down in history

1964 October was the perfect timing, this time will be different as could have been and was predicted. The timing is not Japan's decision but one that is pushed by commercial and political interests. Why not ask Trump for some advice. He may come up with some original useful idea via twitter.

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Posted in: Transportation secretary to represent U.S. at emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

President Donald Trump has already visited Japan twice this year

Yes, he ran out of revolving credit here. So a secretary is a suitable substitute.

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Posted in: Trump hails 'nice victory' on trade as EU whisky; wine makers left reeling See in context

"There's going to be no tit-for-tat retaliation," Navarro said. "Under the rules of the WTO, which we're complying with here, we get to do this and they should not do anything back."

A surprise is lying in wait for you Peter. Did you mention 'complying with rules'? Noooo!

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

I think the word 'nutter' applies here.

I think the word 'abomination' applies here.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring woman who was texting while walking See in context

What I often do is stand and watch them walk into me

How about just stepping aside?

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Posted in: Trump insists he never pressed Ukraine to dig for Biden dirt See in context

Trump also claimed he didn’t pay off a porn star to keep quiet about him cheating on his wife with her while his wife and newborn baby were at home.That’s one of the problems with lying - nothing you say after can really be believed.

Spot on. The white house is home to a man whose lying is as autonomic a process as breathing.

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Posted in: Couples flogged for public affection in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Let this be a warning to people contemplating a vacation in this country where a religion, not a democratic government, sets the rules people need to live by. Don't ignore it, stay away.

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki donates ¥10 mil after Chiba hometown hit by typhoon See in context

Thank you Yoshiki. Sharing and caring, you set an example and hopefully others will follow.

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Posted in: Trudeau begs forgiveness for brownface photo See in context

The way the media crucify Trudeau and the comments politicians make is more offensive than what Trudeau did back then, a time nobody noticed. There is an awful lot of hypocrisy involved.

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Posted in: Trump keeps up feud with California during visit See in context

Last month, the administration completed 14 miles (23 kilometers) of steel bollards up to 30 feet (9 meters) high, except for a small stretch where homes in Tijuana, Mexico, blocked the construction path, triggering bilateral talks about whether to knock them down. The $147 million project replaced a much shorter fence made of surplus airstrip landing mats from the Vietnam War.

Wow, that's some accomplishment. How many more miles to go?

Airstrip landing mats. Yeah, the Vietnam war legacy put to some real useful purpose.

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Posted in: Trump orders more Iran sanctions as Saudi Arabia displays attack evidence See in context

The attack was initiated in Iran. If you repeat that statement long and often enough, do the copy and paste ad infinitum, you start to believe it, but, uhh, where is the proof?

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Posted in: Trudeau begs forgiveness for brownface photo See in context

Time magazine did not have anything more newsworthy to report. They decided on digging up trivialities from a distant past.

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Posted in: One dead, 32 injured after train, truck collide at rail crossing in Yokohama See in context

Very unfortunate accident. My thoughts are with the people involved.

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Posted in: Trump displays incorrectly altered map of Hurricane Dorian path See in context

Altering official government weather maps is actually illegal.

It is. Give Donnie his 90 days in prison. He was asking for it.

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Posted in: Trump vows response to China tariffs on $75 bil of U.S. goods See in context

And the nation keeps this man in office.

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Posted in: U.S. immigration agents arrest 680 workers at Mississippi plants See in context

Here is another Trump operation that stands out for its ugliness. Again children are separated from their parents, ICE focuses on Hispanics, constitutional rights are violated, excessive force is being used. Check other media for more information.

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Posted in: UK calls seizure of ship a hostile act; Iran releases video of capture See in context

Logic would tell you that Iran is not a member of the EU and neither is Syria, so they are not bound by any EU sanctions.

Total bull.

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Posted in: UK calls seizure of ship a hostile act; Iran releases video of capture See in context

Is it any less hostile than the UK's action against the Iranian ship?

Seems to be a subtle difference. The Grace 1 was carrying 2.1 million barrels of oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions against that country. The British ship was empty and heading in international waters to a Saudi port when it was under false pretenses forcibly diverted from her course.

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

Elderly drivers are focused on here. Sad story. Let's not forget that the same thing in larger numbers happen to many, many younger, much younger drivers. Truck drivers, taxi drivers, student drivers, male, female from all parts of life. A movement trying to make elderly people villains and force them off the road is a dangerous trend.

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

Kimonno, problem solved.

Did you mean Kimohno? At least her not so original idea of fusing her name with ono or ohno got her a lot of attention. She'll be pleased with that.

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

OK, that's settled then. Japan takes a big step forward in banning smoking. Now the enforcement of the strict and scary laws. If that goes the same way as enforcing traffic laws here I have little hope.

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Posted in: Japan defends tighter controls on tech-related exports to S Korea See in context

South Korea proposed that companies from both countries fund compensation for the plaintiffs

This compensation was part of an agreement settled long ago. But SK will never be satisfied and continue demanding more ad infinitum.

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Posted in: Trump calls London mayor a 'disaster' after a spate of killings See in context

Trump's thing is lies and insults, gets him off.

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Posted in: Trump blames Iran for tanker attacks but calls for talks See in context

Trump and cronies should tone it down a bit and start blabbering only when they have clear evidence. This group is good at accusing other nations of creating conflicts, but they do them one better.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles with extradition bill protesters See in context

For now it's rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray, but things could turn ugly real quick. It's hard to be optimistic about how this stand off will end as we know how Beijing deals with what it considers dissent.

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Posted in: Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law See in context

According to a copy of the verdict seen by Reuters, the court recognized that the sex was non-consensual, that the father had physically and sexually abused the victim when she was younger and that he had used force. But the judges concluded that doubt remained as to whether she had no option other than to submit. The case is under appeal.

What happened here and the verdict makes me feel sick. These judges have no right to be on the bench and should be removed.

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Posted in: Former Minnesota cop sentenced to 12.5 years for killing of Australian woman See in context

Life in prison would not be enough to atone for that murder.

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Posted in: U.S. cruise operators stop sailing to Cuba; travelers vent anger online See in context

The US needs to leave sovereign nations alone and focus on its own serious domestic problems.

Yes, its interference is taking the form of a cancer growing.

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Posted in: Journalists in jail? Australia weighs implications of police raids on media See in context

Australia moving closer to China?-Well, in the way 'things' are done, you know, the freedom, human rights, democracy things. Could think of some more principles. Probably you too.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

One good thing about high heels: they make women’s legs look beautiful.

Highly subjective view.

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