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Posted in: Trump tells China: Trade deal now or it will be 'far worse' after 2020 See in context

While supporters laud Trump as a tough negotiator, free-trade-minded Republicans have warned that the tariffs could do real damage to the economy, and many farmers -- including Trump supporters -- say the tariffs have hit their bottom line.

A negotiator who not only lacks any bit of style but also thinks nothing of selling out his country. And yet nobody is stopping him.

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Posted in: N Korea launches more missiles; U.S. seizes ship in mounting tensions See in context

Little rocket man is back.

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Posted in: Trump administration seeks to target nationwide injunctions See in context

On the doorsteps of fascism.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

The real plague is not the shootings themselves but the impotence of a nation to deal with the underlying causes.

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Posted in: Treasury denies Democrats' request for Trump tax returns See in context

What does Trump have to hide that he does not want people to know?


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Posted in: Mass wisteria See in context

Does the admission fee include lunch?

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Posted in: S Korean court asked to sell Japan firms' assets over wartime labor See in context

It's harsh to judge a whole nation for the stupidity of its leaders, including an independent (we think) judiciary. But that's what happens until the Korean people, the voters, themselves realize only they can bring around change. Rests the task to reform a highly competitive society where people are more focused on their own personal struggles than on geriatric politics they distrust.

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Posted in: Man killed, woman in coma after crashing car while being pursued by police See in context

A high speed pursuit for a broken head light?

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Posted in: North Carolina campus shooting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured; suspect in custody See in context

What's new in the land of the gun?

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Posted in: Thailand's king marries consort ahead of coronation See in context

Photo showing General Suthida, soon to become Queen Suthida, lying at the feet of her lover of several years, in a ceremony in accordance with royal tradition, initiating her coronation to coincide with that of her husband and King. Congratulations to the King of Siam and Suthida.

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Posted in: Russian agent Maria Butina sentenced to 18 months in U.S. See in context

Harsh sentence.

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Posted in: Daimler says it has no idea how Kim Jong Un got his limos See in context

Possibly acquired from China.

My idea too. Xi isn't too much committed to sanctions.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

All drivers over 70 are given cognitive testing twice a year in Japan.

They are not.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

Iizuka, who was once head of the former Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, part of the now-defunct Ministry of International Trade and Industry, had taken a cognitive function test in 2017, according to investigative sources. But no problems were observed at that time.

The frequency of these tests needs to be upped.

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Posted in: In new attack, Trump threatens more tariffs against European Union See in context

What a joke of an U.S. president

This president has given a new meaning to the term 'president'. It can be read using a plethora of unflattering words. I'll leave the choices up to the individual but I don't doubt he will be remembered nationally and internationally as a twisted non-leader.

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Posted in: Trump says he made Golan Heights decision after a quick history lesson See in context

Trump in the history books will go down as the US president who made the illegal legal in the blink of an eye.

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Posted in: Chief of staff says Democrats will never see Trump tax returns See in context

What on earth is Trump so afraid of?

The truth coming out, the evidence the dude is a conman. Everyone already knows he's a pathological liar.

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Posted in: George Clooney calls for boycott of hotels over Brunei's anti-gay law See in context

Brunei's ruling royals possess a huge private fortune and its largely ethnic-Malay population enjoy generous state handouts and pay no taxes.

The Sultan introduced a tough Islamic penal code nearly five years ago which it said would be introduced over a period of several years.

Under the new laws, theft will be punished by the amputation of a hand for a first offence and the amputation of a foot for a second offence.

When he announced the move, the Sultan, 72, one of the world's wealthiest men, called the code "a part of the great history of our nation".

Watch out for the devil in disguise reverting to torture to enforce his laws by evil medieval unjustifiable means. Sultan, yeah right, one of vice and corruption and condoning unbelievable cruelty. Stay away from this place Brunei, remember this name, support George Clooney's call.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Heads need to roll of all those involved in Mia's request for help. No amount of apologies and bowing heads will cut it. It was very clear from an early stage Mia's life could be in danger but the system, no not the system, the people supposed to do their jobs and protect her, were totally useless and irresponsible failing to take proper action. Now all I can do is pray for the child's soul.

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Posted in: Do you think Nissan's sales will suffer as a result of former chairman Carlos Ghosn's prolonged detention in Japan? See in context

The word of the Ghosn affair does get around, not just about what he allegedly did, but also how Nissan dropped him and gave him an additional kick when he was down and then how the justice system is treating him, failing to properly charge him and deny him proper legal counsel. That all is news and few people will miss that. It influences the choices they make. Nissan might soon return to the pre-Ghosn days.

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Posted in: Japanese crab fishing boat seized by Russia See in context

Without further details it is hard to say whether the fishing vessel was actually in Russian territory, but Russia has no qualms about illegally seizing foreign ships.

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Local residents and authorities want the boats removed as they are an eye-sore that affects tourism,

Of course. The concrete blocks are much more attractive than the hand built wooden craft that have a story to tell.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

It's time for Lavrov to retire to an asylum where he'll enjoy a more understanding audience with his lectures.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

A compromise should be reached, but the Russians are unreliable, untrustworthy negotiators who have only made empty promises and flip flopped on the issue. A peace treaty is not coming in the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context

Kangaroo court.

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Posted in: Trump walks out of talks on shutdown; calling meeting 'total waste of time' See in context

I need a tutorial on how to quote and post :-(

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Posted in: Trump walks out of talks on shutdown; calling meeting 'total waste of time' See in context

Asked what Trump had gained by walking out of the talks, Pence said: "I think the president made his position very clear today: that there will be no deal without a wall."

That was not an answer to the question. Actually Trump gained nothing.

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

I call this clear aggression. Xi is really blowing himself up, full with hostile confidence. Looks a bit like a blow fish too. Wants it all, thinks he owns the world. A danger to world peace.

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Posted in: Two arrested over London airport drone disruption See in context

I hope the perps will be put away for a long time.

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