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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

OK, that's settled then. Japan takes a big step forward in banning smoking. Now the enforcement of the strict and scary laws. If that goes the same way as enforcing traffic laws here I have little hope.

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Posted in: Japan defends tighter controls on tech-related exports to S Korea See in context

South Korea proposed that companies from both countries fund compensation for the plaintiffs

This compensation was part of an agreement settled long ago. But SK will never be satisfied and continue demanding more ad infinitum.

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Posted in: Trump calls London mayor a 'disaster' after a spate of killings See in context

Trump's thing is lies and insults, gets him off.

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Posted in: Trump blames Iran for tanker attacks but calls for talks See in context

Trump and cronies should tone it down a bit and start blabbering only when they have clear evidence. This group is good at accusing other nations of creating conflicts, but they do them one better.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles with extradition bill protesters See in context

For now it's rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray, but things could turn ugly real quick. It's hard to be optimistic about how this stand off will end as we know how Beijing deals with what it considers dissent.

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Posted in: Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law See in context

According to a copy of the verdict seen by Reuters, the court recognized that the sex was non-consensual, that the father had physically and sexually abused the victim when she was younger and that he had used force. But the judges concluded that doubt remained as to whether she had no option other than to submit. The case is under appeal.

What happened here and the verdict makes me feel sick. These judges have no right to be on the bench and should be removed.

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Posted in: Former Minnesota cop sentenced to 12.5 years for killing of Australian woman See in context

Life in prison would not be enough to atone for that murder.

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Posted in: U.S. cruise operators stop sailing to Cuba; travelers vent anger online See in context

The US needs to leave sovereign nations alone and focus on its own serious domestic problems.

Yes, its interference is taking the form of a cancer growing.

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Posted in: Journalists in jail? Australia weighs implications of police raids on media See in context

Australia moving closer to China?-Well, in the way 'things' are done, you know, the freedom, human rights, democracy things. Could think of some more principles. Probably you too.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

One good thing about high heels: they make women’s legs look beautiful.

Highly subjective view.

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Posted in: Trump denies calling Duchess of Sussex 'nasty' See in context

Who is the really nasty one?

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Posted in: China says U.S. actions on Taiwan, South China Sea threaten stability See in context

Is Shao Yuanming speaking for the Chinese government or does he have his own agenda?

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Posted in: Japan business lobby urges sales tax hike to proceed as planned See in context

Lower income families are unfairly hit by the proposed tax in its current form. Food, particularly healthy food, should not be taxed any higher. A further rise of the consumption tax should target luxury goods.

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Posted in: Corbyn accuses Trump of interfering in UK politics with Johnson comments See in context

Trump's dictionary does not list the word diplomacy. It's an unknown concept to him. He does not know when to shut up either.

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Posted in: Ahead of UK visit, Trump praises Brexit-supporting 'friends' Johnson and Farage See in context

What a surprise.

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Posted in: Private border wall construction halts after New Mexico town protests See in context

Yes, this will make the country much safer.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

Not all people hold the same views on being naked. Did the schoolgirls make a complaint about the boys? Certainly there are widely different views and standards naked.

Your (or 'one's) different views on being naked do not cut it here in Japan. And the girls reported the boys to their teachers.

mix(ed) bathing is still common here.

It is certainly not.

Are you also saying schoolgirls wouldn't also make the same type?

Where does that come from? And what does 'make the same type' mean?

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

I am appalled by the comments that condone the behavior of the youths and dismissing the issue as normal. They are incapable of understanding how the women must have felt.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

I’m not sure that 13 year olds can be prosecuted

This is about 15 and 16 year olds.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

even if I wanted to watch any of the execrable drivel they pass off as TV programmes

Actually NHK offers a wide choice of programs, not infested with irritating commercials, that I personally enjoy, such as wild life, nature, history, art, science, domestic science, stock market, economy, etc etc. But perhaps you have not progressed beyond what you label as drivel yet. I agree that watching TV on a smart phone is ill advised. TV watching is best done using monitors manufactured for that. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but please advise on better available TV programs without drivel.

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Posted in: In the lead-up to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, priority was given to making roads that cars could drive through easily, rather than pedestrian safety. Since then, safety measures such as introducing guardrails or creating routes that are harder for cars to speed in have not been widely adopted. See in context

Welcome to Japan, a nation in the Far East, similar to some other nations in the region, where road traffic safety is not a first priority. Admittedly the number of fatalities in road accidents has continued to fall over the years, but basic provisions like side walks are still seriously lacking although this country found a way to construct a massive web of motor ways and high speed trains that have to go faster and faster. Funds and the necessary political will to create proper and safe roads just behind the major routes is still non existent. Remember the days when you started paying an extra car tax to fund railways, not safe roads and you still foot that bill every 2 years? See how traffic lights at crossings are massively ignored, bicycle riders make their own decisions on what side of the road they should ride, zebra crossings are just for those who wish to risk their lives to use them? Just a few things to remind one that in spite of all the fabulous advances and achievements one cannot forget that the signs Japan is still an Asian nation in the Far, far East, and hopefully still developing, into a better place for our children.

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Posted in: Japan weighs downgrade of economic outlook, raising doubts on sales tax hike See in context

Even with zero consumption tax or sales tax food prices in this country are exorbitant denying millions access to proper nutritional food for their families. An across the board added tax is always unfair and has no place in an advanced country. Raise taxes on non-essential items, but never on daily necessities.

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Posted in: Trump tells China: Trade deal now or it will be 'far worse' after 2020 See in context

While supporters laud Trump as a tough negotiator, free-trade-minded Republicans have warned that the tariffs could do real damage to the economy, and many farmers -- including Trump supporters -- say the tariffs have hit their bottom line.

A negotiator who not only lacks any bit of style but also thinks nothing of selling out his country. And yet nobody is stopping him.

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Posted in: N Korea launches more missiles; U.S. seizes ship in mounting tensions See in context

Little rocket man is back.

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Posted in: Trump administration seeks to target nationwide injunctions See in context

On the doorsteps of fascism.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

The real plague is not the shootings themselves but the impotence of a nation to deal with the underlying causes.

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Posted in: Treasury denies Democrats' request for Trump tax returns See in context

What does Trump have to hide that he does not want people to know?


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Posted in: Mass wisteria See in context

Does the admission fee include lunch?

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Posted in: S Korean court asked to sell Japan firms' assets over wartime labor See in context

It's harsh to judge a whole nation for the stupidity of its leaders, including an independent (we think) judiciary. But that's what happens until the Korean people, the voters, themselves realize only they can bring around change. Rests the task to reform a highly competitive society where people are more focused on their own personal struggles than on geriatric politics they distrust.

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