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Posted in: After the insurrection, America's far-right groups get more extreme See in context

Nothing about this article is accurate nor reflects reality in America. If you see pictures of riots with burning buildings, looting, assaults and lasting for days, those are Far Left extremists usually leftist groups called BLM and antifa. The Jan 6th incident was not an insurrection, wasn't even so called far right extremists, it was at worse tresspass and vandalism. This article is taking the actions and fear cause by Left wing extremists and blaming anyone not of the left wing for all of it and labeling them as extremists. The self identified and rejected right wing extremists are tiny groups living in back country or basements, they don't have enough in their groups to matter and are ignored. The left wing extremists are 100s of thousands strong, burn and loot everywhere, they have been doing it for a year but actually date back to 2016. In America it is the left wing extremists terrorizing and should be feared.

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