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Posted in: Abe hopes to get second chance at easing limits on military See in context

Sorry, but in my opinion this is the ultimate oxymoron and will only cause Japan great pain and further isolation in the future.

Germans and Italians are not constantly hectored about apologizing for losing the war. The victors get to write history. Most Japanese people alive now were born after WWII and very few alive today actually fought in it. Thus, why should Japan have to still apologize. The Allies were no angels either-the fire bombing of Tokyo, the bombing of Dresden etc.

The year is 2012, Japanese clearly needs to play a greater part in its own defense. South Korea arrogance towards Japan`s islands underlines this need. The talk of the 1% ceiling is something of a red herring anyway, Japan has the 6th largest military expenditure in the world anyway and in not engaged in any war zones (USA/the UK). A lot of that is spend on buying American technology. Japan has the 3rd largest GDP in the world so 1 % is still a lot of yen.

Talking to Japanese people, they are angered that despite their peaceful foreign policies, countries like China and South Korea try to bully them. It time for Japan to show its neighbours that it will not be bullied.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

"If the whole story was told, the poll might be different, but the large percentage that don't actually give a stuff is more favorable to opposers than supporters."

See my above comment. Not giving an opinion does not mean they dont have one. More Japanese support Whaling than like hearing tedious foreigners criticize their culture and eating habits. How come Norway doesnt get visits from Sea Shepherd?

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

Environmentalists routinely condemn the hunt and maintain it does not have the support of Japanese people.

Well, they are clearly wrong. Most of the Japanese people I speak to support Whaling and think that these environmentalists are just hectoring, jobless, hypocritical foreigners who should stop telling Japanese how to behave/what to think etc (i.e.the west social democrats from English speaking countries do). If you want to anger a Japanese person just say the magic words Sea Shepherd.

Japanese people often do want to give their opinions in a public poll so if it was a secret ballot the results would be much higher.

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Posted in: Selling a school or eikaiwa business See in context

Aiza Aloha English's.

I will be moving to Kyoto next year and if your school is still for sale, I would be very interested in more details. Please post me a reply.


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Posted in: Selling a school or eikaiwa business See in context

Nice article. Especially, about avoiding large prepaid legacy students.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

Great to read so many complaints about things that overpriced in Japan. Trying shopping around, use coupons you can download from the internet.

Pizza Hut: Large PIzzas-1500 or less (half price and has been for 2 years). Booze? In Kansai-try Yamaya. DVD Shops-100 yen for a week???

Instead of whining about Japan or Japanese attitudes etc (the default for most posters on JT) how about posting where to buy things cheaply (as some have done)??? Alternatively, you could return to your native country if things are so bad in Japan.

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Posted in: Toru Hashimoto: Japan's would-be dictator See in context

No comments about wanting to cut benefits for those who need them?

Who needs benefits? If you are not sick or mentally impaired, get a job. Hashimoto is right on about government workers, they are a bunch of overpaid, unproductive whiners, whose numbers need to be cut.

The survey`s are necessary to determine who does what and are necessary. The same thing has occurred in the UK as a prelude to sacking people. Why should tax payers subsidize unnecessary jobs or benefits?

Thankfully, Japan is not like Europe or Australia or New Zealand, they don`t reward sloth, whiners or encourage dependancy.

Go Hashimoto!!

I like him and so do many Japanese. I don`t agree with on nuclear power or tattoos.

That sounds about typical for a lot of 40+ Japanese blokes I know.

Perhaps because they work long hours and don`t expect other to support them?

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context


You are just speaking common sense, as most people in Asia recognize. Homosexual people have the same rights as other people in Europe and Asia. Gay marriage is a joke but not harmful but allowing gay couples to adopt harms children. The best and only option for adoption should be a married couple, a man and a woman. Anybody, who thinks that a single parent is as good as a couple, has a serious ego problem. Children needs a stable, mixed environment.

Gay couples that want to adopt children need to take a long hard look at themselves. The most important thing is the child`s well being.

Ask kids what they want.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Thomas Anderson,

Yea..yea...I`m a bigot because I like most of the world think that gay marriage is a joke and that gay couples should not be able to adopt. What non English speaking countries support gay marriage or would allow gay adoption?

The best possible family unit is a father and a mother. There are single parents who do a great job but ask a kid if they would rather just have a mother or father or both and the vast majority would answer a mom and a dad. It`s plain common sense. A child can learn from a male and a female. Anybody that thinks a child would benefit more from 2 dads or 2 mums than a mum or a dad is clearly a person who is not very smart.

People like you, are now trying to make churches perform gay marriages despite it being against their teachings.

Unfortunately, I cannot stop gay couples being able to adopt because such madness is now law in Europe. Thankfully, the rest of the (bigoted) world laughs at such stupidity.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Kitano is a great director, actor, artist and social commentator. Same sex marriage is a joke and so is allowing gay couples to adopt. Asian people recognize this and laugh at western leaders who pander to these victim groups.

People usually get married to have children. A child should have a father and a mother. Anybody who thinks that having 2 daddies, or 2 mommies is as good as that is a moron. Unfortunately, people are afraid in Europe or America to speak their minds.

It is only in European and North America that such idiocy is not only tolerated but anybody who does not endorse such madness is hectored and called a bigot etc. In the UK, a christian couple were disqualified from adopting because they were against gay marriages, thus denying a child the chance of a life with a pair of loving parents.

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Posted in: Miniskirted 'policewomen' ready to help stressed-out workers See in context

Could be a Pulitzer prize in the future if you maintain this standard of journalism.

Gives a whole new meaning to headline-indeed!

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Posted in: Principal fails in cover-up after student's rib fractured by teacher See in context

the parents should then pursue both teachers via a civil action. Sue them into bankruptcy. Go on every media channel possible and drag their reputations through the mud.

Then again, this is Japan

Yea, lets force these people to suicide! Lets encourage more "monster parents" and put even more pressure on teachers? Shame on you!

The teacher messed up and so did the principal but why be so vindictive and ruin someone life? A well respected teacher in England was sacked for man handling some little punk who refused to stop making racist remarks in a class. Fair?

The teacher lost it and should be punished but not sacked. The principal should publically apologize and the little brat should tuck his shirt in. Teachers are under a lot of pressure from "monster parents" and play an important role in socializing in Japan. They work long hours and many do an excellent job. Unlike, in many western societies there is no real welfare system so the teacher should be given a second chance. Otherwise how can he earn a living?

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Posted in: Anger and defiance in Taiji after 'Cove' wins Oscar See in context

you white men can't tell us what to do... we don't care about what the rest of the world thinks..."

Do you blame Japanese people? "The rest of the world??" "Global outrage?" Reality check-The rest of the world doesnt care-do you honestly think they care in China, India, Russia and Indonesia etc?

I think the Japanese are fed up with hypocritical westerners (not the rest of the world or global opinion) telling them their traditions or ways of making a living are unacceptable.

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Posted in: Managing gaijin teachers See in context

A refreshing perspective on the industry. Thanks to Dean for making the effort. I agree "talent attracts talent". Being "valued" as an employee is vital but MONEY-how much and how you are paid is also important. I am in the early stages of setting up a school and will soon to be looking to take on a part time teacher for 1 day a week (6 hours work). I want to pay a fair hourly rate but also include incentives and be able to make a profit.

It would be extremely useful and enlightening if Dean covers this topic in future discussions or I would welcome any constructive suggestions.

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