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Posted in: World bracing for risk of Trump's trade war See in context

WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING SCARED OF NORTH KOREA ? Now a trade war and the worlds up in arms? Sticks and stones pusie cats !

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Posted in: Fukuoka city to recognize LGBT couples from April See in context

Yes a great move also I hope it will help boost the declining population number as well.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

Immigration should be controlled like this in other countries. Rather than having refugees who refuse to assimilate with the country that accepts them, they should be stringently examined about their background and intentions l. My parents are immigrants.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy dies after getting locked in washer dryer See in context

Interested to see the model and how it would turn on by itself?

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Posted in: Museum opens in Tokyo, displaying documents to defend claims to disputed isles See in context

Some of these islands would be great for America.

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Posted in: The rival Koreas have agreed to form a unified Olympic team and have their athletes parade together for the first time in 11 years during the opening ceremony of next month's Winter Olympics? Do you think this will result in lowering tensions over the North's nuclear weapons program? See in context

They won’t pass the WADA testing. Competition at the Olympic caliber requires pedigrees in the specific sport played, an example of their failure would be the Southeast Asian Games in the men's 3m springboard event at the 2015 Singapore competition. がんばろ

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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Donald Trump is doing a good job as he finishes his first year in office? See in context

Let me try this again, Trump limiting the number of immigrants from countries which don’t want to try and assimilate due to their religion or whatever doesn’t make him a racist! My parents were immigrants and I am proud of how hard they worked. I have never seen a religion that doesn’t assimilate like Islam.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy jumps to death from bridge onto Tomei Expressway See in context

ive slowly become numb after all the news reports involving the deaths of juveniles since being in Japan. The tolerating of bullying I see at work everyday has a kind of normalcy in the work place and it's only been 6 years and my last here in Japan.

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Posted in: Education ministry to share data on teachers who commit obscene acts See in context

At least it will better ready soon in 7 years

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Posted in: Int'l unity crumbles over N Korea; Trump to let Japan, S Korea buy more military equipment See in context

China and Russia will benefit from NK provocations. Disarmament is not an option for NK so what is the end game?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 86-year-old mother See in context

She was probably depressed because her son was unemployed and still resides with her.

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Posted in: Trump takes break from White House with 'working vacation' See in context

I totally agree Dango bongToday  

a rocky first six months in office

what?! jobs... up. stocks... up. illegal immigrant deportations... up. 

I think his first six months have been wonderfully successful. The negativity about Russia and other trivial social issues are drivel

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

Moving my family out of Japan in December please hold off.

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Posted in: Teacher grabs 3 students by their collars, causing them to faint See in context

It's called a collar choke in BJJ applied properly will have these results no harm just nighty night time !

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