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Anybody surprised about this? Predictable really. Nothing's ever new in SK.

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Sorry to disappoint being the one that predicted a Korean war last year. I was in Seoul twice last year, one for a full week vacation and the other for a 2day stopover/quick vacay. I won't go their if I feel it was going to war. Would you?

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Here in the US, when all things fail, many use racism as a point of argument. Very much like what I said earlier, when all things fail, Korea uses the WW2 as a point of argument. I wouldn't call that hatred towards SK, I'd call it what it is. Maybe a frustration too. I dont burn flag, go to the street, spread propaganda, boycott products etc like SK do. That's hatred IN ACTION.

What I am pretty sure is SK will take further action, including boycotting the Olympics because they demonstrated over and over again what they can do to demonstrate their sentiments. It's a very on point prediction. And I bet you it will be in the SK news in the next few days. They'd be proud of it too. And it is not sarcasm by the way. Based on their actions so far, they're going that direction.

Are these statements vile and dripping with racism? Only the one that are vile Nd dripping with racism would see it that way.

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@Heckleberry "but SK is not NK so they wont boycott"

Indeed SK is not NK. But boycott they will, driven by their hatred and the need to retaliate to what they believe was a humiliation Japan inflicted on them. Just look at the SK news articles, it is full if them. But look no further, just read your own posts and see what's to come next. It is predictable really.

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That's why it's going to be a fun Olympics, because SK won't be there. Who needs negativity and hatred on sporting events that promote friendship and camaraderie? SK, it seems, is incapable of doing that. They can use all and every threats, etc as reasons to boycott. I for one, would welcome the idea of them not in the Olympics. Less drama, less complaint, less hatred, less childlike attitude. I'm sure Japan wont worry about what their absence can do to the Olympics. They are sold out, the tickets!

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When all else fails, and for everything else that doesn't go their way, SK uses the WW2 history. They are indeed stuck there, perpetually, emotionally, mentally. All boxed up and imprisoned by their hatred.

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I wouldn't be surprised if S Korea boycott the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The way this is going, they will try their best to humiliate Japan the way they think they can. Not. It will be an exciting Olympics nonetheless., sans the drama that is SK.

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Invasion? Like getting in forcedly, like that? Japan is moving away from the chaos that is S Korea. It is taking away a privilege they previously granted, it was never S Korea as a given. .

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I'd like to see Japan move forward with removing SK from the white list. That way they can demonstrate how firm they are in their stand that SK is untrustworthy, because they are. If they dont, SK will mock them, declare victory and wont even have an ounce of respect left (to Japan). Not that there is any now or forever ago.

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SK reps are in the US currently lobbying their case with some government officials there, wanting the US to be on board to collectively reprimand Japan for having the audacity to stop treating Korea "special". So the propaganda of 'Japan is evil, let's hate them' is being expanded around the world. Makes total sense for Korea.

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Simply put, Japan's action was an embarrassment and insult to SK, because for them, Japan is an inferior nation to SK. They've demonstrated that over and over in the past. So for an inferior nation to step on them and treat them like Japan did --- that was unacceptable. That's why this dispute will never be resolved, not diplomatically where Korea is concern. For them, Jaoan just needs to follow what they want, when they want it.

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Yay! More Japanese beer to drink and share! My preferred beer is Japanese. They just taste better.

Let the Koreans do what they do best, boycott and scream injustice. We watch them while we drink Japanese beer. Yah?

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I am just not surprised anymore. Japan it appears doesn't want to even meet with these people unless a real adult discussion of the issue is considered by SK.

What is next, S Korea? Get the high profile Kpop artists on stage to promote further hatred towards Japan?

Amazing display of silliness.

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Everyday Moon is on TV crying, denouncing, complaining, whining, threatening, throwing tantrums etc wanting very much for the whole world to believe their might and power, or what he perceive their power and might to be. Where is Japan in all of these? Sitting pretty, keeping cool, watching Moon make a fool of himself while demonstrating, silently though, how to hit softly but with full impact.

But Korea will never learn. Why? Because they would never ever beleuve, accept and admit Japan is mightier than them. They're just wired that way, afterall.

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@Wallace Fred

Awww, so naive. Ask yourself this then: why do you think S Korea is in panic mode now? Japan has practical monopoly of those commodities. Where would S Korea get what they need fast and the volume they require? Nowhere. Not immediately and not in the amount they need.

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Finally, Japan woke up from its passive, careful and considerate approach towards the little bully, Korea. A doze of their own medicine ha!

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Hating Japan is SK's way of life. They live it and breath it. No amount of apology would be enough to change their mindset. They're Koreans afterall.

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Whine, whine, whine. There has to be other things to do in Korea other than watch Japan's every move. 3x Japan submitted the Dokdo issue for resolution to international court. Korea ignored them 3x. It'll the most logical thing to do to finally prove that Dokdo is truly theirs. But they do not want it. They want to protest in every way possible, in the most destructive way there is. In the meantime, they have Dokdo already, so what else do they want? Christmas in Dokdo? They can have that too, don't they know that?

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Grandfield There is nothing to give away. What I said is what I meant. Whether Kdrama or Kpop, there is no difference in opinion and thoughts because the execution and presentation are exactly the same. I am merely emphasizing to Thomas Anderson that his definition of going global as I read them equate to full success and capture of the market. That couldn't be in my opinion because of the shallowness of the presentation, the sound, the act, even the faces, and the how the global audience would eventually realize. Their entire entertainment industry, music and drama but save some very good movies produced,is of the same level, of the same tone, of the same direction. I'm talking from experience and the experiences of friends around me who went through the same phase and realization. The potential of Kpop and Kdrama is enormous but the shallowness that seem to drive the thoughts and actions the Korean society, shallows that potential alive, basically.

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Some people here cannot accept the truth about Japan's market and Japan's music industry being adequately sustained by that market that they have to resort to comparisons and create competition. There is no competition people. One is actively seeking global market because of the obvious need to sustain their music industry and entertainment industry as a whole, and the other enjoys a market of their own large enough to sustain them without actively going global. There is no competition. You can call it sour grape or hitting some imaginary nerve, but you gotta face reality at some point. "Which is better, global or local", a silly, elementary question by Korean defender Thomas Anderson. Some people here has been educating you about the hard truth of the world's music industry and why going global is necessary for some and not for the others, but you refuse to acknowledge because it is unacceptable to you. Global does not mean fully capturing the market, or is that what you thought? Are you so obsessed by the greatness of Kpop, as you implied, that you are so very sure they'd capture the world just like that. Silly thought. When the world figure out that all of them looks the same, moves the same, talks the same, repeats the same act, voice, tone, dance over and over again, and did I tell you looks the same?, then the global dream you are so intent about would disappear just like that. The biggest problem with the Korean entertainment industry is that it is so sterilized, from the outside it looks and sounds so beautiful and perfect. But it is that perceived perfection that makes it insincere, fake, unbelievably boring. They're like manufactured clones, and I'm not just talking about the artists and actors, I'm also talking about the story line, the sound, the presentation. Who would want to watch a drama with a character so poor yet wearing expensive clothes and shoes, or going to be bed and waking up with full make up on? Who would listen, continuously, to music that sounds the same, and watch a PV being performed by clone-like singers dancing a choreography that been recycled million times. Zero variety. And oh, what about every single drama's dying of cancer recycled idea? That cycle is exactly the same in the Korean music industry. Aren't anyone sick of it? Now that is not sour grape. It is the truth that even you Mr Anderson must agree.

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Thomas Anderson you are missing the most important point. Jpop has a market, their very own, large enough to support them successfully without going global. Why is there very little desire to sell outside of their market? Because financially it makes sense to stay local, keep the costs down and keep the profit higher. Korea on the other hand, despite their so called global recognition in the music business, cannot survive domestically because their own market is so small anybody who wants to stay in business will not stay in business if they stay local. Going global for Kpop is the only way to survive. Why do you think Korean singers, and there's dime a dozen, go straight to Japan to establish or strengthen their music careers in Japan? Because they need that market to survive. So there should be no competition between jpop and loop in going global since jpop is not going global actively in the first place. Get it?

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