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The socialists here are all for pro-choice, until it comes to the choice of disagreeing with them.

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Simply stating what some heads of organisations, who are intricately linked with the pharma cartel due either to being funded by them directly or indirectly, does not necessarily represent the views of their members. All you're doing is appealing to authority while ignoring valuable dissent and information from doctors, nurses and medical scientists on the ground who deal with this disease on a daily basis, with real patients.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

everybody was wearing masks, same as today.

No they weren't. Before corona came along, some people were wearing masks, maybe 5-10% at any one time, depending on the season. Anything more is a gross exaggeration.

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Posted in: Mask requirements can be ended when the infection trajectory and epidemiological surveys show that the coronavirus pandemic has been completely stamped out. See in context

This guy is a fool and should be roundly ignored.

Wear a mask if you want, but don't force or guilt others into doing so if they don't want to.

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The 120Y. Car of choice for Australian uni students in the early 90s, complete with stylish pie-dish hubcaps.

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More and more, telling the truth on this site gets you censored.

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I don't have a Twitter account and properly never will, but am cautiously optimistic about this. I hope one of Musk's priorities will be to dump the woke CEO and clear out the kidults filling its floors. Every shrink in the Bay Area will be booked out for years ahead.

And maybe we could interest him in taking over JT, too.

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I suppose when people have been taken in by the lies of governments and their lackeys, mainstream media and the Big Pharma companies that have done very nicely from this pandemic, their amygdala is in overdrive. Everything feels dangerous, too frequently way out of proportion to the actual risk.

As a result, we see healthy people wearing masks outdoors when there's nobody around, because they've been conditioned that the level of risk is far higher than what it really is. People suffering this level of fear are not hard to control, and are easy to use as pawns to turn on people who aren't so susceptible to the propaganda, thus creating divisions in society. Just another example of divide and conquer.

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You don't have to take responsibility for other people's actions, so let them choose the course of action that they wish to pursue. It has nothing to do with you.

You're missing the point. Of course what another person does has nothing to do with me, but it does relate directly to the people it affects. That includes an unborn child. Because in practice it's impossible to pinpoint the moment a blastocyst becomes a fetus, it's fair and reasonable to consider conception as the moment a new life begins and therefore should be carried to term. Outside of a few exceptions such as medical emergencies and r@pe, abortion is both avoiding responsibility for one's actions and killing for convenience. I recognise there are some grey areas, but they're the exception rather than the rule.

We could go on and on about this, but that's my position that I've come to after a lot of thought. It's not even specifically based on religion, although that informs my opinion to a certain extent. It's simply a moral and ethical result of the non-aggression principle.

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Posted in: Abortion training under threat for U.S. med students, residents See in context

Abortion should only be an absolute last resort when the mother's life is in danger or in other, rare exceptions. Abortion for convenience is murder.

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And look, no masks for her and Kishida. But the poor schlubs dragged out to greet her are forced to cover up.

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Ardern is nothing but a WEF charlatan (proof: she was part of their Young Leaders program along with Trudeau), a socialist taker with a phoney mask of "kindness" to cover her incompetence and mean spirit.

The Japanese should just treat her with the appropriate tatemae and send her on her way.

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Oh no, poor Albo got a sniffle. Considering that he's been a supporter of harsh measures, it'd be a nice touch of irony if his isolation is the straw that breaks the camel's back in his losing the election.

But given he's such a lightweight and there are so many reasons not to vote for the ALP, it'd be hard to pinpoint what makes them such a dreadful option for the country. Even sadder still, the Liberals under ScoMo are only marginally less awful...

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Covid vaccine adverse effect? Wouldn’t surprise me.

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Just hold it on some remote island, like the Senkakus, or a cruise ship. Why do these politicians have to inconvenience a whole city just to host a bunch of criminals and their lackeys?

Why of course, it’s just a show of power from those who think they’re in charge. It’s time they understand who they answer to, or get out.

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Nihon ToraToday  08:55 am JST

I am interested in the point above about visas for close family members to visit. My wife is Japanese but I don’t have a spousal visa - I typically just renew my work visa (professor status) each three years. Would that be enough to allow my family to visit or should I change to spousal or PR status?

I'd get a spousal visa or PR if you can. It's a good insurance policy in any case. Not sure about the visas for close family to visit though.

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CrickyApr. 1  08:04 pm JST

It’s just a job! Shouldn’t need a ceremony. I got the job great can I go home now.

Hehe. EVERYTHING has a ceremony here. Even kindergarten kids "graduate"!

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"We have made a new start and taken a step toward a new future. We'd like to make progress strongly as a whole to make the entire group shine,"

Who has the job of coming up with dross like this?

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Is anyone even going to watch it?

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Posted in: In climate fight, rich nations must give up oil first: report See in context

Sounds like a plan to make everyone equally poor and confined. Except the elite, of course.

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So, any institution yet? clear scientific evidence?

Simply because the heads of institutions put out one message, that doesn't mean all members agree. To claim otherwise would be disingenuous. You do realise why the NHS had to drop its ban on unvaccinated workers, right? It's because so many staff refused to get the jab after they saw what damage it had done that they risked severe staff shortages. Of course that's not the reason the government gave, but they couldn't go on without more than a skeleton staff otherwise.

Just face it: your beloved covid vaccines are coming up against increasingly stiff resistance. Why? Because they have a highly questionable safety and efficacy record that's being distorted or plain-out hidden in order to get as many people jabbed regardless of the human cost.

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virusrexToday  12:54 pm JST

What I wrote is taken directly from a hospital document, and you can check the link for yourself. No scaremongering, just a warning from Pfizer itself.

Gain, that is completely false, this is the usual, normal, routine procedure to conduct a clinical trial not directed to pregnant patients, your completely false assumption that this somehow becomes proof of some nebulous risk that you are unable to even define is what makes it disinformation.

One very easy way to confirm this is that you were completely unable to get even one institution to support your invalid conclusion, like in the whole world. Obviously you will not pretend people to believe you that all of them, hospitals, universities, research laboratories, medical societies, etc. are included in some kind of conspiracy right?

Your consensus "argument" is hilarious. Simply because the leadership of institutions that relay on government grants and corporate funding say one thing, that doesn't mean that all their members agree. And since dissidents doctors, nurses and other suitably qualified scientists are threatened with deregistration, firing etc, but those venerable institutional heads, that's one key way that that the manufactured consent continues. Your constant appeals to authority simply show you have to resort to fallacies and hope nobody will notice.

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There is an extract from the informed consent form from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre, Parent Permission Form (Sub Study B) for a study to evaluate additional doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer covid vaccine BNT162b2 previously vaccinated with that same vaccine.

Pfizer is responsible for conducting the study, BioNTech is the regulatory sponsor, and BioNTech and Pfizer are paying for it.

The entire form is available here:

On p10-11:

“If your daughter is pregnant, planning to become pregnant or is breast feeding a baby, she cannot be in the study as there may be risks to the unborn baby or nursing baby.Nobody knows what these risks are right now.”

“If your daughter becomes pregnant, she will have to leave the study.”

“If your child is a boy, and he thinks he may have gotten a girl pregnant, he or you must tell your child’s study doctor immediately. The study doctor may ask for information about the pregnancy and the birth of the baby. The study doctor may share this information with others who are working on this study.”

“If your son is taking part in this study, he is not allowed to donate sperm for at least 28 days after his last vaccination.”

That makes virusrex's claim completely invalid, and makes the article above dangerously irresponsible.

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All this profligate printing makes cryptos look better by the minute.

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While I don't condone violence, politicians aren't exactly covering themselves in glory. Most are either greedy, corrupt, stupid, narcissistic, incompetent or lazy or any combination thereof, regardless of affiliation. No wonder the public are fed up with them.

There's a handful of exceptions, but they're notable because they're exceptions to the rule.

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And yet the same frauds who have been leading the drum-banging over that time continue to live in their energy-buzzing homes by the sea and travel around the world in private jets and yachts. All the while tell we the plebs to cut back on our CO2 emissions.

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Posted in: Netflix plans to start charging some customers more to share their accounts with people who aren’t in the same household in an effort to crack down on unauthorized password exchanges. What do you think of this? See in context

TrevorPeaceToday  07:33 am JST

It's their business. I have to think that unauthorized sharing of your Netflix account is the same as illegally copying a DVD and passing it along. Can't think of any difference.

Agreed. Netflix has invested the money to produce or buy the shows, so has the right right to manage access to them.

Too many people these days seem to think they're entitled to free stuff, whether it's handed to them or they essentially steal it.

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Putin must be quaking in his boots. Sting AND Madonna are condemning the war.

We should expect a withdrawal from Ukraine post-haste.

I just hope the Russians turf the psycho out.

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They'll be the ones ending up in the hospitals again and helping the virus to keep evolving to newer and more infective strains because of their "free-dumb".

The people who childishly criticise for standing up for the right not to take an experimental treatment are the same ones you'll be thanking down the track for fighting to preserve the liberties you've been enjoying your whole life so far.

The people you're ultimately defending with your comment are the same ones who caused this problem and managed to convince you they have your interests in mind. The cognitive dissonance must be painful.

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