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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder See in context

Sad. Sad. Sad. RIP momma! Sadly these are daily events, and this is the norm. If these "kids" moved out at a younger age and made a future for themself these muders would stop happening.

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Posted in: Japan to send respirators, oxygen concentrators to India See in context

Japan needs to save them for themselves. They will be needing them after the Olympics! Is the Gov't going to tell the citizens later they have no Oxygen because they gave it all away?

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Posted in: 1st batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Japan See in context

You can import MILLIONS of Vaccines but if your not putting them into the arms of the citizens, THIS STORY DOES NOT MATTER!

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

Heading to Japan! Can't wait to get to the beautiful beaches of Okinawa. This Airplane is full!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after throwing newborn son out the window See in context

How do these women think this was the right thing to do? Babies are not disposable.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

People don't have children because they feel bad raising children in the crazy, insane, robotic, unsafe soceity. Make changes and people will have children.

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Posted in: Japan's business leaders suggest ways for gov't to speed up vaccination rate See in context

Imagine living in a country where the gov't is so HIGHLY uncapable of being able to figure something out, they have to turn to a random joe who has won the Noble Peace Prize. This is so crazy. I can not believe this is actually happening. With the lack of Vaccine distribution, and the recent travel increase there is going to be HUGE increases of cases soon!

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

What did they think would happen? Did the J-Gov't really think people would stay home when they just "request" people to do so? Here comes super spread 2021.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

But it has inoculated only 1.6% of its population so far, the slowest among wealthy countries.

"Wealthy Countries" People in Japan are not paid well at all compared to the west...The average salary in Japan was $30k in 2019. In the US the average salary was $94k. Japan puts these labels on themselves. This means in Japan if husband and wife work they make less than ¥6 million because woman don't get paid the same...while in America a husband, and a wife both make close to 200k a year.

With that being said..who is wealthy in Japan? Wealthy in Japan is not the same as "Wealthy" in the US.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

You know what the real problem is? The Doctors DON'T TRUST THE VACCINE! This is why it is not being administered the way it should. It is not a logistical nightmare...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,027 new coronavirus cases; Osaka 1,171 See in context

Things are looking up...well the number of reported cases that for the Olympics..


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Posted in: 2 Americans accused in Ghosn escape to go on trial June 14 See in context

Japanese executives typically don’t get the big paychecks and stock options some of their American counterparts receive.

Oh, so this situation is more about jelousy, than breaking any laws. There is no law that states you must "state compensation before it is paid". Why you would report compensation PRIOR to issuing the compensation is beyond me. There are other things to worry about right now than how much someone might have been paid.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

As an IT professional, app developer, I can tell you that every country using a different app, with a different language etc will NOT work. There needs to be ONE app that is used globally. You can't say it can't be done because looks a apps like Itunes, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

Look what happen to the COVID19 tracing app in Japan. The Gov't spent BILLIONS on a App, that didn't even work and was abandoned. I think that Japan should not take the lead on a global app for use. Let the people in Silicon Valley make it, and sell the rights to other countries.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

So, does this mean that I will never be able to travel because I don't want to be a "testing" subject for a vaccine that was made in a few months?

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Posted in: Tokyo area governors warn against holiday travel amid virus surge See in context

We all know what happens. During the SOE, the numbers go "down". After the SOE, the numbers slowly go back up. Having measures in place for a few weeks does nothing when people go back to their normal lives after the SOE...The J-Gov't has been the most incompetant Gov't I have ever read about. #canceltheolympics.

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Posted in: More tests and still more questions about Tokyo Olympics See in context

The only question 80% of Japanese have is, "Why are the Olympics still happening during the MIDDLE of a Pandemic"?

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of killing 7-month-old daughter by suffocating her See in context

So sad..these stories break my heart. RIP little angel..

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Posted in: Health ministry panel to make decision on Moderna vaccine on May 20 See in context

Just think how many people could be vaccinated between now and May 20th. Japan and their shuffling of laughable.

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

The Japanese gov't is watching their dreams crumble right before their own eyes.


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Posted in: U.S. advises citizens to 'reconsider travel' to Japan See in context

This is a HUGE blow to Japan! Watch, next the US will withdrawl from the Olympics, as they should. Once the US withdrawls, other countries will follow!

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

Setup in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima...that will get the Vaccine in the arms of EVERYONE (that want it) FASTER!

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

The boys need to be arrested ASAP and charged with misuse...misuse of a cream puff!

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't hotline on COVID open during Golden Week to offer consultation in 5 languages See in context

Every foreign person should flood the hotlines with calls asking when/where they can get the Vaccine.

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Posted in: Virus surge, by-election losses put Suga's future in question See in context

It is time for these old men to go. It is time to retire. Put someone young, and full in energy in charge. Someone who looks out for the people, and puts all self interests aside!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers defend request for 500 nurses as virus spikes See in context

Japan just needs to surrender (again) and give up the Olympics. They can't even get enough people to give Vaccines, and they want to pull nurses to attend an event that is just going to destroy the Country? The J-Gov't needs to OPEN their eyes and face reality. The olympics need to NOT GO ON!


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Posted in: Couple arrested for abandoning body of 5-month-old baby See in context can someone do this to a little child! Lock her and him up, for a very long time!

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Posted in: Lawmaker's secretary arrested for attempted murder of friend in Osaka See in context

Give em bread and water for life...

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Posted in: Suga says tackling COVID-19 takes priority over general election See in context

But...does tackling COVID-19 take priority over the Olympics? That is the real question...

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Posted in: Commuter rush seen despite 3rd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

We want to thoroughly take necessary measures, including strengthening border controls and monitoring steps," Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters. The variant, discovered in India.

Japan LOVES to blame others..instead of taking responsibility for their own actions or should I say "Lack there of action".

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Posted in: Commuter rush seen despite 3rd coronavirus state of emergency See in context

No one takes the SOE, Virus warnings, etc seriously. In a country that has not been hit as hard as others, it is difficult to convince people to follow REQUESTS. A request is just that..A REQUEST. Daily as I am out and about I see no change in anyones behavior, including my own. COVID-19 is just something that we have to learn to live with.

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