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Posted in: Getting more women in the Japanese boardroom See in context

How about just having the best person for the job?

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Posted in: Will Boston Marathon bomber's execution make him a martyr? See in context

No. It will make him dead.


Terrorists should be dead.

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Posted in: Exoskeleton that helps paralyzed walk faces barrier in Japan See in context

Hiroshi Yaginuma, a health ministry official overseeing the approval of medical devices, said ReWalk was not yet being considered for approval, and it was unclear whether it would meet the criteria for a treatment device. It is assessing the Hybrid Assisted Limb, or HAL, developed by Japan’s Cyberdyne, in which a wearer’s ability to walk is supported though it is not suitable for paraplegics.

So, they can't use the foreign made one, even though it works. But, you can use the Made In Japan one, even though it isn't suitable.

Great logic there.

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

They look like idiots.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

Hajime Shimada...? who's he?

Mr and Mrs Shimada's son.

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Posted in: Facebook shifts News Feed; gives priority to friends See in context

“to ensure that content posted directly by the friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links, will be higher up in News Feed so you are less likely to miss it,”

How about just letting us choose to have most recent as default instead of the highlights BS.

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Posted in: Run for the border See in context

The same sight was witnessed at the nearest station toilets not long after this photo was taken.

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Posted in: Taco Bell opens its first restaurant in Japan in Tokyo's Shibuya district on Tuesday. How do you think they'll do? See in context

It'll be over-priced, and small-portioned.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. seek compromise on rice, auto trade See in context

All in, or not in at all. Japan should stop being so childish. Quit protecting the already over-subsidised farmers. Let people get cheap rice.

Imported rice, meat and diary will not be able to compete with local grown rice, meats and diary. low graded japanese rice still tastes better then any import rice and diary and meat is the same.

You've obviously never tasted any decent long-grain rice.

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Posted in: Wearable device to track your child See in context

I hope on of the alarm sounds is "they mostly come out at night...mostly".

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Posted in: Blooming row over cherry blossoms splits China, S Korea, Japan See in context

I'd love it if Japan had just replied "so what?"

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Posted in: Campaigning begins for 960 local elections See in context

So, we can expect our peace and quiet to be ruined by a bunch of annoying jerks? Great...

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

The judges were probably demented 80 year olds too.

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Posted in: Black Keys cancel Asia-Oceania tour over drummer injury See in context

He must have tripped on some hipster clothing or something.

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Posted in: First ever Easter Kit Kats in Japan feature 13 types of carrot-flavoured cuteness See in context

Yeah. Because nothing says "Easter" like apple pie...

How about just selling chocolate eggs???

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Posted in: Boy held for trying to kill goat says he was inspired by IS video See in context

I was hoping for this to end with the goat completely wrecking him, leaving him a crying mess on the floor...

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Posted in: KISS-signed Japanese calligraphy works on sale See in context

Are these guys for real? Or are they more like the Harlem Globetrotters, who would change members every few years?

I think Gene and Paul are the only original members left. They don't get on with Pete and Ace, or something like that. Gene is very well know for being an ass.

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Posted in: S Korean activists plan to send 'The Interview' to N Korea See in context

S Korean activists plan to send 'The Interview' to N Korea]

Haven't the North Koreans suffered enough?

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Posted in: Osaka railway creates superhero to attract foreign tourists See in context

What's with the dude in blackface????

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Posted in: Osaka railway creates superhero to attract foreign tourists See in context

Isn't it quaint how they think foreigners will like childish characters like Japanese do?

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Posted in: Video game makers grapple with need for diversity See in context

The rise of casual play on smartphones or tablets has resulted in mobile games like “Candy Crush,” which was a hit with women, gaining popularity rivaling that of hard-core shooter titles.

People who only really play Candy Crush aren't "gamers". CoD, WoW, Destiny, GTA, etc players are "gamers".

The whole gamergate should have been all about ethics in journalism. Instead it has been twisted into a feminist cause. Check out the TL;DR videos on YouTube about it, and be educated.




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Posted in: What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most? See in context

People on the train, stabbing me in the back or ribs with their dumb phones. I've had to slap phones out of their hands onto the floor on more than one occasion.

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

No, we don't, but it should be his right to take that risk. If one wants to take that risk, it should be one's choice, not the government's.

I sort of agree with you in a way, but when someone gets kidnapped by terrorists, even if they went there by their own volition, and said that their country should do nothing, the country still has to do something. It doesn't stay being about that individual person, it becomes about their nationality, and what ever happens reflects on the country.

I don't agree with what Japan has done to him, but I do think it's a little selfish and reckless on his part. Especially since I wouldn't put it past IS to hunt down journalists even in areas they don't control just to make a point.

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world, other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

If Fuji blows and there's nothing left of Tokyo ... reckon I'd relocate to either Matsuyama or Kagoshima. I like both places ... and wouldn't mind living in either paradise. But then right now I'm earning money and living here in Tokyo, so that's the place to be for me for now ...

I hope you don't mean Kagoshima city, because if Sakurajima blows, you'd be in the same boat as if Fuji did ;)

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Posted in: 'Running police' to take part in Tokyo Marathon as security precaution See in context

Yes. Out of breath skinny guys with whistles= terrorists stay away. The naievety is astounding. Nothing will happen though; so it will be hailed as being a success.

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Posted in: Magazine publishes name, photo of minor held in Nagoya murder case See in context


So what's her name and where's her picture?

Just saw her picture... Even though it only took me less than a minute, it wasn't worth the time. I'd put her name on here, but I think it'd just get taken down.

Search for the name of the magazine and "19 years old" both in Japanese, and you should find some 2ch links with her info in.

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Posted in: 'Running police' to take part in Tokyo Marathon as security precaution See in context

The 64 officers, in eight teams, will run alongside participants to ensure their safety from possible terrorist attacks

I'm sure these guys will deter any terrorist....

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world, other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

Toronto has winters with "cold snaps at" −10 °C.

@timtak, where I grew up, we had "cold snaps" of -25. -10 is t-shirt weather for me ;)

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Posted in: If you could live in any city in the world, other than where you live now, which one would you choose and why? See in context

Toronto. Because= hockey (except for the Leafs- that's not hockey)

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