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Posted in: Japan to slash corporate tax rate to below 30% See in context

Didn't work in the US on more than one attempt, and it won't work in Japan. Abenomics is simply a rehash of Reaganomics/Bushenomics and destined for the same results.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 16 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

I understand there's a lot to this crime which isn't known to us JT readers, but the simple facts of this case as detailed in the article and the 16 years sentence are so incongruent with one another if boggles my mind. 16 years? So this murderer will walk free at the age of 40 -- still young enough to start a family and have a life. But what of the victim and her daughter? He robbed them of the very same things. 16 years? Seriously? What could the judge have possibly been thinking that equates the taking of a life to being worth a measly 16 years in prison?

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Wow, I lived on these things while in Afghanistan. I agree with semperfi -- Japanese energy drinks are much more effective than CLIF bars.

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When we built our home, we included a small tatami room. We use it as our sleeping room and I have found the tatami to be very conducive to a good night's sleep. The natural fragrance, especially in the hot and humid summer, helps to soothe the mind and body.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Given that a federal court in Minnesota has jurisdiction, it would seem this is a crime committed by one American against another American. The age is an influencing factor in determining charges, but it is the alleged act which is of primary importance. It's a particularly heinous crime, I might add, and I hope this young man pays a very steep price for it.

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Posted in: NHK manager's Nanjing denial no problem, gov't says See in context

It seems to me Chenchan's comments are emblematic of the real problem, and that is one of mass revisionism on a national scale. Trying to paint what is generally accepted history worldwide as some sort of regional propaganda war is quite insulting to those of us who actually have an interest in history beyond what is spewed forth from agenda-driven mouths.

By the way, certain segments of Japan's society trying to gloss over ugly moments in history is nothing new, for all countries engage in the practice to one extent or another. But what I find most troubling is the extent to which the current administration and it's right-wing backers will go to try and either debunk, diffuse or render moot what the majority of global academics consider to be settled history.

Reminds me of the ongoing creationism versus evolution debate that's all the rage in the US. One side basis it's arguments on wishful belief and the other side relies on science for answers.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death near train station; ex-boyfriend held See in context

Terribly sad. As others have speculated, the ex-boyfriend is probably involved. Foolish and frail male egos run amok, again.

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