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Posted in: 5 cultural tips for taking photos in Japan See in context

Churchill used the "V" sign to signal victory against Germany. It was then used to signify victory against Japan in WW II.

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Posted in: Misguided safety assumptions key factor at Fukushima: IAEA See in context

Misguided safety assumption ???? Like 40 years ago when they were warned that they should put the emergency units higher up on the hill. This would cost an extra $2 million, so they didn't.

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Posted in: China says it hopes Japan will stay on 'path of peace' See in context

A path of peace can be a bit smoother if China volunteered to rein in North Korean in exchange for Japan maintaining its path of peace.

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Add some fabric and make the skirts into culottes.

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Posted in: Renowned photographer Leslie Kee arrested in Japan over obscene photos See in context

In this case, it is the law which is pornographic, which is defined as "serving no useful social function."

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Mr. Hankinson: sp2265 seems to be playing a very bad prank. Is he trying to get a free set of knives? After you have a chance to evaluate the alleged faulty knives, kindly post here or on your website as to what is going on. It is very hard for me to imagine that the complaint is real and not a dig by a competitor.


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Great cutlery.

Do you give lessons on how to sharpen knives? Knives are a macho think like being able to talk about wine. Once a guy can be an "expert" about sharpening stones, angles, and different kinds of materials and blades, you can't get him to stop. He will have a conversation with the sushi chef to impress everyone around. You will have a lifetime supporter and very vocal spokesman (and ad hoc salesman).

With regards, Sid

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Posted in: Tokyo remains top gourmet city in Michelin Guide See in context

I suggest that one try the Tokyo French restaurants for lunch, for the same service and ambiance, but at half or less the cost of dinner.

Chez Matsuo and Hiramatsu are fantastic, but for about one sixth the cost, you can go to Fuyotei in Inokashira Park and pay 2500 Yen to 3500Yen for equivalent service, quality, and ambiance, and be able to take a walk in the park. Also, remember that this includes tax in Tokyo and there are NO TIPS, so that Tokyo comes out really inexpensive compared to Paris.

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