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Posted in: South Korea urges Japanese leaders not to forget history See in context

Both Korea & China need to stop whining and exasperating about what happened over 50 years ago now. It's the past generation so why should today's Japanese pay for what their forefathers might have done. Too much exaggeration and lies about what the Japanese did. It was war far greater things happened in Europe and Russia. The Chinese and Koreans are just jealous of Japan and it's capacity and they try to find any way to undermine Japan.

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Posted in: Toyota isn't the only one in the soup See in context

TOYOTA will prevail !!!!

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Posted in: Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn See in context

Great article!!! It's interesting to see how this economic downturn has affected even the underworld.

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Posted in: Boycott of violent Japanese video game urged in U.S. See in context

its just a video game.. calm down disillusioned americans...

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Posted in: Japan to pay 80,000 Afghanistan police salaries See in context

outrageous!!! what about all the starving out of work japanese?

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Posted in: Obama administration's relations with China off to rocky start See in context

China is dangerous to Western countries including its faltering neighbour Japan. The world should keep their eyes on China and be very weary as they are potentially the most dangerous to the West at this point in time.

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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

American cars are under engineered garbage! The world is better off with the bankruptcy of the big 3 which have made nothing but nut shell cars with no quality or sense. Quality and engineering is the foundation to making cars not profit. Unfortunate for the american public and those that continue to buy american cars.

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Posted in: Candidates vary on elections, war shrine See in context

china and korea should stop whining about Japanese pm's visiting Yasukuni

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